Form I-131: How it is, Instructions and MORE

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The Form I-131 corresponds to the Travel Document Application. With this form, the interested party can carry out various procedures that involve traveling outside and within the territory of the United States, either as a refugee / asylum, permanent resident or for a specific reason.

For this reason, it is important that you know all the aspects related to this document. Today we will explain how it is, what instructions you must follow to fill it and what exactly it is for. In addition, you will be able to know how to present it correctly and much, much more. Do not go!

What is Form I-131 like?

Let’s start by talking about Form I-131 and how this is. That is, let’s talk about what you will be finding and what data you must include to present it. This will allow you to be prepared for when you have to fill it out and even serve as a guide for when you do.

To begin, you will find the document at Pdf format. Without em

However, if you have the correct version of Adobe Reader you can fill it out right there, print it and present it. Unfortunately, unlike other forms, this one has not yet been enabled to be submitted online, so you must do it the traditional way.

The truth is that it is very short, it consists of only five (05) pages, which you must fill out in their entirety and sign. The data that will be requested They can be summarized or schematized as follows:

  • First of all, you will find the section for Personal information From applicant. That is, your full name, address, Alien number, birth information, social security number and gender will be requested.
  • Next, comes the section corresponding to the Type of request. You must select what type of request you are making. If the form is for someone else who is outside the United States and requires the Advance Parole Document, then you must fill in the rest of the fields with the data of that person.
  • Information processing. They request the period of the trip and other information related to the planned departure.
  • Information about the proposed trip. In this section you must indicate the purpose of the trip and the list of countries you plan to visit.
  • The section is only filled if Request re-entry to the country. They only ask you questions about how long you’ve been in the country as a permanent resident and one question about your federal income tax situation.
  • Part six is ​​only completed if you Apply for a refugee travel document. You must indicate which country you are a refugee or asylum from, and answer some questions regarding that country. If the answer is yes, you must attach an explanation on an additional sheet.
  • Request Advance Parole is the next one that fills up. If you request to travel outside the country and return, you must complete this part with the information that appears about the procedure. They ask you how many trips you plan to make and the contact of the embassy / consulate if the person wants the permit is outside the country.
  • Signature of the applicant and data corresponding to it.
  • Information of the person who prepared the application, if it was other than the applicant.

As you may suspect, information that is not easily available is not requested. The truth is that it is one of the simplest forms to fill out, especially if you follow the instructions to the letter.

In addition, you can do the procedure from the comfort of where you are, at the time you want. You just have to take into account everything that we will be indicating throughout this article and you will see how easy it is. For now, access the form directly from here.

Instructions for Completing Form I-131

Now let’s talk about Instructions for Form I-131. This is probably the most important aspect that you should take into account when starting to fill out the form, so that you can present it correctly.

USCIS not only facilitates the form, but facilitates a Instructive so that you know exactly how to fill it out, present it, and what technical and legal factors you should take into account when doing it.

It may seem a bit long, but the truth is that it is reduced because it considers your particular case. Perhaps you want to request the travel document as a refugee or just request the Advance Parole. You will find all this in the same instructions, which you must read as many times as necessary.

Some general instructions, which you will find not only in this but in any other form, are:

  • The document can be typed or printed legibly in black ink.
  • You can attach additional sheets with the pertinent information. Of course, you must identify the top of each sheet with the name and Alien Registration Number Yes there are.
    • You must also indicate part and item to which you will refer. Don’t forget to sign and date each sheet.
  • If a section does not apply, write N / A. Alone and only if it does not apply. Likewise, if they request numbers, enter 0. If it is a question, None (How many children do you have? None) is answered equally with N / A. The fields that say If Any They are not required, they should only be filled out when applicable.
  • Documents must be attached that support what is expressed in the form. You will find more about this in the Specific Instructions section or in What Evidence Must You Submit.
  • You must provide legible copies of any document that you attach to this form (whenever required).
  • IF one of these documents is in a language other than English, the translation must be included.
  • If you do not go to the appointment to record your biometric data, the request could be denied.
  • Finally, keep in mind that if the form does not contain the signature and it is not completely filled out will not be received.

This is just the surface of what you’ll find in the tutorial. Sadly, it is only in English, so you need to help someone out if you don’t understand the language very well or if you need to be supported in the process. Likewise, remember that if it is filled out by a third party, you must indicate it in the corresponding part.

Usefulness of Form I-131

The Form I-131 used to Request a Travel Document. Whether the person wants to leave or re-enter the United States, they must fill out and present this form with the supporting documentation at the office authorized to process it, which we will discuss in the next section.

This document Contains the applicant’s data in an organized manner, information

Information about the procedure, the trip and the person who completes it, if this is different from the person requesting the document. This allows the authorities to better control the request and thus they can reach a more accurate conclusion when they go to analyze the evidence.

Specifically, this form is intended for four uses:

  • Reentry permit. It allows the applicant to request entry to the country after having traveled for the duration of the permit without the need to process a Visa. It is only intended for those who are, by law, permanent residents.
  • Travel Document for Refugees. It also applies to those who are in political asylum, either in the country or in another. People who do not have the status of permanent residents must process this document to enter the country after a trip abroad.
    • The only exception is if you have a Advance Parole.
  • Advance Parole Document. Basically, this document allows a foreigner to enter the country for a specific purpose, while maintaining the status of applicant for admission. If you are applying for an immigrant visa and need to travel abroad, then you also need to process it.
    • It is in no way a replacement for the visa, but rather a temporary permission to carry out certain actions that are detrimental to a process that they are carrying out.

You must also indicate in the form what you are looking for with the form. However, in summary, these three are the destinations it takes you to.

Presentation of the Form

With respect to Filing Form I-131, andThis is the last aspect that we are going to deal with in order to synthesize everything. Since you know what data they request, how to fill it out and what it is for exactly, we can move on to the next step, which corresponds to the presentation of the document.

Basically all the process to request the travel document you need is carried out as follows:

  • To get started, you should read the instructive to fill out the form as many times as necessary.
  • Next, you must proceed to fill out and sign the form. The latter is very important, because if it is not signed, it will not be accepted by USCIS. Neither this nor any other form.
  • If applicable, pay the processing fee fee. Likewise, you must gather the documentation required to support the form.
  • Read the Presentation Recommendations.
  • Process the Form G-1145 if you want to receive a notification when the form is accepted and received.
  • Already with all the requirements, go to one of the Addresses of Presentation for this document. It can be the one of your preference.
  • Submit all documentation.
  • Finally, wait for the notifications to arrive about the process. They will probably interview you before announcing the final decision.

This is how this whole process is carried out. As you can see, it is a very simple procedure that does not take much effort. If you follow everything that we have told you today, then it should be very easy to achieve your mission.

Form Fees

For the presentation of this form, a fee must be paid. This has a value that varies depending on the case. The costs are like this:

  • Request for reentry: Depending on the age of the applicant, it can go from $ 575 to $ 660 (14 to 79 years old).
  • Refugee travel document– Again, depending on the age of the applicants, the fee can be between $ 105 and $ 220.
  • Advance Parole: the fee is fixed, exactly $ 575.

It can be canceled with a cashier’s check, personal or money order. You also have the option of paying by credit card, but for this you must fill out Form G-1450. In the case of the check, you will have to make a name from the US Department of Homeland Security.

What is Form I-131?

The Form I-131 is a document by which the applicant requires a Travel document. Whether you want to return to or leave the United States, you will most likely need to complete this form in order to have permission to do so. It is issued by USCIS and processed in authorized offices.

It consists of only six (06) pages, which must be completed with the help of the instructions. It must then be signed and presented. Then you just have to wait to get a response to the process.

Today we have provided you with all the tools you need. For notices and recent information, you can access the USCIS official site and learn about updates in the process.

Until next time!

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