Form I-212: Form, How to Fill It Out and MORE

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To process the Form I-212, it is necessary to comply with the documents referring to the extradition or exclusion procedure that has been managed, including the conclusive documentation on the extradition. Here you will find all the information you need:

Parts that the Form contains, how it should be filled out, what it is used for, what is the amount that must be paid for it. Also where it should be presented and other information of interest.

Form I-212 format

Like every Form, this one is also made up of several parts and is entirely in the English language. These are mentioned below:

  1. Information about the applicant.
  2. Reasons why the Form I-212.
  3. The reason for the request for permission, to reapply.
  4. Biographical information.

How to fill out Form I-212?

Fill the Form I-212 correctly. The aspects to take into consideration are detailed below:

  • Sign the Form. In the case of not being signed, it will be rejected.
  • Use the newest version. Preferably, download the Form from this web portal, complete it electronically and then print it to be consigned.
  • Fill it completely.
  • When writing the answers by hand, use black ink. Make sure the answers are accurate, read, and within the range provided.
  • Do not use markers or correction fluid. This is because the scanners that are used do not adequately read the data that has been crossed out, highlighted or verified with proofreader.
  • If mistakes are made, start again filling in a new Form.
  • In the case of consigning several Forms, write the name, date of birth and the identification number (Number A, if it exists), duly in the same way in each of the Forms.
  • Cancel the exact amount. Forms submitted with the incorrect or incomplete amount will not be accepted. Use the Fee Calculator.
  • Send a copy of a single part of the application.

How to organize the request?

It is suggested to order the request in the following way:

  • Money order or check (Place the number of the Form that is consigned and its A Number or other data that distinguishes it on the money order or on the check).
  • The Form to be consigned.
  • Support documentation:
    • Attach the documentation or tests outlined in the guidelines stipulated.
    • Supporting documentation must be in English, or in effect translated into English.
    • Submit copies, unless original documentation is required. If original documentation is sent together with the Form, this will be part of the file which will not be returned immediately.
    • If any annex is attached, each page must bear the name and the A Number (if owned). Likewise, number the pages and incorporate all the attached pages.
    • Send a copy of a single part of the supporting documentation.

What other elements must be taken into account?

Write the nature of the shipment on the consignment letter or envelope. Similarly, place the Form number on the consignment letter or on the envelope in this way: I-129, I-130, I-690 or I-698. When organizing the application, a number of aspects must be taken into consideration.

Do not use binders or binders that are difficult to disassemble. Use staples or thumbtacks to handle high volume requests. It is requested to drill 2 holes in the upper part of the material, so that it can be placed in the respective file.

The sticky tabs are also very useful, to locate the points indicated as annexes. In this way, they can be simply saved, the tab should be placed on the page last, not aside. Use preferably paper clips or thumbtacks instead of reinforced staples.

If more than one Form is submitted in the same envelope, they must be separated with an elastic band. In the case of resubmitting the request, responding to a Request for Evidence (RFE), the communication requesting the evidence, additional information about it, must be placed.

How to submit the Form I-212 Application?

Send the Form to the proper address found in the web portal. It can be shipped via UPS, DHL, USPS, or FedEx. When the Form is mailed to the wrong address, it may be disregarded or, if submitted incorrectly, it will be returned so that it can be submitted at another time.

The formula can be ordered by mail, by phone or through the Contact Center. It can also be downloaded or printed from the Form website, as mentioned above. You can request the forms by mail, by phone through the Contact Center, or by downloading or printing from the page.

Usefulness of Form I-212

The Form I-212 known as immigration forgiveness, it is used to request authorization to enter the United States. It must be applied to this Form, prior to the penalty period imposed for extradition. In situations where permanent sanctions have been used, he had to spend 10 years outside the United States to apply

Said forgiveness is also used, when you want to ask a tourist, student, temporary work visa, non-immigrant or business. On the other hand, the pardon can be used to request the immigrant visa (legal permanent residence).

When the extradition was used to a permanent resident and he asks for forgiveness, if the pardon is admitted it does not mean that he will have the status of resident again. Rather, you have the possibility of applying to begin the residency procedure and await admission.

If the situation is to request the Form I-212 In order to obtain the immigrant visa in this way, the I-601 waiver may have to be requested at the same time, this is due to inadmissibility grounds. If the individual was extradited for fraud, it is required to request forgiveness, and also for extradition. Applying both in the same procedure.

Where to submit my application?

To submit the application, you must first consult the web portal of Directions for Direct Presentation of the Form I-212, and thus specify where this should be recorded. This in order to be sure of the site, and to expedite the process.

If you are an applicant who submits the Form in front of the Customs and Border Protection. it can currently be filed electronically through the Electronic System for Secure Form Allocation (e-SAFE).

The consignment of the Form continues to be available at CBP points of entry or in pre-authorized regions. It can be found as “Form 212” or “I-212”. For more information, you can go to CBP website in case of:

  1. If you want to obtain a nonimmigrant authorization at a US port of entry, where a non-immigrant visa is not necessary.
  2. In the case of being an applicant for a nonimmigrant visa (other than a K, T, U or V nonimmigrant visa), at a United States Consulate (Department of State).

If the person is in removal proceedings, they must follow the special consignment guidelines that were given in the Immigration Court. All parts of the Form must be completed, as it will be disregarded if there is any blank space.

NOTE: Read the guidelines to acquire information about how to fill in the fields when answering “zero” (zero) or “not applicable” (not applicable or N / A).

Processing Fee

With respect to the filing fee is $ 930. When sending a payment, it is admitted that it is a government payment. The presentation payments are final and are not returned, the fact that is taken about the request is not relevant, or if for any reason the request is declined.

In the case of File the application with USCIS, the fee can be canceled with a cashier’s check, money order, or personal check. Upon filing the petition in a USCIS Secure Location, it can be canceled with a credit card using Form G-1450, Credit Card Transaction Authorization.

When canceling by check, it must be made payable to the US Department of Homeland Security. Use the Rate Calculator in English, and be able to set the amount of presentation. When consigned to a service center, you cannot pay by credit card, You can only pay by money order, cashier’s check or personal check.

When consignment is made at a local office, the fee cannot be paid by cashier’s check or money order. In this case, it can only be paid by personal check, credit card, rechargeable prepaid credit, or debit card.

If the petition is filed with CBP ($ 930). Contact CBP to define if you have to go to a biometric services appointment. Read the guidelines Form I-212 about special payment instructions. What you need is on the CBP web portal.

On the other hand, if the request is filed with EOIR, also read the guidelines of the Form I-212 and the consignment instructions, prior to an order that was received in court to define how to send the payment.

What is Form I-212?

This Form refers to the request for an authorization to be accepted and re-enter the United States, after being extradited or expelled.

What are the elements that are considered for the I-212 immigration approval?

  • If the individual who applies, has close relatives living in the United States, which would be greatly affected by not authorizing the applicant to enter the country.
  • The period in which you lived within the United States.
  • When you have excellent moral conduct.
  • In the event that the individual has committed a crime, it is verified if he was in any rehabilitation process.
  • It is analyzed whether authorizing the entry of this person poses a danger to the security of the United States.
  • If you have requested forgiveness other times before.

The procedure to process the Form I-212 it is expensive and complicated. For this reason, it is suggested to seek the support of an experienced immigration attorney in these types of situations. Likewise, follow all the steps related to this management.

We hope we have helped you with this process and you can do it successfully.

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