Florida Driver’s License Requirements: All the Information You Need

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Are you looking for the Florida driver’s license requirements, You came to the right place! Keep reading and soak up all the information you need to know. Keep reading!

Florida driver’s license requirements

The necessary requirements that you must have in order to obtain a driver’s license are the following to mention:

1-You must present a theoretical and practical exam.

2-You must present a proof which must contain compliance with the Education course on traffic laws, also that of substance abuse.

Or it can also be a license from another jurisdiction, we do not mean another country or state.

3-In order to have the normal license you must be 18 years old.

In the case of being 16 years old, you will obtain the learning license with an authorization from your legal representative.

American citizens

We must mention that this license varies in each and every one of the states of the American territory.

Here we bring you a general idea of ​​the type of license they can obtain:

Class A license: This is granted to people over 18 years of age, in some cases it can be to people of 17 years, only if they have passed the driver’s education course.

This application is mostly requested for driving private, truck and passenger vehicles.

Class B license: This is for people who drive taxis, they must be at least 18 years old to be able to submit the application for this.

Class E restricted license: This is frequently requested for young people who are 16 years old and 18 years old.

Which must be delivered only with the consent of the parents or the person in charge of the young person.


What you must have to be able to obtain a license in the United States as an immigrant, are the following requirements:

  • Be of the age corresponding to 18 years, in the case of being a minor, you must have an authorization generated by the parents.
  • You must have your original passport and present a copy of the. In the event that you are a refugee, you must have proof of your status with you.
  • A write test of knowledge.
  • You will undergo a visual examination, just to trust if you are in the correct condition or not to be able to drive.
  • You will need to take a practical assessment to be able to drive cars.
  • If you have a license in another country, you will need to show it.
  • In the case of having already processed the international license from your country of origin, you will only have to bring the documents with the accounts, to be able to approve them.
  • Cancel the corresponding tariffs.
  • Present the approval documents of your residence.
  • Photo to be taken at the license issuing offices.

Residents with a non-immigrant visa

In fact, you can get a driver’s license when you don’t have a visa yet.

You can get a driver’s license known as a “non-immigrant driver’s license”

There are states that do not allow it, you must take that into account, one of those that do is Boston, Florida, Florida State, Texas State, California.

The necessary requirements are the following:

  • I-94
  • Driver’s license from your country of origin if you have one.
  • Driver’s license exam (this can be done on google).

Steps for residents with green cards, temporary residents, tourists or any other immigration status

According to the regulation that was approved and in force on July 1, 2002, each of the United States citizens can go to any of the offices where they obtain their driver’s license.

Or they can call 350.229.6333, apart from Tuesdays and Fridays from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

They must present proof of legal stay in the country.

The documents they must have are the following:

Green Card (form I-151 or I-551).

The authorized employment card.

The non-immigrant visa, it did not have to have expired (form I-94), which must go with the passport (which must be current).

For more information you can enter

Click here

Importance of having a Florida driver’s license

The real importance of having a driver’s license in Florida is that it is not only a document that fulfills the function of being an identification document.

This is also requested to open bank accounts, to be able to cash checks (this can also be done with the passport).

In short, any activity that requires personal identification.

It is necessary to have this document since it avoids going out with the passport and sometimes having several discounts in Florida once you apply for residency.

Where to get the license

In order to obtain the license you must do the following:

  • Go to the Florida DHSMV.
  • Bring and submit your proof of having successfully passed the substance abuse education course and the traffic law.
  • Give your identity document, in addition to the residence.
  • You must pass the written exam of traffic laws and signs.
  • Successfully pass the driving test.
  • Cancel the $ 42 for the Florida driver’s license.


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