Form I-693: How it is, Completed and MORE

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If you need to know what the Form I-693, you have reached the ideal article for you. During the following lines we will talk a little about this document of the SUnited States Citizenship and Immigration Service that allows you to apply for a permanent residence in the country, for public health reasons.

So, if you want to know what the format of this document is like and the instructions you must follow to fill it out without errors that delay your process, we invite you to continue reading this article. In addition, we will also tell you where you should go to submit the form and the cost of managing it.

Read carefully, write down the information you need and start with your process!

What is Form I-693 like?

The first details you should know about Form I-693 have to be its format. Thus, you can avoid falling into inconveniences or problems that delay your process, such as the case of placing information in the wrong place.

In addition, when you know the way in which an immigration document is formed, you can anticipate the information you must provide and start collecting it early. Besides, in this way you will be able to deal with what data you have to deal with.

Form I-693 has the peculiarity of being a downloadable and fillable document; that is, you can search for it on the Internet, download it to your device and fill it in with the requested data

In the same way, this management method allows you to process the form from anywhere in the country and at any time of the day; so you have a greater comfort to work with this document.

Also, this form is relatively simple in format, despite being long and tedious in appearance. Its structure is based on eleven (11) sections, that you should fill out as frankly as possible.

Therefore, the format of Form I-693 is conformed as follows:

  1. Information about the applicant: It is the typical section that requests the personal data of the requestor of the form. Here, you must enter data such as: Name and surname, Address of residence, Gender, Date of birth, among other information.
  2. Declaration, Certification and Signature of the applicant: It is a dedicated section for you to establish your declaration of the form and sign to certify its processing.
  3. Declaration, Certification and Signature of the Interpreter: If you use an interpreter to carry out the procedure, you must enter all your personal information in this section.
  4. Dpersonal data and Declaration of “Manager”: If you make use of a “third person” To carry out this procedure, you must enter your data in this section. In addition, said person must declare, certify and sign their participation in the form.
  5. Applicant Identity Information: This section must be completed by the civil surgeon in charge of your case.
  6. Summary of Medical Examination: This section must be completed by the civil surgeon in charge of your case.
  7. Declaration, Certification and Signature of the Civil Surgeon: In this section, the personal data of the civil surgeon of the case must be placed; as well as the declaration, certification and signature of the surgeon.
  8. Civil Surgeon Worksheet: It is a section dedicated to the civil surgeon so that he can enter the medical data of the applicant.
  9. Benchmark Assessment: This section must be completed by the health department or physician who performed the evaluation.
  10. Vaccination Record: It is a section dedicated to recording the vaccines that the applicant has received.
  11. Additional Information: If you need extra space to answer some of the requested information, you can do it in this section.

How to fill out Form I-693?

Once you know the format of a document, you must learn how the information fields that they present are filled in. Thus, you will be able to avoid making mistakes, delays or inconveniences with the law, if you come to provide any incorrect information.

So to get started, you must first know how to file Form I-693. This is simple, since you only have to be aware of these six indications:

  1. Read carefully all the instructions in this USCIS Instructions.
  2. Contact the civil surgeon in the case and make an appointment.
  3. Do not sign the form until the civil surgeon gives you the go-ahead. In addition, it is mandatory that you sign in the presence of the surgeon.
  4. Perform all the medical tests requested in the form.
  5. The civil surgeon must give you your form, once he has finished filling out all the corresponding parts. Delivery must be in a sealed envelope.
  6. Finally, submit your Form I-693 to the USCIS.

Now that you know how the form should be submitted, we can talk about how this document should be filled out.

In the instructions presented by the SUnited States Citizenship and Immigration Service, three indications are established to follow:

  1. Write or print your document legibly in black ink.
  2. If you need space to complete any information, you can use section 11 (Additional Information) to add all the information you need.
  3. Answer all questions completely and accurately. Also, if any question does not apply to you, use “N / A” in order to respond.

Usefulness of Form I-693

As we already know the format and the data that you must fill in, it is time to talk about the importance of this form. Knowing what a document is for can help you know if you are carrying out the appropriate procedure for your situation. In addition, by knowing what the function of a document is, you can anticipate the data and steps that you must follow.

In that case, Form I-693 has a utility dedicated to the migration area; In other words, it is a document used by immigration entities to carry out residency procedures.

To be more specific, this form is used by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for apply for a legal permanent residence permit, for public health reasons.

In other words, If you have any illness or physical condition, you can request this form to issue a medical report that validates your residence in the country due to your medical situation.

Where to present it?

A fundamental aspect of any procedure is to know the place or institution in charge of it; since this allows you to be aware of where you should present your documents and, where to go to find out or clarify doubts.

In the case of Form I-693, the institution in charge is the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Therefore, if you want to present or resolve doubts, you must go to one of the USCIS headquarters.

Also, you should take into account that the first step in submitting the form is between you and the civilian doctor; since this must give you the document in a sealed envelope, so that you can send it to the USCIS.

If the form is not in a sealed envelope, it is recommended not to accept it.

Once you have the form, you must take care of sending it to the USCIS, through one of the following channels:

  1. By Postal Mail: You can send your form to USCIS offices using the country’s postal service or a private shipping company.
  2. In person: You can physically go to one of the USCIS offices, by appointment.

Attention! Access the following link, to know what are the Addresses for the Direct Submission of the Form.

Does it have any cost?

At the time of making a procedure, we must find out if it will represent any cost to us. In this way, we can prepare a small budget to pay and carry out the management of the document or request.

In the case of Form I-693, there is no cost to cancel direct for the management of the procedure. It is a totally free document and without surcharges.

Nevertheless, Physician fees for examinations and check-ups are a separate issue.

In this case, the USCIS does not regulate these types of activities; Therefore, it is the doctors who decide how much each of the exams is worth and; therefore, they represent a cost within the procedure.

What is Form I-693?

Finally, once we have reviewed the basic information of Form I-693, we can determine that this is an immigration document used by the USCIS, to deliver a permanent residence in the country.

Specifically, it serves to deliver a residency opportunity to those people who, due to a physical or medical condition, must remain in the country.

For them, use is made of a civilian doctor who will examine and determine that your situation meets the standards of this procedure.

So, if you think that your case corresponds to these situations, do not hesitate to request your FForm I-693 and start managing the entire stay procedure.

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