Form I-821: Form, Instructions and MORE

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Before processing the Form I-821, you need to know first if you are eligible. For this reason, we invite you to read this article that provides you with all the information you require so that your management is processed in the best way.

Here you will find the format of the Form, the guidelines for completing it, and what it is used for. Also, where it should be presented and much more information.

Form I-821 format

The format of the Form I-821 It is quite extensive since it consists of 11 parts, which must be duly completed. These parts are listed below:

  1. The type of application, an option must be selected.
  2. Information about the applicant.
  3. Biographical information.
  4. Information about current spouse (if appropriate).
  5. Information about ex-spouses (if any).
  6. Information about children (if applicable).
  7. Eligibility standards.
  8. Applicant’s statement, contact information, certification, and signature.
  9. The contact information, certification and signature of the interpreter.
  10. Contact information, statement and signature of the person preparing the application, if not the applicant.
  11. Additional information.

Instructions for Completing Form I-821

Regarding the instructions for filling out the Form I-821, are the following:

  • USCIS supplies the Form through the USCIS web portal. To view, print or complete the Forms, you must use the most recent version of Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge through the website. You can also call the USCIS National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 and request that an email be sent to you with the Form.
  • Each application must be duly signed and filed. For all signatures on this application, USCIS does not accept a stamped or typed name in place of a signature. If you are under 14 years of age, your parent / guardian can sign the application on your behalf.
  • Each application must be accompanied by the respective filing fee and biometric service fee (if applicable).
  • At time of consignment, all supporting evidence and documentation must be submitted listed in the What evidence? USCIS may require you to appear for an interview or provide fingerprints, photograph, and / or signature at any time to verify your identity. Also, the conduct history.
  • After USCIS receives the application and makes sure it is complete, it informs you in writing if you need to attend a biometric services appointment. If an appointment is necessary, the notice will provide the location of your local or designated USCIS Center (ASC) application support office and the date and time of your appointment. If the person is currently abroad, indicate that they contact the US Embassy, ​​US Consulate, or USCIS office outside the United States to schedule an appointment.

Continuation of the Instructions for Filling the Form

When attending the appointment you must provide biometric data, you must sign an oath reaffirming that: All information was provided or authorized In the application, all the information contained and submitted with your application was reviewed and understood. If you miss your biometric services appointment, USCIS may deny your application.

Legible photocopies of requested documents must be submitted, unless the instructions specifically state that an original document must be submitted. USCIS may request an original document at the time of submission or at any time during application processing.

If USCIS requests an original document, it will be returned to you after it determines that you no longer need the original. When sending original documents when not required or requested by USCIS, the original documents can be destroyed immediately upon receipt.

When submitting a document with information in a foreign language, you must also submit a complete translation.

The translator must certify that the English translation is complete and accurate, and that they are competent to translate from the foreign language into English.

The certification must also include the date, signature, and printed name of the translator, and may contain the translator’s contact information.

What is it for?

The Temporary Protected Status is one that called the Secretary of Homeland Security. This may be due to the situation that exists in a country, where nationals can be prevented from returning safely, or in some conditions, where the country does not have the ability to properly direct the return of its citizens.

This Temporary Protected Status (TPS) can be granted to:

  1. Eligible nationals of some nations (or regions of a country) found in the United States.
  2. Eligible persons without any nationality, where their last residence address was in the named country.

What does Eligibility refer to?

The conditions to be eligible for Temporary Protected Status are as follows:

  • Be a national individual from a given country to TPS, or an individual without nationality where his last frequent address was in the named country.
  • Submit the Form at the specified initial registration or re-registration time, obey the delayed submission requirements. When filing the application for Temporary Protected Status for the first time, it is suggested to consult the option How to File Late, Later.
  • If it has remained continuously in person in the United States, from the date of validity of the most current denomination of that country.
  • When you have lived continuously in the United States, as of the date set for that country. The Law authorizes an exemption to the requirements of physical presence and continuous direction for short, eventual and unexpected departures from the United States.

Where to File Form I-821?

This Form must be submitted at one of the addresses shown in the Federal Register communication for the country of origin or on the website of the Temporary Protected Status.

We leave you below some recommendations to consign the Form I-821.

Fill in all the spaces on the Form. The Form that does not have the following fields complete will be rejected:

  • Part 1, which refers to type of request.
  • Part 2, contains information about the applicant, and complete:
    • Surname.
    • The mailing address in the United States.
    • The Foreigner Registration number (only for re-registrations).
    • Birth date.

The Form must be duly signed. If not, it will be rejected.

Presentation Fee

The fee that must be paid for filing Form I-821 is determined by the type of application that is made and the age of the applicant. The rates are listed below:

Fees for Initial Registration and Request for an Employment Authorization (EAD)

  1. For minors under fourteen (14) years: The amount for the Form is $ 50 dollars, and the corresponding biometric service is zero. The amount for Form I-765 is zero.
  2. Ages between 14 and 65 years: For the Form it is $ 50 dollars, for biometric services it is $ 85 dollars, the Form I-765 the fee is $ 410 dollars.
  3. 66 years and older: The fee for the Form is $ 50 dollars and for the biometric service is $ 85 dollars, in this case it is not paid for the Form I-765.

Fees for Initial Registration but without Requesting Employment Authorization (EAD)

  • Under fourteen (14) years: The fee for the Form is $ 50, and the biometric service is not paid, the same for Form I-765.
  • 14 years and older: The amount for the Form is $ 50 dollars and for biometric service is $ 85 dollars, the same for the Form I-765.

Re-Enrollment Fees and Request for an EAD (Employment Authorization)

  1. PFor children under 14 years: There is no fee neither for the Form, nor for the biometric service. For Form I-765 the fee is $ 410.
  2. Fourteen (14) years and older: No fee for the Form, and $ 85 for biometric services. For Form I-765 the fee is $ 410.

Re-Enrollment Fees but without Request for an EAD (Employment Authorization)

  • Under 14 years: The amount is zero for both the Form and the biometric service. Form I-765 does not apply.
  • 14 years and older: There is no fee for the Form, and for the biometric service the amount is $ 85 dollars. Form I-765 does not apply.

What is Form I-821?

It is the Form that is used when you are an eligible national from a specific country, to request TPS (Temporary Protected Status). Upon filing the initial TPS petition, or re-enrollment in Temporary Protected Status. Similarly, you can request an Employment Authorization (EAD).

This can be done, through Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, separately at the time the Form I-821. Likewise, Form I-765 can be filed separately, on a date after the previous one.

Should an Employment Authorization be requested with the Form I-821?

If you wish to request an Employment Authorization Document (EAD), you must submit Form I-765, Application for
Employment authorization, with Form I-821. You can wait to file a Form I-765 until USCIS decides your TPS application.

However, it should be noted that if you wait to apply for an EAD until USCIS grants TPS or approves re-registration, you will not receive your EAD (assuming you are eligible) until several weeks after submitting Form I-765.

It is important to carefully read the instructions for filling out the Form I-821, since the idea is to carry out the procedure and be approved to achieve the Temporary Protected Status. We hope we have helped you and that you have success with your process.

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