Form I-290B: Form, Instructions and MORE

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The Form I-290B it is a document that is extremely important to Americans. We have to highlight the information that we will provide you in relation to it so that you can do this process without any problems. We recommend that you read in detail all the information that we are going to expand below.

Through the development of this article we are going to expand on everything you need to know about Form I-290B, this with the development of several sections. We will notify you about the format under which it will be presented, the instructions to follow to fill it out. Also, about its functions and where you should present it, the corresponding fees.

Keep reading and find out about this and much more about the Form I-290B in United States!

Form I-290B format

It is important that you have everything you need to know about the delivery format in which the Form I-290B. In this section of the article we are going to expand on everything you need to know about this point, since it has a high degree of relevance. We are also going to tell you, in a next section, what refers to the filling process.

It is worth noting that you must read carefully since, although it is something simple to explain and understand, you must remember it for when you want to do it. One of the first things that we are going to inform you is that you must access any internet search engine, from any smart device. Then, you are going to get ready to enter the web portal where you are going to download this form (click here To go directly to download it).

Once you have managed to download it, you will realize that the format in which it is going to be presented to you is a very common format and that everyone knows, the PDF format. The only thing you will have to do is file or print it and go on to the filling process and then we will indicate you in the next section.

Instructions for Completing Form I-290B

The question that is usually more frequent among people who want to carry out the process in order to have their Form I-290B it is What is the correct way to fill out this document? The answer to this question is extremely simple and easy to answer. In this section we are going to tell you step by step what you have to do to properly complete your document without presenting any type of inconvenience.

It is important that you follow each step in the order indicated and that you pay attention to the instructions that we will give you in the following list of steps. You must take into account and consider that these are based on a guideline and regulation that you must follow since it is what is established by the authorities according to these procedures.

Now, then we are going to expand step by step the ideal way in which you should fill out each of the sections of the Form I-290B. The data to be placed in relation to what they request and that are usually divided into seven (7) parts for the correct distribution of each data.

The steps to fill out this form are as follows:

General instructions

  1. The first thing you should do is enter your internet search engine and get ready to download the form. Once you download it, you will go on to read each of the boxes and parts that they ask you to fill out.
  2. You must have an Adobe Reader program, if you do not have it there is also the option of calling the USCIS National Customer Service Center. The number is the following: 1-800-375-5283 and an email will be sent to you later.
  3. In the case of submitting the form, electronically, you must enter the USCIS web platform, click here to enter.
  4. As for the time lapses to be able to present your form and appeal it has to be in a period of about thirty (30) days on the calendar. This after the date on which you have notified the process.

It should be noted that there are situations in which this time may have certain variations, you must review and extra pending of these for your case to apply. Also, there is a time for the revocation of the approval of the immigrant petition, this will be in about fifteen (15) calendar days.

  1. Another aspect to note is with respect to the copies of the requested documentation. These copies must be legible and must be presented together with the original documents at the time they are requested for processing.

Regarding the sections of Form I-290B:

  1. The first thing you will find is a first section in which you will get the following information to fill out:
  • Here are data related to the person as such and his close ones as a family.
  • There are also data referring to the place where it is located, the city, the postal code, the province, among others.
  1. After completing that first part, you will proceed to the next section in which you will provide the information regarding the appeal or the motion. It will appear in the form of a list.
  2. In the third division everything refers to the arguments that you are going to provide, on a separate sheet, to carry out this appeal procedure. In it they will indicate the instructions that you have to follow for this additional data.
  3. There is a fourth part and this is basically about the declaration as such. The contact information, the certification and the signature thereof by the person who is requesting or making the request.

It is worth noting that this will indicate step by step what you must fill in and complete. What will correspond to each subdivision in this part.

  1. The fifth part corresponds to the contact information, the certification itself and the signature of who is going to be in charge of interpreting your process. They will also indicate each of the subdivisions.
  2. In the sixth section we find again what goes about the contact information, the statement.
  3. Regarding the signature of the person who is in charge of preparing your form, you will have to do other processes. This for the case in which it is not done directly by the applicant or petitioner.
  4. To finish we are in the last section of the form. This is the information you want to provide additionally. Read in detail the instructions that appear there for this.

What is it for?

This is another question that is usually had in relation to Form I-290BIn this section we are going to give you the information you need to know about this concern. The functions that are established in the regulations to comply with this form are simple.

The truth is that this is a document that is used to notify the United States Citizen and Immigration Services entity. This body is known by its acronym USCIS, and it is informed about the person requesting an appeal.

Said appeal is closely related to the decision made on the current case of the person in the aforementioned institution. The request will be to reopen or reconsider the case that is necessary and required. This is achieved through competition and due delivery of the Form I-290B.

Where to File Form I-290B?

Here we will expand on everything related to the presentation of the Form I-290B. You will file your appeal at the addresses listed on the USCIS page (click here). It is important to note that you should not present it to the Administrative Appeal Offices.

For the presentation we will leave you some tips that will be very useful when performing this task.

Annotations to the Form I-290B filing process

  • First and foremost, you must complete each of the sections of the form correctly, check before submitting.
  • Part 1: This is referred to the applicant’s information:
  1. In the case of obtaining any type of benefit from Form I-140 and you wish to revoke it and you have your petition adjudicated. You will have to present it together to the appeal of Form I-290B. Provide this in section 1.
  2. Correctly enter your last name and your name and the Company or Organization.
  3. And your postal address.
  • Part 2: About the appeal information:
  1. You are only going to select the boxes implying the presentation of the appeal, but you’re only going to score one.
  • You must sign your form, otherwise they will reject the process.

Processing fees

The cost involved in processing the Form I-290B that is established is about $ 675 (dollars). This can be canceled by money order, personal check or cashier’s check. They also give you the possibility to pay through your credit card using another Form G-1450.

In case of paying by check, you must do so using the name of the payer or the Department of Homeland Security in the United States. You are going to take into consideration that service centers do not have the ability to process payments by credit card.

You are going to send the payment and, in turn, you are going to be accepting the government service. The presentation goes under the biometric services and they are not refundable, regardless of any action that is made on the application or if it is withdrawn. In the case of being a special immigrant, you will not need to pay the fee when you go to present the Form I-290B for the petition to be filed.

What is Form I-290B?

As we have been reading throughout this article, the Form I-290B It is a document that is used to make an appeal to the Office of Administrative Appeals, the AAO. It is also intended to file a motion with the USCIS office, the entity in charge of processing this form.

It should be noted that there are some appeals to denials of another form called Form I-17. Through this, a school approval is requested and thus the Non-Immigrant Student Assistance is assisted under the ICE program.

We hope this article has been very useful to you and that all your doubts have been clarified

We will read another time!

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