Form G-1145: Format, Filling and MORE

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The Form G-1145 corresponds to the Request for Electronic Notification of Application / Petition Acceptance. This is a more important document if you want to receive a text message or email as a warning when the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)from the Department of Homeland Security, accept the forms you submit.

For informational purposes, we have brought this article for you. Today you will know everything about this form, from how it is and how you should fill it out, to what it is for and to whom it is addressed. It is a very simple, but very useful document that you will probably need to use at some point. So stay with us!

Form G-1145 format

Let’s start with the Form G-1145 Format. It is vital that you know what this form is like, so that you can complete it and present it properly. This will avoid having to face obstacles along the way, although the truth is that it is a very basic document and easy to fill out.

Let’s see what this document contains, so that later you can know what instructions you should follow and how to present it.

  • For starters, it is located at Pdf format. However, it is enabled to be filled directly, that is, typed. You can fill it out and print it.
  • It only consists of one page, of which you only have to fill out a section with personal and contact information. It is the simplest form issued by the USCIS.
  • The first thing you will see when you access it are the Document Identification Data. We mean the name and number of the form, and the name and seal of the United States Department of Homeland Security.
  • Below, you can see everything related to the Form Information. The information section is divided into three sections, which correspond to:
    • Purpose of Form G-1145, which obviously is to give a notice to the applicant of an immigration form that it has been received by USCIS.
    • General information, something we will be talking about later. It basically talks about how the notification will be done.
    • USCIS Privacy Act Statement. It contains what is established by the authorities, the purpose of the document, disclosure agreement and treatment of the form.
  • Finally, you have the section that you must fill out. Are the Applicant details and the Contact information. Only full name, email and phone number should be included.

As you can see, it is extremely easy. The best thing is that you can fill it from the comfort of wherever you are. Saves you time and as a result of the process you will be notified when your request is processed original before USCIS, something very useful if you want to keep track of the procedures you do.

Finally, you should keep in mind that even if you know what this document contains, you still have to follow the instructions that we will leave you in the next section. However, so that you can go online with us, we leave you access to the form issued by USCIS.

Completion of Form G-1145

Now let’s talk about Completion of Form G-1145, so that you can fill out the document as it should. The first thing you have to know is that it can be filled mechanically or by hand. We recommend the typewritten format, to avoid mistakes, illegibility, amendments or scratches.

However, in a more concrete sense, you could list some of the guidelines that you should keep in mind when fill and present this document. Follow these steps and the process should go smoothly. Let’s see!

  • First, read the document in its entirety. Although we are providing you with all the information you need, it never hurts to read a document before filling it out.
  • In second place, enter the data requesting:
    • First name.
    • First full name.
    • Second name.
    • Email address.
    • Phone number to receive a text message.
  • Once you complete the form, you can download and print it. You can also print it directly. Just press the corresponding options.

  • Finally, you just have to attach form G-1145 with a staple (staple it) at the top of the first page of the form (s) you are submitting. You must take all this to the office indicated in the specific instructions for the immigration form you want to process.
  • As a result of the process, you will receive a message or email when your application / petition is accepted by USCIS.

This service is only available if you will submit a form in any of the Lockbox (Safe Locations) in Phoenix, Arizona; Chicago, Illinois and Lewisville, Texas.

On the other hand, you should know that the notification will include the receipt number and how to acquire the status of the case you are treating. It does not reflect personal information about you or about the process, given the means used to notify. This is not the safest.

In addition, you must fill out a G-1145 form for each application / petition form that you will process with USCIS. You will receive a message or email for each of the forms that you present, 24 hours after the request is accepted.

The national clients they will receive an email and / or a text. The foreign customers they will only receive an email.

Finally, 10 days after the form is accepted, a receipt will also be sent (I-797C) that you can use as proof of the pending process

What is Form G-1145 Good for?

The Form G-1145 is used to request the service of notification of acceptance of a form that you will present in certain Safe Locations of the USCIS. By filling it out and attaching it to the front page of the form, you will be indicating that you want to be notified by text message or by email.

Without a doubt, this will allow you to keep track of the paperwork you face UCSIS, which is an advantage in itself. You will be able to know when they accept the form and attached documents, and will notify you when it is received.

In the case of receipt notice (I-797C)It is in fact a receipt that you can use as evidence that you have a pending procedure. Again, it is received in approximately 10 days after the acceptance of the form.

For each form that you present to the USCIS, you must attach a G-1145 form to receive the notification you are looking for. It is a very easy document to fill out, so we recommend using this tool.

Who should process it?

The Form G-1145 It is aimed at any person, national or foreign, who is doing something in a Safe Locality of USCIS and who requires the presentation of a form.

In this sense, the applicant must be in Phoenix, Arizona; Chicago, Illinois or Lewisville, Texas to request this service, according to the same official USCIS page. However, this is the only filter there is when it comes to requesting notification of acceptance and receipt of the form you are submitting.

It cannot be presented separately. That is, the form that you are going to present and it must be taken together, otherwise the request will not be effective. As a result, you cannot submit a form and then proceed to submit Form G-1145.

On the other hand, this form is available to anyone who wants to access it. From the USCIS page you can download it and keep up to date with the updates they make. Same with others forms. Of course, you will also find them there, if you search for them by name.

This document was issued in 2014, but it remains in effect until some change is introduced, which has not happened. In fact, his last The update was recently, in February 2020, so you can be pretty sure that the form will be accepted.

What is it?

The Form G-1145 is a document that corresponds to the Request for Electronic Notification of Petition / Application Acceptance before the USCIS. It is processed from wherever you are, only with your basic and contact information.

Once filled out, you simply have to download it, print it and staple it to the top of the first page of the form or forms you are submitting. It’s that simple!

This tool will allow you to have a notice when the form is accepted and when it is received, which corresponds to the record of the process. For nationals, the notification can be sent by email or by message, while for foreigners it is only done by mail.

It is only accepted in the Lockboxes from USCIS, specifically those in Arizona, Illinois and Texas. However, the Instructions for the form that you are going to present, and which you must read, will indicate whether you can make use of this resource or not.

There are no indications of whether it can be filled out by hand, but being able to do it with the other forms, we deduce that the same happens with this one. However, we recommend that you do everything typescript, except in those occasions in which it is expressly established that a manuscript is needed.

Its presentation has no cost, that is, it is exempt from paying a fee. Take advantage of this tool and keep up to date with your process. We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for.

Until next time!

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