Finding My American Social Security Number: Get the Information You Need

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It is no secret to anyone that as time goes by, the ability to obtain income on their own decreases, hence the importance of preparing for that time., How to find out my American Social Security number: Get the information you need, It is a simple guide that help to obtain this indispensable instrument.

What is American Social Security

Corresponds to a government program who was born in the 30s, with the main purpose of provide financial assistance to citizens and permanent residents, including their families.

When the time for their retirement or in cases of disqualification to carry out their work activities is fulfilled.

As long as, in any of the foreseen situations, the requirements established in its regulations are met.

The origin of its funds comes from the taxes collected for social security, which are paid as a percentage both by businesses as well as by the nation’s employees.

This is because To work legally in the United States, you must have a Social Security number. Which is associated with the payment of taxes, which will give the right to enjoy the benefits in their respective situations.

In addition to being the instrument to keep track of the credit score of each person.

According official data From the Social Security Administration, more than 165 million people work and pay Social Security taxes. While monthly, about 60 million people receive the related benefits.

The SSA, the acronym for the American Social Security Administration, is the federal agency, responsible of manage its Social Security funds.

Therefore, one of the major responsibilities of the agency is the safeguarding and protection of the economic resources of the Social Security trust. In addition to treating the personal information of the affiliates, with the same zeal as the funds.

In an active and dynamic way, this agency keeps the information management platforms updated with state-of-the-art technology, with the intention of strengthening their security.

Using advanced investigative resources that help prevent benefits fraud. Generating a robust protection fortress for the resources that each affiliate will value in their future.

What services does American Social Security offer?

Mainly we must emphasize that the services offered by Social Security are free.

There are companies that offer to make name changes or provide Social Security cards, for a fee, when these services are provided by the SSA at no cost.

Avoid making these payments, for steps that are free.

How to get my American Social Security number

To process the Social Security number, so known worldwide, You must have US citizenship or be a permanent resident.

For this second condition, it is required to possess the authorization to work, issued by the Department of Homeland Security.

  1. In addition, it must have the required documentation according to each case, which must be in originals or certified copies, according to the organization that issues them.
  2. Attach these to the application or Form SS-5-Sp, which must be printed and filled out correctly and clearly, following the indications on the same form.
  3. Then deliver the collections to the Social Security agency corresponding.
  4. You can get advice or request help from an official of the agency.
  5. At the end of the documentation delivery steps, the verification of the data by the competent authorities will begin.
  6. As a result of the positive verification, the issuance of the Social Security number is authorized.
  7. By postal mail, you will receive the identification card with the Social Security data, which does not have an expiration date and when you start a work activity you will begin to pay the taxes associated with the number of this card.

These are used to pay taxpayers in anticipated situations, in addition to other beneficiaries. The same will happen when you meet the requirements for retirement.

What are the benefits offered by American Social Security

The benefits are associated with the situations provided for your enjoyment and some factors that influence them:

The amount of the benefits are based on the earnings or income obtained during the working life. That is, the higher these have been, the higher the amount of the amount of your benefits will be.

If at any time you were without work or your earnings were low, the amount of benefits will be less than that which would have corresponded to an uninterrupted working life.

It also influences the amount of benefits, the age at which you decide to retire.

Complying with current regulations when reaching 66 years of age is the full age to retire. However, there are some conditions that allow you to request them after 62 years of age.

The amount of benefits at age 62 will be lower than it would be if you had waited full age.

This benefit corresponds to a monthly amount, paid per month in arrears. That is, the corresponding for the month of January will be paid in February.

The benefits due to retirement have scope for some family members, such as: surviving spouses, ex-spouses, children under 19, disabled children, and adopted children. Each with different requirements.

In addition to the monthly amount, there is the program Medicare, who provides health care services from the age of 65.

It is assigned to people who cannot work because they suffer from a serious medical condition that can last at least a year, be permanent or result in death.

As in retirement, some members of the disabled worker’s family can be reached for their benefit. Like: spouses, children, adoptees, stepchildren, grandchildren under 19 years of age. AND Children with disabilities detected before the age of 22.

Disability benefits are paid by two programs: Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income.

In relation to Medicare, it is assigned immediately when the disability is declared.

When this situation occurs, benefits will be received by the deceased worker’s legal survivors. Namely: surviving spouses or ex-spouses, children and dependent parents. Each of them presents variable conditions.

Even if the Social Security credits necessary for your family to benefit, it depends on the age at death. There is a special rule, in case of having worked only for 18 months in the three years before death, assigning the benefits to the children and the spouse who takes care of them.

There is a payment of $ 255 per death, it is called a balloon payment and it is made when the contributing worker has contributed enough. This payment can only be made to your spouse or child, after meeting the requirements.

It must be requested within two years from the date of death, by the respective surviving family members.

The amount of benefits to be received by the family is based on the average income of the deceased worker, with a limit on the monthly amount of benefits to be received by the family. Which is variable between 150 and 180 percent of the amount of the deceased person’s benefit.

What is the importance of having an American Social Security number

This code represents the link that will exist between the taxes paid to Social Security and the future benefit that will be assigned when retirement corresponds, or in case of disability, including the benefits that will be provided to a group of your family members in the event of your death.

With this Social Security number, The identification and updating of the correct record of earned wages or income from work independently is facilitated.

Inclusive, it is very useful for you to follow up on the receipt of your benefits.

What is the Social Security Card

It is the document where some basic personal data and the Social Security number associated with them are shown.

The Insurance card is not a document to carry on a daily basis, what is important is memorize the number that identifies it.

In case of opting for a job, it will be obligatorily requested. Also to apply for Social Security benefits or other state benefits. As well as in other government agencies, depending on the procedure to be carried out.

How to process or replace the Social Security Card

By the official website of the Social Security Administration, it is possible to get a social security card. Either by replacement, by modification of the name, or to make the request for children, newborns or foreigners.

Remember that in any of the cases the service of issuing the Social Security card is free.

It is important to note that annually you can request a card replacement up to three times. In your entire life you will have the possibility of obtaining up to 10 cards as a total number.

This number does not include replacements for legal name changes, among other exceptions.

Through the link of my Social Security , you have the option of requesting a replacement for your Social Security card, if you meet the following conditions:

  • You are over 18 years of age.
  • Has a mailing address in the US
  • He has North American citizenship.
  • You have an identification card issued in one of the participating states of the service or a driver’s license. Consult by the following link state where you reside does not participate in this service yet.
  • The request for modifications to your card is not available.

In the event that it is not possible for you to request your card online, you must submit the required documentation to the Social Security office.

This documentation will depend on the citizenship and the type of card of interest. To expand the information in this regard, enter the following link on documents to obtain a Social Security card.

Complete and print form SS-5-SP Application for a Social Security card along with the requirements to your Social Security office or send them by postal service.

We want the information to assist you in obtaining your American Social Security number. Success!

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