Form I-864: How it is, Completed and MORE

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Are you a foreigner and you are established in the United States? Do you want and can you take care of a relative just to have him with you legally in that country? So, you need the Form I-864. This document allows the foreign citizen to be financially responsible for a relative who wants to be with him / her without representing a burden for the State.

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What is it?

The Form I-864 It is an Affidavit of Support, in English: Affidavit of Support. For short it is also called Form I-864.

It is a document signed by the interested person accepting the financial responsibility of the applicant who wants to live in the US This person who signs is named as the sponsor.

The person making the request must fill out the Form I-864. However, if the applicant does not have sufficient income to assume the position, a co-sponsor on behalf of the applicant may very well complete the registration of the form.

By signing, the applicant together with the co-sponsor or co-sponsors, accepts the use of their resources to financially support to the beneficiary or their dependents, if necessary.

If the latter receive some type of benefit from the government related to income, according to the law of the country, the agency or organization that does this has the full right to reimburse the benefits of the signatories of the form.

Affidavit of Support

An Affidavit of Support is a legal document which ensures that the sponsor assumes financial responsibility until the applicant becomes a U.S. citizen or, failing that, 40 quarterly periods of qualified work will be credited according to the Social Security Law.

What is Form I-864 like?

It is a report that contains a letterhead and seal of the governmental body that processes it. It offers blank spaces where you can add the requested information. All in black and typeface.

Completion of Form I-864

The Form I-864 It has 12 pages that must be filled in with the requested information. It is necessary to read and follow the filing tips to ensure that the application is processed properly. It must be completed and with the supporting documents for the immigrant that is sponsored along with Forms OF-230 or Form I-485.

In the event that the National Visa Center Whoever submits this form, the instructions it provides must be followed.

The information included in the document is as follows:

  • Name and address of the main immigrant.
  • The names of the main immigrant’s relatives and their relationship to him.
  • Employer name and annual income.
  • Annual income of each member of the family who will contribute to the economic sponsorship of the main immigrant.
  • Information of whoever has previously sponsored through the same form.
  • Attach evidence of financial support on the income of the sponsor.
  • Copies of the Forms I-864 completed by each of the family members traveling with the main immigrant.

Filling according to Sections

The sections are mentioned below:

  • 3: Data of the main immigrant and family members who are sponsored.
  • 5, Question 6: Number of legal permanent residents you are obligated to financially sponsor.
  • 5, Question 8: Size of sponsor’s place of residence representing the total number of people entered in questions 1 through 7.
  • 6, Question 1.a.1: Employer name only if you have filled in the box in question 1.a.
  • 6, Questions 3-14: Name, relationship and current income of any member of the family group who will grant their resources to sponsor the immigrant and any family member mentioned in section 3. They must share residence with the sponsor and must fill out Form I-864A (Contract between Sponsor and Member of the Family Group.
  • 6, Question 15: Current family and derivative income that is considered to sponsor the main immigrant and any family members mentioned in section 3.
  • 6, Question 6a-b: Signature and date on the form in black ink. The signature must be original, not photocopied.
Fill the entire Form I-864 with the information required in conjunction with the initial application. This reduces the possibility of delays in the application process and errors in it. The form will be considered original if it is signed in black ink.

Utility of Form I-864

This document is used to make the Petition of a U.S. Citizen so that the Family Member in Preference Category obtain Legal Residency and for the United States Citizen Petition for a immediate family member Obtain Legal Permanent Residence.

Processing fees

This procedure does not charge a fee for filing before the USCIS or abroad with him Department of State (DOS). However, DOS charges when the form is submitted in the US More information on the website of the Department of State.

Additional information: Who completes this form?

The sponsor of a prospective immigrant completes the form in black ink. If the sponsor is in guardianship or custody, the administering this can sign the form.

  • Generally, the sponsor should be the person filing the immigrant visa petition.
  • The person who completes the Form I-864, is the sponsor or substitute or joint sponsor. With the signature, the commitment of economic sponsorship is accepted to the immigrant who requests the visa or the adjustment of status to become a legal permanent resident.
  • If the person who filed the visa petition has passed away, a surrogate sponsor can sign the form. If it is unable to meet financial obligations, someone else can sign the form separately and become a joint sponsor.
  • Each sponsor must submit the tax returns and W-2 forms if you do not use the form IRS or state the reason why you have not filed your returns.
  • The spouses or minor children who will travel with the main immigrant are considered relatives.
  • Family group members are the spouses or other relatives who live in the residence of the sponsor and will contribute to the income of the economic sponsorship of the main immigrant and their relatives.
Review the requirements before completing and submitting the form.

Do not send original documents unless explicitly requested in the form instructions.

If you present any document (original or copy) in a language other than english, it is necessary to simultaneously present the complete translation of the same attached to the certificate stating that the translator is qualified to perform this task, that is, the translation of documents into English.

We hope the information has been helpful. Success!

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