Form I-589: Form, Fill It Out and MORE

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The form I-589 It is an excellent choice for those who need to apply for asylum in the United States. In addition, it also serves for the “exemption from expulsion”, thus, to carry out this process it is important to inform yourself properly.

This is why, if you wish to apply for asylum in the country belonging to North America, This article is for you!, below we will mention the most important aspects about the Form I-589. Do not miss it!

Form I-589 format

Now, before describing how the form I-589, it is important to make it clear who are the people who can apply for asylum and withholding of removal. In the same way, any person has the right to request asylum as long as it constitutes that he is a refugee who is not in a position to return to his native country to the place where he used to reside.

It also applies to those people who are in a situation of persecution or who, failing that, have a fear based on persecution of racism, nationality, religion, social group or political appearance.

In other words, the individual requesting asylum must demonstrate that he / she is in need of refuge in the country due to the main reasons that determine the fear of persecution. The format of the form consists of twelve (12) pages composed of parts classified by letters.

In this way, in the form you will find: Part A, B, C, D, E, F and G. Clearly, the long form and that is why it is divided into parts, in addition to this it will be easier to complete the information they request .

Although it is true, Part A is divided into three (3) divisions, which correspond to the personal information of the refugee applicant and his wife and children. Also information about their background, for example: where they used to live before applying for asylum.

Regarding Part B of the form I-589, they request the information corresponding to the application. Where the applicant must justify the reasons why he needs the application for asylum and exemption from removal. Whereas, Part C corresponds to additional information, that is, details about the application.

Subsequently, Part D is composed of legal matter since it is the part of the form where the applicant must place his signature. Then, Part E consists of the statement of the person preparing the form, in case it is not the applicant, their spouse, parents or children.

Finally, part F corresponds to the conclusion of the asylum interview, if applicable. Now, part G constitutes the culmination of the removal hearing in the corresponding cases.

How to fill out Form I-589?

Once the format of the form is explained, it will be easier to complete it. Indeed, the instructions are an excellent guide for the correct filling of the form, in addition, it ensures the speeding up of the process of the procedure.

It is important to mention that the form has certain instructions that the applicant must apply. In some parts of the spreadsheet there are segments that indicate how to complete the document. For example, on the first page, at the beginning of the document it is indicated that you should compose or write the answers in black ink.

Now, the instructions are divided into two sections:

  1. The first section corresponds to filling in the information requested in the form. In turn, the basic eligibility criteria and a guide to fill out the application are described.
  2. The second section explains in detail how the application is processed. In addition to describing the likely interim benefits that they can acquire during the application process.

Similarly, if the applicant is not clear about the basic principles of eligibility, how to fill out the form, or what the asylum process is like, they can consult the advice of a lawyer to process the application.

When the applicant goes to answer the form, it must be in English. Otherwise, a completed form in a language other than English will be returned. Also, the applicant must write or print all their responses in black ink.

In case of doubts regarding the format of the form I-589, you can enter the next link. There you will find the complete form, including the twelve (12) pages that make it up.

Where to Submit the Request?

The request of the form I-589 It must be applied for at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, also known by its acronym in English USCIS. In the same way, if the applicant is in a process in the immigration court, he must present the form I-589 before the immigration court that has jurisdiction over your case.

For example: If you live in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina, Louisiana, New Mexico. You must submit your application to the USCIS Office located in the Texas Service Center.

The application for asylum will begin once the applicant has conducted an asylum interview with an official who is an expert in the matter. If you do not do the interview, it will be a hearing before an immigration judge.

In the event that the asylum application is denied by an immigration judge or the Board of Immigration Appeals, you will need to show that circumstances have changed. Hence, your eligibility for asylum is compromised.

On the other hand, in case the applicant does not have the right to request asylum, he / she may request the suspension of the elimination or under the Convention against Torture before the Immigration Court.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

It is an Agency belonging to the United States Department of Homeland Security. Clearly, it is a governmental entity that is in charge of supervising legal immigration in the North American territory.

It currently has more than 19,000 government employees and USCIS contractors. This service has more than 223 offices around the world. On the other hand, its foundation took place on March 1, 2003.

Its main office is in Washington DC The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is also known by its acronym in English USCIS. In effect, it is a government entity responsible for administering the immigration system.

In turn, its purpose is to safeguard the integrity of citizens. In addition to fairly adjudicating applications for immigration benefits. While, it is in charge of protecting Americans and the security of the nation.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) performs all its functions honoring its values ​​and principles. Which are: integrity, vigilance, innovation and respect.

What is it for?

While it is true, the utility of form I-589 it is based on the fact that it applies to request asylum in the United States and, in turn, for exemption from expulsion. Such a request can also be used to request protection under the convention against torture.

On the other hand, the application may appear if the applicant is present in the United States and is not a United States citizen. However, those applicants who are in the American territory illegally, are subject to expulsion. Only in case your asylum is not granted by an asylum officer or immigration judge.

The Immigration Law on Asylum and Withholding of Removal states that applicants have the right to legal representation during asylum interviews. It also applies to immigration proceedings before the corresponding Court.

It is important to mention that the lawyer will provide his services for free. In other words, the applicant will obtain free advice from the United States Government.

What is Form I-589?

Before starting to define the form I-589, we will talk about the concept of asylum. Asylum can be briefly defined as: “The protection or protection that is given or received”. In this way, the purpose of the form I-589 it is to provide protection and welcome those individuals who need it. As long as they apply for asylum and go through the corresponding process.

Of course, a person can apply for asylum regardless of their origin. Even if you are already in the United States illegally. However, the applicant must present the form during the first year of arriving in the North American country.

In the event that you cannot submit the request within that year that you arrived in the United States, you have the option of being able to demonstrate the reasons why you were unable to complete the request within 365 days. As long as the reasons directly affect asylum eligibility. And in turn, extraordinary circumstances that prevented the request are demonstrated.

If asylum is granted, the applicant including their spouse and children will be able to stay and work in the United States. And, eventually, they will be able to modify their immigration status to that of permanent resident.

If asylum is not granted, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may use the information provided to remove applicants from the United States.

We hope we have helped you, Thanks for reading!

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