Form I-698: How it is, Fee and MORE

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Are you in the United States as a temporary resident and want to legalize your status? You are in the right place, since we have everything related to it for you Form I-698.

In this article you will find what the Form is about, how it is, what it is for, how it should be filled out. In addition, the fee that must be paid, where to present it and other aspects of interest that will help you be clear about the process you must follow.

What is Form I-698 like?

The Form I-698 It consists of eight (8) parts. Which must be filled out completely and with truthful information. These parts are mentioned below:

  1. First part: Information about the applicant.
  2. Second part: Biographical data.
  3. Third part: Eligibility standards. Where are questions to answer yes or no.
  4. Fourth part: Accommodations for people with disabilities and impairments (read the information in the instructions of the Form I-698 before completing this part).
  5. Fifth part: Applicant statement, contact information, ASC acknowledgment, certification and signature.
  6. Part Six: Interpreter contact information, certification and signature.
  7. Seventh: The contact information, statement, certification and signature of the person who prepares the application, in the case of not being the applicant.
  8. Eighth Part: Additional Information.

How to fill out Form I-698?

To fill out or complete the Form I-698 Some instructions must be followed, which serve for a correct filling and that contribute to the process continuing the corresponding course. The first thing is to complete it properly. In addition, the elements that must be taken into account to carry out this procedure are named:

The Form must be signed, if not, it will be rejected. It is suggested to use the recent version, and it will be preferable to download the Form through this web page, fill it out electronically and then proceed to print it to be able to present it.

Of course, it must be filled entirely. If the answers are handwritten, you have to use black ink. Be sure that what has been answered is concrete and exact, that they can be read and are also within the space that was provided.

Preferably do not use correction fluid or markers, since the scanners that are used cannot properly read the information that has been crossed out, highlighted or amended with correction. In the case of making a mistake, start over to complete a new Form.

If several Forms are submitted, the name, identification number must be placed “A number” if you have, and the date of birth correctly and in the same way on each Form. Pay the due fee, as Forms submitted with the inaccurate fee will not be accepted.

It is also recommended to use the Rate Calculator in English to be able to specify the corresponding rate. Submit a copy of only one part of the petition.

Form I-698 fee

The fee to pay for the Form is $ 1,670. A payment of $ 85 dollars may be required for each applicant, as a concept of biometric data, unless the applicant is under 14 years old or over 79 years old.

This fee can be paid by money order, cashier’s check, or personal check. When filing the petition at a USCIS Secure Location, it can be paid using Form G-1450, Authorization for Credit Card Transactions.

In case of paying by check, it must be made payable to US Department of Homeland Security. It should be taken into consideration that service centers do not have the possibility of managing payments made by credit card.

When a payment is sent, it is recognized that it is being paid for a service provided by the government. The consignment and biometric data amounts are conclusive and are not returned. It does not matter what fact is taken about the request, or if it is interrupted.

Where to present it?

This Form must be submitted at the addresses listed below:

  1. Via the US Postal Service (USPS): US Citizenship and Immigration Services, PO Box 805887, Chicago, IL 60680-4120.
  2. Deliveries via FedEx, UPS or DHL: USCIS, Attn: I-698, 131 South Dearborn – 3rd Floor. Chicago, IL 60603-5517.

There are some recommendations for presenting the Form I-698, Request for Adjustment of Status from Temporary to Permanent Resident. Subject to Section 245A of the Immigration and Nationality Act. It is important to complete all sections of the Form, the Form will be rejected if the following is not completed:

  • Part No. 1. Information about the Applicant
    • Surname.
    • The mailing address in the United States.
    • The place of birth.
    • Birth date.

NOTE: Remember that the Form must be signed, otherwise it will be rejected and returned.

What is Form I-698 for?

Among the utilities of this Form is that, the people who were granted temporary residence under section 245A of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), can use this application to apply through the Services of United States Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) adapt to resident status.

Individuals apply under section 245A of the INA, as amended by the Immigration Reform and Control
Act of 1986 and section 902 of the US Department of State Authorization Bill of 1987.

What is it?

The Form I-698 It is the format that is used to request that it be adjusted to the status of permanent resident subject to the determinations of the Amnesty Program of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 known as IRCA for its acronym in English.

Who can file Form I-698?

To be eligible for lawful permanent residence under section 245A of the INA, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Apply for the adjustment during the one-year period, beginning with the month after the date you were granted temporary resident status.
  • Reside continuously in the United States since the person became a temporary resident alien (that no absence in the United States exceeded 30 days, or the total of all absences has not exceeded 90 days).
  • If you are absent from the United States for more than 30 days in a single absence or for more than a total of 90 days for all events. This while the period during which continuous residence is required for adjustment to permanent legal status, will interrupt the continuity of your residence unless you can establish to the satisfaction of USCIS that you did not, in fact, abandon your residence in the United States in that period.

Other considerations

  • Establish admissibility under section 212 (a) of the INA. In determining an applicant’s admissibility, sections 212 (a) (6) (A) and 212 (a) (7) of the INA will not apply to an applicant for adjustment of status as a temporary resident or lawful permanent resident. under section 245A of the INA. The Secretary of Homeland Security cannot waive the following grounds of inadmissibility:
    • Section 212 (a) (2) (A) (i) (I) (crimes involving moral depravity).
    • Section 212 (a) (2) (A) (i) (II) (offenses involving controlled substances, except for a single offense of simple possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana).
    • Section 212 (a) (2) (B) (multiple criminal convictions).
    • Section 212 (a) (2) (C) (controlled substance dealers).
    • Section 212 (a) (3) (security and related reasons).
    • Section 212 (a) (4) (public charge), except for an alien who is or was an elderly, blind, or disabled person (as defined in section 1614 (a) (1) of the Social Security Act). A foreigner is not eligible for adjustment of status due to inadmissibility under section 212 (a) (4). If the alien shows a history of employment in the United States, demonstrate self-sufficiency without receiving public assistance. Special adjudication rules with respect to public charge, contained in any conciliation agreement.
  • He was not convicted of any felony, or three or more misdemeanors committed in the United States. Instructions of the Form I-698 04/28/19 page 2 of 8.
  • Show that:
    • Meet the requirements of the section 312 of the INA (related to a minimal understanding of common English and knowledge and understanding of the history and government of the United States).
    • They are successfully following a course of study recognized by the Secretary to gain an understanding of English and knowledge and understanding of the history and government of the United States. Contact your local USCIS for more information on available courses.

The Form I-698, when you are a temporary resident in the United States. This in order to acquire a legal status and a permanent residence authorization, in addition to the fact that the person is not forced to return to their country of origin to carry out the respective management.

It is convenient to read all the information carefully, so as not to make mistakes and avoid the rejection of this application in order to move forward with the process. We hope you succeed with this diligence.

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