Form I-129F for Foreign Fiancees: Format, Fee and MORE

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If you are a U.S. citizen and want to bring your foreign fiancé (e) to marry, you must present the Form I-129F for Foreign Fiancees.

Read us, here we will leave you everything you need to know and do to achieve the Petition for a Foreign Fiancé (e). Take heart, as this is the first step in obtaining a K-1 nonimmigrant visa for your fiancé (e).

Format of Form I-129F for Foreign Fiancees

Before I start explain everything About Form I-129F we want to tell you what a K-1 fiancé (e) visa is.

You must show that you intend to marry within 90 days after your fiancé (e) is admitted to the US as a K-1 nonimmigrant (US lawful permanent resident status, Green Card or Green card). For this is fiance’s K1 visa.

Your marriage must be valid. You must demonstrate with your fiancé (e) that you have the genuine purpose of establishing a life together. They will have to prove that their civil union is not for an immigration benefit.

If it is the case that you have already married, plan to do so outside the United States, or if your fiancé (e) already resides legally in the United States, he / she will no longer be eligible for a fiancé (e) visa.

We want to warn you that in the US they have many mechanisms to report suspicions of marriage fraud. Please note that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has a form of online confidences (link in English) to report suspected benefits / fraudulent marriage or other violations of law.

Instructions for filling it

Before you get to fill the form, we will leave you some general recommendations before you submit a petition for your fiancé (e)

Evaluate first of all if they meet the following situations, only then will they be able to use the form:

  • They are legally free to marry and plan to do so within 90 days after your fiancé (e) is admitted to the United States; and
  • They met in person in the immediate two years since you filed the petition.

You can get rid of this situation if they can show that they present some strict custom established by the culture or social practices of your fiancé (e), and that the traditional arrangements have been or will be followed in accordance with the customs or practices. They will also be exonerated if you show extreme difficulties.

Be extremely careful. Do not slip. See what can affect future eligibility for immigration benefits or lead to deportation. For this you should know that:

  • The fiancé (e) status automatically disappears after 90 days and you cannot request its extension.
  • Your fiancé (e) must leave the United States at the end of the 90 days if they do not marry. If your fiancé (e) does not leave the United States, they are violating United States immigration law.

Note that you can also make this request if you filed or are going to file Form I-130 on behalf of your spouse to enter as a nonimmigrant, wait for the immediate availability of an immigrant visa and then file an adjustment request of status.

If they have children, they can acquire US citizenship through you. Check the website of the Department of State for more information.

Now we go with the form. We suggest that you carefully read the instructions for Form I-129F for Petition for a Foreign Fiancé or Fiancée, fill it out, submit all the supporting evidence and documentation they ask for, sign it, and pay the filing fees.

Once you comply with everything, you should know that you will receive updates on the status of your case. Create a USCIS account online to stay informed.

You should be aware of receiving different notifications about:

  • the receipt confirming that we have received the request;
  • biometric services, if applicable;
  • the possibility of being summoned for an interview; and
  • the USCIS decision.

Usefulness of Form I-129F for Foreign Fiancees

With the I-129F form you can take advantage of the US Immigration Law, so that your foreign fiancé can travel to the United States to be able to marry you, who are a US citizen.

You can use this form to bring your:

  • Fiancé (e) (K-1) and their children (K-2) to the United States to marry you; or
  • Your spouse (K-3) and that person’s children (K-4) to the United States to apply for lawful permanent resident status.

Where to File Form I-129F for Foreign Fiancees?

Now we can tell you to make sure that you are submitting the form with your information in a Safe Locality (Lockbox).

You can choose several means of delivery. Via postal service (USPS) using this address: USCIS. PO Box 660151. Dallas, TX 75266

Through deliveries by FedEx, UPS and DHL, placing this location: USCIS. Attn: I-129F. 2501 South State Highway 121 Business. Suite 400. Lewisville, TX 75067

Never ever adjudicate this form at a USCIS office abroad.

Presentation Fee

Now we will inform you about the rates. You already know that you have free access to the form. You must pay $ 535 for the service fee to file the Petition for a Foreign Fiancé (e).

You should be vigilant because there is no filing fee for a K-3 spouse filing Form I-129F as the spouse of a U.S. citizen.

You can pay the fee with a money order, personal check, or cashier’s check. You can also pay it with a credit card using Form G-1450, which is for Authorization of Credit Card Transactions. If you pay by check, make it payable to US Department of Homeland Security.

When you send the payment you are agreeing to pay for a government service. Therefore, these are final, non-refundable filing fees. Take the precaution that, if you are hesitant to withdraw the application, do not pay the fee until you are completely sure.

As security measures we recommend you use the Reliable Collections Service (TCS, for its acronym in English) from the United States Department of the Treasury to process your credit card payment.

You can use third party payments as long as they present authorization to use your credit card. As the cardholder, you must complete Form G-1450, signed and attached to the application.

Note: if the credit card is declined, there will be no possibility of processing the credit card payment again. Unfortunately your application will be rejected due to non-payment.

Any rejection of your request will be notified to you with the due explanation of the reasons.

If you submit the application or petition with amendments and you are going to pay again by credit card, you will have to include a new Form G-1450.

Avoid immigration scams. Learn how to protect yourself by using immigration services and reporting suspected fraud.

What is it?

The Form I-129F It is the document with which you can start the process to bring your foreign fiancé (e) to the United States.

It is one of the forms used by USCIS, the US Department of State (DOS), and the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as authorities that control national security and immigration.

Keep in mind that all security and background checks process will be activated. So there will be various database searches for national security, criminal records, and other information about you and your fiancé (e). They will ask for fingerprints, names and all biographical or biometric information. This is not a game. Take it very seriously.

There is a fact that we almost missed. If you were married for less than two years at the time Form I-485 is approved, USCIS will grant your spouse conditional permanent resident status and issue a Green Card valid for 2 years.

It is up to your spouse to remove the conditions in your residency using Form I-751, for the Petition to Cancel the Conditions of Residence in the 90 days before your Green Card expires.

As we always recommend, specify your case very well, since each situation is different and the duration of the process varies.

USCIS processes fiancé (e) petitions in the order it receives them. So that you do not lose track of anything, permanently consult the information on the processing times of Form I-129F on the USCIS page.

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