Form I-800A: Form, Instructions and MORE

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The Form I-800A, is the application that serves to determine the suitability, to be able to process the adoption of a child from a country of the Convention.

To grant the applicant’s eligibility and suitability to adopt a child, who habitually resides in a Hague Adoption Convention country. If you are interested in how to carry out this procedure, we invite you to continue reading this article.

Form I-800A format

The Hague Convention on the Protection of Children and Cooperation in Interstate Adoption Matters, known as the Hague Adoption Convention or The Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption

It is an international treaty that provides important protection for the best interests. Children involved in international adoptions, biological parents and adoptive parents.

To make the application for adoption through the aforementioned agreement, you have the Form I-800A format. You can download it here.

And to fill out this form you must meet certain requirements, such as:

  • You must be a citizen of the United States.
  • Be a habitual resident of the United States.
  • If you are married, your spouse must also sign this Form I-800A.
  • If you are not married, you must be at least 24 years old when you file your Form I-800A.

The child must

  • Be under 16 years at the moment of presenting the Form I-800A, unless they give you some kind of exemption.
  • Live usually in one of the countries of the Hague Adoption Convention.
  • Have the qualities as eligible for an adoption, between the countries by the Central Authority of that country and have achieved all the permits necessary to be adopted.

Instructions for Filling

Here are the steps to present the Form I-800A:

Part 1. Applicant information

  • Transcribe or print clearly with black ink. Names, surnames, age, date of birth, no. USCIS, home address, zip code, country, marital status.
  • If you need more space To complete any part, attach a continuity sheet, indicate the part and item number, date and sign each sheet. Also, write your name and USCIS account number, if you know it, at the top of each sheet of paper.
  • Answer back each of the questions completely and precisely. Indicates that an item is not applicable with “N / A”. If the answer is none, write “None.”

Part 2. Information about your spouse

  • Numbers 1 to 7 – Provide the requested information. When necessary, provide additional information on a separate sheet of paper. Names, surnames, age, date of birth, no. USCIS, home address, zip code, country, marital status.
  • Number 8 – You must answer each of the questions. If the answer is “Yes” or “No” as the case may be.

Part 3. General information

  • Numbers 1 to 8 – Provide all the requested information. Failure to provide the requested information may cause a delay in the processing of your request or may result in the denial of your request.
  • Provide a description in writing of the pre-adoption requirements, if applicable, of the state of the child’s proposed residence when the child is known to be adopted in the United States, including a citation to relevant state statutes and regulations.
  • Describe the steps that have already been taken or are planned to meet these requirements. Note and explain any pre-adoption requirements that cannot be met at the time of filing the Form I-800A due to the operation of state law.

Part 4. Certification and signature of the prospective adoptive parents

  • Your signature”The block of Form I-800A it must be done by you, the applicant. If you are married, your spouse must also sign the application. Failure to do so will result in the rejection of the Form I-800A.
  • Important, one of the spouses cannot sign on behalf of the other, not even with a power of attorney

Part 5. Signature of the person who prepares

Form, if you are not the applicant:

  • If you don’t complete the Form I-800A, the preparer who filled out the application must also sign, date, and give their address.
  • If the preparer is a business or organization, their name must be included on the application.

Supplements Regarding Form I-800A

To fill the Form I-800A, you will need to fill the following supplements:

  • Supplement 1: Inclusion of an adult member of the family nucleus, if applicable, download the form here.
  • Supplement 2: Consent to disclose information, download form here.
  • Supplement 3: Request for form action, get form here.

What is Form I-800A for?

The Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Matters of Intercountry Adoption (the Convention), entered into force with respect to the United States on April 1, 2008.

The Convention strengthens protections for children, biological parents, and prospective adoptive parents (s), and establishes internationally agreed rules and procedures for adoptions between countries that have a treaty relationship under the Convention (Convention countries).

Ultimately, regulations are generated so that member countries work together, to be able to guarantee that children achieve permanent and loving homes, that adoptions are carried out in favor of the child and that the possibility of kidnapping, sale or child trafficking.

Processing fees

The fee to pay for the processing of the Form I-800A It is $ 775. The applicant and their spouse must pay a fee of $ 85 for biometric data.

In addition, they request that each subject over 18 years of age, or older who lives with the applicant, must pay the $ 85, due to the biometric data fee.

The Form I-800A, Supplement 1, Adult Household Member Listing Record, must also be provided for each adult household member, regardless of the applicant and the applicant’s spouse.

As well as $ 385 for Form I-800A, Supplement 3 (Request for Action on Approved Form I-800A), if applicable. read the instructions of the form for additional details.

What is Form I-800A?

The Form I-800A, “Request to determine the eligibility of children adopted in countries of the Convention.” Determine the legality and suitability of the applicant for the adoption of a child, who habitually resides in a country or region that is signing the Hague Adoption Agreement.

The countries involved in the Hague Convention consider that for the proper development of their personality, the child must grow up in a family nucleus, in a pleasant environment of happiness, love and understanding. Remembering that each country must register with mandatory character, all the appropriate measures that they can keep the child with their family of origin.

In turn, they consider that international adoption, it may have the advantage of giving a permanent family to a child who cannot find a suitable family in his State of origin.

Origin of Form I-800A

There is no doubt that it is very important to take measures, to ensure that the international adoptions take into account the child’s well-being as a priority. This is how their fundamental rights are respected, and the possibility of kidnapping, sale or trafficking of children is prevented.

This constitutes a version Spanish version of the original text in French and English and is included in the final document of the Seventeenth Session of the Hague Conference on Private International Law (May 1993).

The opinions expressed by the representatives of the Spanish-speaking countries have been incorporated in the drafting of the agreement.

Therefore, Spanish-speaking countries can informally recommend the use of this translation for Spanish-speaking countries to sign, ratify and adhere to the Convention, in order to avoid the existence of different versions of the same text.

This version corresponds to the final version of the final document prepared by the Permanent Office of the The Hague Conference of Private International Law.

For this, it is expected that formulate common standards that take into account the principles recognized in international instruments, especially the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the United Nations Declaration of Social Principles of November 20, 1989.

Laws applicable to the protection and well-being of children, especially from the practical perspective of issues of adoption and family placement at the national and international level (according to resolution 41/85, corresponding to the General Assembly of December 3, 1986). More information in page.

How to Submit the Form?

As an applicant you must:

  • Read carefully all the instructions of the Form I-800A, Application for Determination of Suitability to Adopt a Child from a Country Member of the Convention.
  • Complete and sign the Form I-800A.
  • Pay the filing fee, if applicable.
  • Provide all required evidence and supporting documentation.

How to receive notifications about the status of your case?

Learn how to create an account USCIS online, to keep you informed about the status of your application.

What Happens After You Submit Your Form?

Once you present your Form I-800A, you will receive a:

  • Confirmation of receipt stating that they have received the request.
  • Biometric services notice, if necessary.
  • Information to appear for an interview, if applicable.
  • Verdict of the decision.

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