Form I-600A: How to Fill It Out, Utility and MORE

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If you want to adopt a child from another country or outside the United States, you should know that this process can be very long. Fortunately, there is a legal method to speed up this process, through the Form I-600A.

To make this process faster, you must send a Form I-600A from USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).

The form indicates that the prospective parents are eligible to adopt children. After that, you can leave the United States and search for orphans outside the country. We invite you to discover more details about this application and its process below.

How to fill out Form I-600A?

We advise you to fill out all the sections of the Form I-600A, which correspond to the case:

  • Section 1 : Details of all the personal information of the Applicant: Names, surnames,
    US address, province, city, ZIP code
  • Then Section 2: Information of the house or adoption service, name, address, zip code.
  • Follow Section 3: Data of the spouse, names, surnames, address.
  • Section 4 continues: Description of the accommodation house for people with disabilities and handicaps, if applicable to the applicant, spouse or other.
  • Later Section 5: Declaration, Contact Information, Certification and Signature of your Spouse.
  • Then Section 6: Your Spouse’s Duty of Disclosure. Signature of your spouse.
  • Next Section 7: Exposure of the spouse.
  • Section 8 follows: Testimony of the spouse.
  • Finally Section 9: Interpreter Certification.


First phase:

  • Write or transcribe in form readable with black ink.
  • If you need additional space to complete any item on this application, please attach a leaf separate paper; write or print your name and alien registration number (A number) (if applicable) at the top of each sheet; Please provide the page number, part number, and item number cited in your response; sign and date each sheet of paper.
  • Answer all questions completely and accurately. If a question does not apply to you (for example, if you have never been married and the question is “Please provide the name of your current spouse”), write “N / A” unless otherwise noted. If your answer to a question that requires a numerical answer is zero or nonzero (for example, “How many children do you have?” Or “How many times have you left the US?”), Type or print “None” unless specified. If you think you need USCIS to accommodate you, your spouse (if you are married) or other disability and / or impairment of other family members, check the box and click “Yes”, then select the corresponding box in “Parties”.

Second stage:

  • Indicate who has the disability and / or impairment and describes the nature of the disability and / or impairment. Also, write or print the accommodation you request in the space provided. If you need a sign language interpreter, you must specify what idiom you use.
  • Statement of the applicant, ASC confirmation (if applicable), certification, signature and contact information. Check the box that indicates that you have read and understood this request or if someone will explain this request to you. If applicable, check the box to indicate if someone has prepared the application for you. You should also confirm that you have read and understood the USCIS Application Support Center appointment confirmation (if applicable).
  • Obligations of the applicant’s disclosure. According to 8 CFR 204.311 (d), you or your spouse (if you are married) and any adult family member have a frank obligation when completing Form I-600A (if applicable) and Form I-600. The family learning process and the obligation of continuous disclosure throughout the adoption process. (For specific information, see the “Dispute Disclosure Rights” section below). Read the “Disclosure Obligation Statement” and then sign this part of the application.
  • Spouse declaration, ASC confirmation (if applicable), certification, signature, and contact information. Your spouse should check the box that indicates that he or she reads or understands this application or if someone explains the application to you. If applicable, your spouse should check the box to indicate whether someone has prepared this application for him or her. Your spouse should also confirm that they have read and understood the USCIS Application Support Center Appointment Confirmation (if applicable).
  • Lthe spouse’s obligation to disclose. According to 8 CFR 204.311 (d), your spouse (if you are married) has an open obligation to complete forms I-600A and I-600 during the home study process, as well as an obligation to adopt the disclosure process. continues throughout the process. (For specific information, see the “Dispute Disclosure Rights” section below). Your spouse should read the “Disclosure Duty” statement and then sign and date this part of the application.

Third phase:

  • Interpreter name, contact information, certification and signature. If you and / or your spouse (if you are married) use an interpreter to read the instructions and questions on this application, the interpreter must complete section 9 to show that they have read and translated it to you and / or your spouse correctly. On the “Confirmation of Appointment” from the USCIS Application Support Center (if applicable), sign and date the application.
  • If it is not, you are the one applicant me spouse, the name, contact information, statement, certification and signature of the person who prepared this application. If you and / or your spouse (if you are married) used the preparer to complete this application, the preparer must complete Section 10 and show that he (or she) has read your and / or your spouse’s answer. Confirmation of the appointment.
  • The USCIS Application Support Center (if applicable), signs and dates the application. If the person completing this application is an attorney or accredited representative whose scope of representation exceeds the scope of preparation of this application, they must submit a completed G-28 form, a notice to appear as attorney or accredited representative, or a G 28I form . Entry Notice, should act as your agent for matters outside the geographic scope of the United States and your request.

What are the Form I-600A Requirements?

It is an optional tool that you can use when preparing the Form I-600A, but it is not a substitute for laws, regulations or instructions on the form. We recommend that you read these requirements before completing and submitting the form.

Do not send original documents unless otherwise specified on the form or in applicable regulations.

If you are submitting any documents in a foreign language (if necessary, please provide copies or original documents), you must provide a full English translation, as well as a certificate from the translator, proving that the translation is complete and accurate, and that you are qualified to translate foreign language to English Language.

The required documents of the Form I-600A are:

  • Proof of your US citizenship.
  • Proof of the name, identity, and citizenship of your spouse, if not a resident of the United States (if applicable).
  • A photocopy of your marriage certificate (if applicable).
  • Evidence that you and your spouse ended all previous marriages, if applicable.
  • Proof of compliance with all pre-adoption precautions in the child’s proposed state of residence, if applicable.
  • Home Study, you have one year from the date you file Form I-600A, to file this.
  • Do not forget to sign your form, otherwise the application will be rejected.

Usefulness of Form I-600A

U.S. citizens who intend to adopt children born in the United States foreigner use this Form I-600A, and allow the USCIS to determine applications related to the suitability and eligibility of applicants as prospective adoptive parents.

Form I-600A fee

Filing Fees: The application fee for the Form I-600A it is 720 US dollars. Each adult in the family must pay $ 85 for biometric services. If the USCIS biometric service fee must be paid, the USCIS will notify people living abroad. More information here.

Where to present it?

  • USCIS Dallas Lockbox:
    United States Postal Service (USPS): USCIS, PO Box 660088
    Dallas, TX 75266
  • FedEx, UPS, and DHL deliveries: USCIS
    ATTN: Adoption
    2501 S. State Hwy. 121 Business,
    Suite 400,
    Lewisville, TX 75067

What is it?

U.S. citizens intending to adopt foreign-born children use this Form I-600A, and allow USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) to determine requests related to the applicant’s suitability and eligibility as a potential adoptive parent.

How to Submit the Form?

So you can present the Form I-600, follow these steps:

  • Read the instructions of Form I-600.
  • Complete and sign the Form I-600.
  • Pay the rate presentation, if applicable.
  • Provide all required evidence and documentation support.

To receive information about the status of your application, you can create your USCIS username to make the query.

What Happens After You Submit Your Form?

When you already receive your Form I-600, you will receive one:

  • Notice of receipt, stating that the USCIS has already received the petition.
  • Communication of biometric services, if applicable.
  • Notification to appear for an interview, if applicable.
  • USCIS Decision Announcement.

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