Form I-508: How It Is, Instructions, and MORE

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Do you want to know everything related to the Form I-508? Here we have all the necessary information, so that you can carry out the process quickly, easily and safely.

Below we describe what the Form is like, the parts it contains, the instructions to fill it out. Also, what it is for, who should manage it, where it should be presented and other data. In such a way, that you do not miss what follows.

What is Form I-508 like?

The Form I-508 it is entirely in English. In addition, it consists of six (6) parts, which are named below:

  • Part 1: Information about the person submitting the Waiver Form.
  • Part 2: The declaration of resignation.
  • Part 3: Here you will find the statement, contact information, certification and signature of the person executing the Waiver Form.
  • Part 4: Interpreter contact information, certification and signature.
  • Part 5: The contact information, statement and signature of the person who prepares the resignation form, in the case of not being the person who executes the Resignation Form.
  • Part 6: Additional Information.

Instructions for Completing Form I-508

To fill the Form I-508, it is required to follow some instructions. The first is to complete it or print it with black ink. The other guidelines are detailed below:

Step One: What is the purpose of the Form I-508?

It is used by lawful permanent residents of the United States or applicants for lawful permanent residence in the United States. Whose occupational status or that of their family members entitles them to non-immigrant status under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) section 101 (a) (15) (A), (E) or (G) as a government official.

Also, (b) employee of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representation Office, (c) representative or employee of an international organization, respectively; or (d) a dependent member of said household. To obtain lawful permanent residence status, they must use the Form I-508 and make the respective resignations.

The Form also informs individuals that, as legal permanent residents of the United States, are not eligible for diplomatic rights, privileges, exemptions and immunities previously held in your name by the sending country, office or organization.

Step Two: USCIS Forms and Information

USCIS provides the Form and instructions free of charge through the USCIS website. To view, print or
complete the Form, you must use the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Instead of waiting in line for help at your local USCIS office, an appointment can be scheduled on the web portal.

To select “Make an appointment” and follow the directions on the screen. Once completed, the system will generate a
appointment notice for the applicant.

Third Step: Where to Submit the Application?

Consult the web portal to obtain the most up-to-date information on where to submit this form. There is no filing fee for the Form I-508. To complete the Form, the following must be taken into account:

  • Type or print legibly with black ink.
  • If additional space is needed to complete any item within this exemption form, use the space provided in Part 6 (Additional).
  • Answer all questions completely and accurately. If a question does not apply to the applicant, for example, if they have never been married and the question is: “Provide the name of your current spouse” write or print “N / A”.
  • Evidence, at the time of submission, all supporting evidence and documentation must be presented.
  • Translations, if you send a document with information in a foreign language, you must also send a full English. The translator must sign a certification that the English translation is complete and accurate. The certification must also include the translator’s signature, the printed name, the date of the signature, and the translator’s contact information.
  • Copies, legible photocopies of requested documents must be sent, unless the instructions specifically state that an original document must be presented.
  • Sign the Form before sending it. For all signatures on this Form, a stamp or
    typewritten name instead of signature. A photocopied, faxed or scanned copy of the original, handwritten signature is considered valid for archival purposes. The photocopy, fax or scan must be of the original document, containing the handwritten ink signature.
  • If you are under 14 years old, your parent or legal guardian can sign the Form in her name. A legal guardian can also indicate a mentally incompetent person.

Step Four: Contact Information, Certification and Signature of the Person who executes the Exemption Form

Select the corresponding box to indicate if you have read this Exemption Form yourself or if you had an interpreter. If someone assisted the applicant in completing the Waiver Form, select the box indicating that they used a preparer.

Later, you must sign and date the Waiver Form and provide the phone number, mobile phone number (if applicable), and email address (if applicable). Each Waiver Form must contain the signature of the person that executes the Form.

Either parent or legal guardian, as the case may be. A stamped or typed name in place of a signature is not acceptable.

Fifth Step: Contact Information, Certification and Interpreter Signature

If someone was used as an interpreter to read the instructions and questions on the Waiver Form in a language you are fluent in, the interpreter must complete this section, provide your name, the name and address of the company or organization (if applicable).

Likewise, the daytime phone number, mobile phone number (if applicable), and email address (if any). The interpreter must also sign and date the Waiver Form.

Step Six: Additional Information

In the event that you need additional space to provide extra information on the Form, the space provided in Part 6 must be used.

If more space is needed than is provided in Part 6, copies of Part 6 may be made to complete and submit the Waiver Form or attach a separate sheet of paper.

Include your name and A number (if applicable) at the top of each sheet; indicate the page number, part number and article number to which the response refers; sign and date each sheet. It is recommended to print or save a copy of the completed Form for future review and for your records.

What is it for?

The usefulness of this Form corresponds to when you are not a citizen of the United States and you work for a commission of a foreign government or international organization, and it is:

  1. A legal permanent resident.
  2. Or a nonimmigrant with A, G or E status, and wants to request an accommodation of status to become a permanent resident.

Said Form complies with section 247 (b) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act. On the other hand, permanent residents in some functions do not give up the exception, and do not cancel federal taxes since it can change the immigration status to status A, G, or E.

Likewise, nonimmigrants with A, G or E status who do not resign from the exception, and who cancel federal taxes, do not have the opportunity to adapt their status to permanent resident status.

Important fact

People of French nationality are covered by a special agreement between the governments of the United States and France. In the past, you were required to record the Form I-508 and Form I.508F in front of the USCIS. The printing of this dated 08/11/19 matches the data of the 2 Forms. For this reason, French citizens only need to enter the Form I-508.

Who should process it and where is it presented?

As mentioned in the previous point: The people who can process this Form are: Lawful permanent residents in the United States. Also, nonimmigrants with A, G, or E status and that you want to request an adjustment, regarding your status to become a permanent resident.

The FForm I-508, it must be presented at your local USCIS office, unless it is going to be consigned at the same time with Form I-131, Application for Travel Documentation. If this is the case, this Form must be filed at the same local USCIS office, where the Form I-131 is consigned.

When you are an applicant for adaptation of status, submit the Form in the same office where it will be submitted Form I-485, which is the Application for Registration of Permanent Residence or Adjustment of Status. Very important, do not forget to sign the Form, since if you do not do it, it will be rejected.

What is Form I-508?

The Form I-508, is one that is used to resign on some diplomatic rights, exceptions and privileges, related to the state of occupation. That includes any exception for cancellation of taxes in the United States, about salaries that have been canceled by the government or foreign entities.

To present the Form I-508, you must be clear about what you are giving up. Acquiring thus on the other hand, the payment of Income Tax in the United States.

We hope that all this information is useful, so that you have a successful process and result. In such a way that, you can obtain the status that this country of great opportunities craves.

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