Form I-102: How it is, Instructions and MORE

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The Form I-102 corresponds to the Application to Replace / Obtain Nonimmigrant Entry / Exit Document. That is, it is processed as a replacement for Form I-95 or I-94, either because it contains errors, because it was lost, or for any other valid reason. This is a very important document when going to Travel to the united states.

For this reason, today we will explain everything you need to know about this document. You will know what the format of this document is like, the instructions you must follow to fill it out, where to present it and exactly what it is used for. In addition, we will talk about the filing fee, which is vital for the receipt of the document. Do not miss it!

What is Form I-102 like?

Let’s start by talking about How is Form I-102, so that you can have a better approach to the document and greater ease when filling it out. The truth is that it is a very simple document, so don’t worry about anything. If you pay attention to everything that we will tell you, you will be able to complete the process without any inconvenience.

To begin with, this document is issued by the Department of Homeland Security, exactly on its web portal US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It is not the only one that facilitates, but what we will be talking about today. In addition, it is in PDF format, but with the ability to be filled right there.

This form consists of six (06) pages, of which you only have to fill out the corresponding ones. For information, let’s see exactly what data do they request:

  • Personal information. It is the first thing you should report. It includes the USCIS account and / or Alien registration number, full name, other names, U.S. mailing and physical address, date and place of birth, and nationality. Additionally, you must indicate information about entering the country.
  • Reason for Request. In the second part, you must select the reason why you are submitting this form. As you will see, all the options have to do with problems related to Forms I-94, I-94W, I-95.
  • Information processing. You must respond if you attach this form in conjunction with another application form. If so, the name and number of this. You will also have to indicate if you are in deportation proceedings and provide information about it.
  • Declaration, contact information and signature of the applicant. You must indicate if you filled out the form yourself or if you were assisted by a third party (interpreter). Also, you must indicate your address and sign.
  • Interpreter’s statement, contact information and signature, if applicable. If not, part six includes the Declaration, contact information and signature of the person who prepared the form, other than the applicant.
  • Finally, you will be able to find the fields of Additional Information. It is only filled out if you need to inform about some other aspect. You can also use extra sheets, but these must be identified.

As you can see, these are very basic data. The truth is that it is very simple to complete, especially because of its ability to be filled out at once, printed and presented. From the comfort of wherever you are, just attending the instructions that we will give you in the next section.

Remember that it works like an affidavit. This means that you cannot omit or falsify information. Now you just have to see it for yourself.

Instructions for Completing Form I-102

Now that you know the document, we can go on to explain to you about the Instructions for Completing Form I-102. These should be taken into great consideration, as your success in carrying out this management will depend on them.

Remember that certifying your entry and exit from the United States is very important if you want to enter the country again in the future. Not presenting anything could look like you stayed longer than allowed, even when you were traveling as a Nonimmigrant.

In this sense, what you must take into account to fill and present the form properly is:

  • First of all, you should read the entire Instructions for Form I-102. It is vital that you review it, because it specifies point by point how you should fill out the form.
    • This is in English, but you can use the services of an interpreter, download a search engine accessory that allows you to translate the page, or use one page to translate entire documents.
  • Remember that it can be filled with typescript form Or you can print it out and fill it out yourself. Of course, in either of the two ways, black ink is used and the document must be legible, without erasures or amendments. We recommend that you do it typed.
  • You have the section of Additional Information in case you need it. Likewise, you can attach additional sheets with the pertinent information. Of course, you must identify the top of each sheet with the name and Alien Registration Number Yes there are.
    • You must also indicate the page number, part and item to which you will refer.
  • If a section does not apply, write N / A. Alone and only if it does not apply. Likewise, if they request numbers, enter 0. If it is a question, None (How many children does he have? None). The fields that say If Any They are not required, they should only be filled out when applicable.
  • If you present a document in Spanish or another language, then the English translation must be attached.
  • USCIS will consider a photocopied copy, faxed or scanned from the original valid handwritten signature for archival purposes. The photocopy, fax or scan must be of the original document that contains the signature handwritten in ink.
  • Documents must be attached that support what is expressed in the form. You will find more about this in the Specific Instructions section or in What Evidence Must You Submit.
  • Finally, you must sign by hand to be able to present the document.

There in the Instructions you will find where to present it, how and how much the presentation cost is. Basically everything you need from the document. We will provide you with some more information, specifically its presentation and the corresponding fee, in addition to its use.

However, again, it is vital that you read the instructions.

Usefulness of Form I-102

The Form I-102 It is used as a replacement for forms I-94, I-94W, and I-95, when they are lost, stolen, or misdirected. In fact, its official name is Application to Replace / Obtain Nonimmigrant Entry / Exit Document.

The person traveling to the United States must fill out the entry / exit form. If you travel by plane or by boat, then you will automatically get the form to fill out. Otherwise, you must enter the official page of the form to fill it out and present it at the border.

We have a whole article about the Form I-94, you just have to access the link and know everything about it. However, in basic lines, it is important that you take into consideration that you are supposed to keep it with you until the end of the trip and then return it as proof that you left the country.

However, sometimes there are complications, which is when the Form I-102. This must be presented as a substitute when:

  • Your Form I-94 or I-94W is lost or stolen.
  • Your Form I-95 is lost or stolen.
  • The Form I-94 or I-94W was mutilated, but you are attaching it.
  • The Form I-95 was mutilated, but you are attaching it.
  • I was not given Form I-94 when I was admitted by CBP to enter the United States.
  • You submitted Form I-94, I-94W, or I-95 with an error that you are seeking to correct. You also have to attach the original form.
  • You were not given Form I-94 when you entered the country as a military nonimmigrant.

These are the same ones that appear in the form for you to select the reason for submitting the Form I-102. As you can see, everything is tied to these documents. On the other hand, this form should NOT be submitted if it was CBP who issued the I-94 form with incorrect information. You should approach CBP to correct the error.

Where to present it?

To finish, this Form must be submitted in a USCIS Lockbox. These are distributed throughout the country and you can access the addresses by clicking on the link that we will leave you below:

It is also important that you know about the advice that the USCIS itself has provided. You can access them here.

Remember that you must bring not only the form, but also the additional documents that are required for proper management.

Finally, if you want to be notified when the form is received, you must fill out Form G-1145 and staple it on the first page of the application. You will receive an email or a text message.


Don’t forget to sign the forms. If you don’t, it will be returned. Similarly, you must complete all sections of the form. Read the instructions.

Form I-102 Fees

For the presentation of this form, a fee must be paid. This has a value of $ 445. It can be canceled with a cashier’s check, personal or money order.

You also have the option of paying by credit card, but for this you must fill out Form G-1450.

In the case of the check, you will have to make a name from the US Department of Homeland Security.

You do not need to pay anything if the agency was the one that made a mistake in issuing Form I-94 or if it participated in a NATO or SOFA military program. Likewise, if you are a non-immigrant member of the Armed Forces.

What is it?

The Form I-102 It is a document most commonly used as a substitute for Form I-94, I-94W, or I-95. Currently, only the I-94 is processed, so it is mostly referred to this document.

It is important that you process it as evidence that you left the country, being that you entered the country as a non-immigrant.

Today we have shown you what the form is like and how to fill it out. Likewise, now you have the tools to access the instructions and you know where to present it and what is the fee you have to pay. We hope you have no doubts.

Until next time!

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