Form I-824: Form, Instructions and MORE

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The Form I-824 It is a US procedure that acts as a facilitator for certain procedures that foreigners need to do in that country. They can be legal permanent residence of spouses and / or children in the US, employment authorization, among others.

If you want to know more about this, keep reading this section. In it, we will talk about what it is, where to present it, its usefulness and format. Here we go!

What is it?

The Form I-824 o Request for Action on a Petition or Approved Request, is a document required by foreigners who are settled in the United States and want their spouses or children to be with them in that country legally.

Also, to request employment authorization, an adjustment of status to permanent resident status, or any other request to the USCIS.

This form must be submitted if applicants receive a Notice of Approved Action They request that an approval notification be sent to another US Consulate or if they request that an Approval Notice be sent to a Consulate in that country but located abroad in order to obtain visas for family members.

Also, you can present the Form I-824 if an application or petition was filed with the USCIS and it was approved, but a Notice of Approval was never sent to you.

It is used for specific cases where the agency’s records indicate that the approval was sent to the address provided but the applicant never received anything.

If the records USCIS indicate that the Approval Notice was never mailed, the applicant may request that it be mailed accordingly.

As an eligibility requirement for Form I-824, you must submit the Duplicate Notice of Approval, and to request this document, you must be the applicant for the application (allow for redundancy) or original petition.

Form I-824 format

The format of the Form I-824 in digital it is the PDF. In physical form, it must be submitted on paper, like any other form. Contains the letterhead of the government organization in charge and seal.

Instructions for filling it

This form should normally contain the name of the applicant, personal information in detail, if applicable the name of the beneficiary, the receipt number, the date of receipt, the type of notification, the class and validity of your request and, the notification type.

The receipt number can also be used to track the progress of the process in the USCIS. The Duplicate Approval Notice must contain the same information that appears on the form.

It must be submitted while the original application or petition is in effect. In addition, it is recommended to be accompanied by the appropriate supporting documents: a copy of your original petition or application and a copy of the Notice of Approval for the original petition.

Then you must present the Form I-824 separately for each petition with the USCIS. If you want to know the status of your pending application, it is not necessary to submit this form.

If the petition is not sent correctly or does not contain the proper fee and the required documents, it may be denied. In this case, you would have to collect the supporting documents and provide the correct information along with resubmitting the approval notification request. Take your forecasts.

The initial processing that the USCIS Upon receiving this document, it is control of the application, verify that it is complete and correct.

If deemed necessary, they will ask you for more evidence and to appear for an interview. The approval or denial of the request is sent in writing.

You have the option of E-Notification if you wish to receive information related to the receipt of Form I-824 at the USCIS Secure Location, by email and / or text message. You only need to complete Form G-1145 (Electronic Notice of Petition / Application Acceptance and attach it to the first page of Form I-824.

What is Form I-824 for?

This form, being a request for action of an approved request, has as its main function the request for a duplicate.

The Form I-824 it can be used in different circumstances, although duplicate approval notifications are the most common uses for it.

NOTE: This form will not be used to request any replacement for a work permit or green card.

Form I-824 Fees

The official fee for this management is $ 465. Payment methods can be a money order, personal check, or cashier’s check.
When paying at a USCIS Secure Location, you can make use of your credit card with prior processing of the Form G-1450 (Authorization for Credit Card Transactions). If paying by check, it must be made payable to the US Department of Homeland Security. Please note that service centers cannot process credit card payments.

When you send a payment, you agree to pay for a government service. Biometric service and filing fees are conclusive and non-refundable, regardless of any action taken on your application or petition, or if you withdraw your application.

Where to File Form I-824?

There are different application cases and this depends on the place and / or mode of presentation. These are detailed below:

For People Who File With USCIS:

  • Correct Lockbox. The full list of submission addresses can be found HERE.

Exception: If you are filing Form I-824 in conjunction with another USCIS form, mail your applications according to the filing instructions for the first form.

For people applying with CBP:

  • Designated CBP land port of entry or CBP pre-clearance office, here the list of them. Otherwise, send the presentation to the US Customs and Border Protection, Admissibility Review Office, at the address indicated on the CBP website.

Recommendation to File Form I-824

Complete all sections of the form. The application will be rejected if the submitted form does not have the following field completed:

Part 3 – Additional Information

  • Receipt Number (Form I-797, Notice of Action)

Finally, remember to sign your form. If it does not have a signature, the application will be rejected. Luck!

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