Form I-485: Form, How to Fill It Out and MORE

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The Form I-485 corresponds to the Application for Registration of Permanent Residence or Adjustment of Status. With this document you can do various immigration procedures at US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), but all focused on obtaining the Legal Permanent Residence, that is, the Green card.

If you are interested in living in the United States legally, then this article is for you. Today we will explain how this form is, what are the instructions that you must follow, what it is for exactly, how and where to present it, and what is the fee that you have to pay for the right to process. Do not go!

Form I-485 format

The Form I-485 format refers to the specific characteristics of the document. It is very practical that you know in advance the information that will be requested when you go to fill out the form, so that it serves as a kind of guide in the process.

To start with, you can find it at Pdf format, as well as the rest of the forms that USCIS facilitates. However, this one does not have the option of being submitted online, unlike some others. It is made up of twenty (20) pages and is divided into fourteen (14) parts, all designed primarily to contain the applicant’s data in an organized manner.

In summary, the data required in the form are as follows:

  • First of all, Personal information From applicant. We are talking about full names, birth data, postal and physical address, history of entry into the country, other information.
  • Application type or application category. Whether you request the Green card for family connection, work connection, special immigrant, for being in refugee or asylum status, for being a victim of human trafficking or other criminal activity, special programs based on certain laws or other options.
    • If another form appears, it is because it must be filled out by the corresponding person.
    • In addition, there is a section that you must fill out if you are the main applicant or an applicant for cause (wife, child under 21 years of age).
  • Next come the Additional data From applicant. You wonder if you have previously applied for residency at a consulate or embassy, ​​address history and employment history (both from the last 5 years), information about your parents, information regarding your marital status and possible children.
  • Biographical information. You must inform about your ethnicity, race, weight, height, and eye and hair color.
  • General grounds for eligibility and inadmissibility. They ask to know if you have participated or been part of a foundation, club, society, fund, military service, etc., anywhere in the world. In addition, you must answer a series of questions regarding your situation in the country, criminal record, etc., with Yes or No.
    • Remember that you must be totally transparent. The use of information in the form is authorized, which means that the authorities can investigate making use of their resources. Do not omit, while or falsify information.
  • Accommodations for people with disabilities and / or handicaps. You must indicate what adaptation you require.
  • Judgment, contact information, declaration and signature of the applicant (you), the interpreter (if applicable) and / or the third party who completed the form, if it was not the applicant (if applicable). This corresponds to parts 10, 11 and 12.
  • Once you fill in all those sections, the section of Signature in Interview that you must read and fill out to give proof of the exposed data.
  • Finally, you will see the section of Additional Information. In case you need to provide information, you have this section for it. You can also add additional sheets, but correctly identified.

It is a very long document, but the information they request is quite basic. Probably the heaviest thing is to read the instructions, which we will talk about later. However, keep in mind that you must pass through this filter if you want to obtain permanent residence. For now, access the form.

How to fill out Form I-485?

Regarding the Instructions for filling out Form I-130, you should know a few things. We have designed a series of aspects or steps that you should consider when completing this document correctly. Let’s see!

  • To get started, you should read the Instructions for Form I-485. It is forty-five pages long, but some do not apply to you. However, this step is vital, it will explain step by step how to complete the form and the legal and technical guidelines that you must follow to process it.
    • Unfortunately, it is only available in English. You can help you from an interpreter, from a third party or use a document translation page if you wish.
  • Remember that the document can be typed or printed legibly in black ink.
  • You have the section of Additional Information in case you need it. Likewise, you can attach additional sheets with the pertinent information. Of course, you must identify the top of each sheet with the name and Alien Registration Number Yes there are.
    • You must also indicate the page number, part and item to which you will refer. Don’t forget to sign and date each sheet.
  • If a section does not apply, write N / A. Alone and only if it does not apply. Likewise, if they request numbers, enter 0. If it is a question, None (How many children does he have? None). The fields that say If Any They are not required, they should only be filled out when applicable.
  • USCIS will consider a photocopied copy, faxed or scanned from the original valid handwritten signature for archival purposes. The photocopy, fax or scan must be of the original document that contains the signature handwritten in ink.
  • Documents must be attached that support what is expressed in the form. You will find more about this in the Specific Instructions section or in What Evidence Must You Submit.
  • IF one of these documents is in a language other than English, the translation must be included.
  • Finally, keep in mind that if the form does not contain the signature and is not completely filled out, it will not be received.

These are some of the indications that you will find in the Instructions, but there are undoubtedly many more. Too many to translate in a single article, so you have to read it yes or yes.

What is it for?

The Form I-485 is used to make the Application for Registration of Permanent Residence or Adjustment of Status. This contains the data concerning the applicant, including the information of those around him.

Specifically, the form is used to request the Legal Permanent Residence in the U.S. This can occur because there is an immediate family or work connection or because the applicant is in a particular situation: political asylum, in refugee status, is part of the diversity program, and so on.

In addition, it is not the only document that must be delivered. Along with it, supporting documents and even other forms must be submitted. For example, if the Green card due to direct relative connection, then this person must file Form I-130.

This is a very important factor, along with those that remain to be exposed. What you should not forget is that the entire procedure must be done legally, without omissions or falsifications. Always you must follow the protocol established by USCIS.

How to present it?

Now we can move on to talk about the Filing Form I-485. Since you know what data they request, how to fill it out and what it is for exactly, we can move on to the next step, which corresponds to the presentation of the document.

Basically all the process to request the Lawful permanent residence is effected as follows:

  • First, you must read the instructions to fill out the document properly.
  • Next, you must proceed to fill out and sign the form. Very important, because if it is not signed it will not be accepted.
  • If applicable, pay the processing fee fee. Likewise, you must gather the documentation required to support the form.
  • Read the Presentation Recommendations.
  • Already with all the requirements, go to one of the Addresses of Presentation for this document. It can be the one of your preference. You also have the option of doing the procedure in a Secure Location (Lockbox).
  • Submit all documentation.
  • Finally, wait for the notifications to arrive about the process. They will probably interview you before announcing the final decision.

Take your time forecasts. The process of this procedure takes time. However, if you use all the information we have given you today, you shouldn’t have a problem. We urge you to access this link from USCIS to know other aspects of the form that are just as important and that you will not find elsewhere.

Form I-485 Fees

For the presentation of this form, a fee must be paid. This has a value that varies depending on the case. The costs are like this:

  • If the applicant is a minor (<14 years old) and submits the form with (at least) one of his parents, it is $ 750.
  • If the applicant is a minor (<14 years) but presents it individually, then it is $ 1140.
  • The applicant is between 14 and 78 years old, the fee is $ 1225.
  • People over 78 only cancel $ 1140.
  • Finally, if the applicant is in the country as a refugee, then he should not cancel anything.

It can be canceled with a cashier’s check, personal or money order. You also have the option of paying by credit card, but for this you must fill out Form G-1450. In the case of the check, you will have to make a name from the US Department of Homeland Security.

What is Form I-485?

The Form I-485 is used for Apply for Legal Permanent Residence in the U.S. This means that with this document the person can do the procedure to obtain the Green card.

We are talking about a great process, for which the first step is to submit this form. It is quite extensive and probably the most tedious is reading the instructions, but it is better to do it and thus you will be avoiding inconveniences in the process.

Contains the applicant’s data and of the people and situations that surround it in a direct way. This allows the authorities to make a better analysis of the case and thus be able to respond to the matter. It is presented in authorized offices, together with supporting documentation and a fee is required in certain cases.

We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for and we wish you good luck at this stage.

Until next time!

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