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Usually you have a friend or relative who you want to visit you, and you must apply for the respective visa in the United States with the Form I-134. When visitors require a (temporary) nonimmigrant visa, they must declare that they will not be a public expense while visiting the United States.

The Form I-134 is the format used to sponsor a visa applicant, and demonstrate that that person will not become a public charge while in the United States.

Form I-134 format

If you want to get approval from the Department of Homeland Security, it is important to know how to complete the affidavit Form I-134 backup.

The financial sponsorship affidavit is used to indicate that you will support a foreign national entering the United States, so this person does not have to rely on public assistance. As a guarantor, you must have sufficient income or assets to ensure that you can and will guarantee this person while in the country.

The Form I-134 format You can get it by entering the website of the USCIS. It is easy to access, or you can also download it here.

Instructions for Completing Form I-134

The Form I-134 It consists of nine parts, in which you must provide important information, below we indicate:

Part 1

  • This part is very important, since here you have to confirm that you have read and understood the responsibilities at the end of the Affidavit of Support.

Part 2

  • Write your full name, address, city, state, zip code, and country at the top of the form. You can print or write this information.

Part 3

  • Start with question 1, you must write the date of your birth, the city and the country where you were born. Answer a, b, c and d, only if you are not a native-born US citizen.

Part 4

  • Answer the subsequent questions, such as your age and how long you have lived in the United States.

Part 5

  • Read and answer the following question, this is the information about the person you sponsor. You must declare the full name of the person invited and any other subject who will join the person upon entering the country. You must insert their current address, their marital status, age, gender, and the relationship they have with you.

Part 6

  • Read lines 4, 5 and 6 well before continuing with line 7. Later on line 7, describe your type of business and its address. You have to declare your way of generating money, the amount of the value you have in personal property, the amount of your life insurance, bank accounts, stocks and savings accounts. Subscribe the amount of the mortgage (if any) or other real property you may have, and the address where the property is located.

Part 7

  • Record the names of the subjects who depend on you, such as children or spouse. Answer question 9, only if you have made the previous affidavits, and who they were for. Report whether or not you have previously applied for a visa for anyone else, and write down their names.

Part 8

  • Select if you intend to make contributions to help the visitor. If you are sponsoring this person, give a report concerning how long you are going to do it.

Part 9

  • You must visit a notary public to be able to sign the affirmation oath. It must be properly witnessed.

What is it for?

One way to help visitors enter the United States smoothly is to present the Form I-134: Affidavit of financial support. With this form, you can guarantee that the United States government will sponsor visitors and that it has enough money to cover their expenses.

The main purpose of providing the information requested in this affidavit is to demonstrate that the requesting immigrant has sufficient financial support to live without the concern of relying on the welfare of the US government.

Where to present it?

There is no cost to present the Form I-134 to become a sponsor. After filling it out, be sure to sign it, and send the supporting documents that prove that you have enough money to financially support the visitor. Failure to do so could result in your visitor being denied entry to the US.

Send by mail or email the Form I-134 complete, with the documents of the financial statements to the visitor. The visitor will then be able to show the form to the US consular officer or authority at the visa interview, to prove that it will not be a public charge during their visit.

What is Form I-134?

The Form I-134 It is the application and / or declaration, which is made before the USCIS, to become a sponsor of a family member or friend that you want to visit you in the United States. With this format you state that the guest when entering the country will not generate any public expense, since you finance their stay.

You must take into account the following:

  • The USCIS provides forms free of charge through the site Web from USCIS. To view, print or complete the form, you must use the latest version of Adobe Reader, which you can download for free here.
  • If you do not have access to the Internet, you can call the USCIS National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 and request that a form be mailed to you.
  • Each affidavit must be duly signed and filed.
  • For all signatures on this affidavit, USCIS will not accept a stamped or typed name in place of a signature.
  • If you are under the age of 14, your parent or legal guardian can sign the affidavit for you. A legal guardian can also sign for a mentally incompetent person.
  • Filing fee, there is no fee to file Form I-134.
  • do you copy, you must send legible photocopies of the requested documents, unless the Instructions specifically state that you must send an original document. USCIS may request an original document at the time of filing or at any time during the processing of an application, petition, or application.
  • If USCIS requests a original document, it will be returned to you after USCIS determines that you no longer need the original.
  • Instead of waiting in line for assistance at your local USCIS office, you can Schedule Appointment online. Select “Schedule an Appointment Online” and follow the instructions on the screen to schedule your appointment. Once you finish scheduling an appointment, the system will generate an appointment notice for you.
  • If you knowingly and deliberately falsify or conceal a material fact or send a false document with your Form I-134, reject your application and may deny any other immigration benefits that the beneficiary seeks. In addition, you will face severe penalties provided by law and may be subject to criminal prosecution.

Preparation of Form I-134

To become a guarantor, you must be a lawful permanent resident (green card holder), a U.S. citizen, or a legally recognized nonimmigrant. Also, you need to check if you have enough money to pay for the visitor’s trip.

In in Form I-134 You are asked to report the following personal information:

  • Your legal status and how many years have you lived in the U.S.
  • Your date of birth, name, age and address.
  • The name of the visitor you are sponsoring.
  • The full names of the visitor’s spouse and children (if they are traveling with the sponsored person)

To find out if you have enough resources to be a sponsor, the form asks you about:

  • Your employment report.
  • Information about your bank accounts.
  • The full names of your dependents already declared.
  • The full names of the other visitors, whom you have already sponsored on a previous visa (if the case).

Evidence that you can financially support the visitor

In addition to filling the Form I-134You must send the ones stating that you have enough money to sponsor your visitor. One or perhaps more of the aforementioned documents are valid:

  1. Bank statements with your account information.
  2. A photocopy of the most current federal tax return.
  3. A letter issued by your employer, informing about your job that you perform the salary you earn.
  4. Titles and receipts for objects that belong to you, such as property, cars, houses or other possessions that have value.

You do not need to deliver all the documents listed above. You should only issue enough to state that you can financially support the visitor, while he or she is living in the United States.

Aspects to consider as a sponsor

If the visitor becomes a public service (receiving food stamps, welfare, or other government subsidized income), the organization providing financial support to the visitor can sue (visitor and sponsor) for both costs of attendance.

What does it take to become a sponsor?

All guarantors must be US citizens or permanent US residents, at least 18 years of age, and must reside in the US (including US territory and properties) when submitting the affidavit of financial guarantee,

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