Form I-864EZ: Completion, Fee and MORE

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If you already file the visa petition with the intention of fully immigrating to the United States, then rejoice Form I-864EZ It is a fundamental step for you to achieve it.

Find out here everything you need to know about the form, where to get it, how to fill it out and what you have to do to meet all its requirements until you sign it.

Go ahead and let’s get started!

What is Form I-864EZ like?

We start by commenting on you Everything has to do with the Form I-864EZ so that you can achieve your Affidavit of Economic Sponsorship.

Consider it a very important step since you have the opportunity to show that you want to enter the US to contribute and not be a burden or any problem. Rather, you will detail in the form that you are not an immigrant who represents a risk of public office.

To do this, the form will ask you to commit to:

  • Ensuring that your anticipated income will not fall below 125 percent of the federal poverty income line.
  • Pay the government for applications for federal benefits such as food stamps, Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

It is important that when you go to file Form I-864EZ you fill it out in its entirety and provide all the required information. This will avoid delays in the processing of your application and errors in communication.

If you have already submitted the visa petition with the intention of completely immigrating, then do not hesitate, sign this form directly and personally. Consider that, if you have custody or custody of your visa, you have to ask your successor administration custodian (financial affairs) to sign it.

Remember, do not send original documents unless specifically requested in the instructions on the form. You must present the form and the accompanying documents translated into English. Accompany it with a translator’s certification verifying that the translation is complete and accurate.

A key note: Form I-864EZ will be considered an original as long as it is signed in black ink.

With the form you must be strict in checking all your data. Above all, if you have to prove that you have the financial capacity to support a sponsor.

ANDThe form presents eight (08) sessions. Read them carefully and carefully. Get organized with all the documents, and above all, prepare your answers responsibly. Do it with time, because you should not fail or forget anything. That is why we suggest that you prepare before filling out, downloading and printing the form.

  • Part 1. Qualify to use Form I-864EZ
  • Part 2. Information about the immigrant you are sponsoring (future immigrant)
  • Part 3. Information about you (sponsor)
  • Part 4. Information about the size of your home
  • Part 5. Information about your employment and income
  • Part 6. sponsor contract, statement, contact, statement, contact information, statement, certification and signature
  • Part 7. Interpreter’s signature, certification, and contact information
  • Part 8. Contact information and signature for the person preparing this affidavit, if not the sponsor
  • Part 9. Additional information

A notice that you are required to consider: If you have accompanying family members who wish to immigrate with you or within six months of the travel date of the main person who intends to immigrate to the United States, They cannot use this form, but rather complete Form I-864.

Completion of Form I-864EZ

With the registration form information you must be able to prove that you are a citizen, a US national, or a lawful permanent resident. This is key.

You must attach an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) transcript or a copy of your individual federal tax return for the most recent tax year.

If you provide a copy, you must include a copy of the Form W-2 and the related Form 1099 with your return. What matters is that you demonstrate your ability to maintain sufficient income. Important, all from the most recent three years.

Now we will leave you some tips for the Submission of Forms.

As the main objective to fill out the Form I-864 of Affidavit of Economic Sponsorship is that you prove that you can live permanently in the US You must be precise and leave all the supports properly.

You must update your address with USCIS.

Be vigilant that the information you record is consistent and does not cause confusion. We think it is good for you to know that there is a list of common examples of the conditions that do not force immigrants to request this affidavit:

  • refugees and asylees,
  • amerasians,
  • U visa applicants and
  • self petitions under the Violence Against Women Act

Avoid troublesome situations when you are trying to complete the Affidavit of Support. Here we show you three of the most illustrative, because we think they are the best for you to learn:

  1. Verify that the sponsor meets the requirements. It is a common problem that the sponsor does not have an annual income of at least 125 percent of the poverty line. Be concerned that the information is reliable and reflects the updated annual household income.
  2. Give all your effort to correctly fill out the Form. As it is a 12-page document, give yourself enough time to analyze everything well. The most common failures when you forget to mark an item or provide crucial information.
  3. Take this data: never leave without placing your tax income information for the last three years.

Don’t waste time on unnecessary sections (such as the asset section that is only used if the sponsor’s income is not enough).

  1. Don’t save documents. Remember that you must demonstrate your ability. If you fill out Form I-864 correctly, it can be rejected if you do not provide sufficient documentation.

The quality of the form you submit will be based on proof of your sponsor’s immigration status, proof of your current income, and proof that they have filed taxes for the most recent year.

If you forget to send some of these three aspects, you will delay your request, since it is mandatory information that will be requested through a letter. Your process will be stopped until you submit your data.

Don’t fear the process for your Form I-864 financial sponsorship affidavit. It is not an obstacle for you or your family. You have options. You just have to read well, advise yourself and keep up to date.

If it happens that your sponsor is not making enough money on his own, he can get co-sponsors to help him.

A great tip, you must understand that immigration will take into account your personal history. For this reason, we emphasize that you consider the form and its requirements as a key part of your immigration process.

Do you have any fees?

You need to know that USCIS will not charge you a fee for this form. But the State Department will: when your Affidavit of Financial Sponsorship is reviewed in the US.

Always check the information on the Affidavit of Economic Sponsorship in the link Affidavit of Support Review Fee from the website of the Department of State.

Where to File Form I-864EZ?

Once you are careful and exhaustive with the form, you must deliver it with all its supporting documents to the immigrant who is sponsoring you so that they can be awarded to:

  • A consular officer along with the completed Form OF-230, Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration, or
  • An immigration officer along with the completed Form I-485, Application for Permanent Residence or Adjustment of Status.

To close we tell you that Don’t forget to sign your form! USCIS will relentlessly reject it.

What is it for?

Like Form I-864EZ, it is a Affidavit of Financial Sponsorship Under Section 213A of the Act, you should know that it will help you prove that you are an immigrant who has enough financial sponsorship to live without the possibility of becoming a public charge for the US government.

What is Form I-864EZ?

As we have already been telling you, the Form I-864EZ is an Affidavit of Support (Affidavit of Support), also called “Form I-864,” that a person signs to accept your financial responsibility for living in the United States. You should know that this person is known as a “sponsor”.

We also want to clarify that an affidavit is a contract of obligation for the citizen who signs it, since they must respond financially for you.

It is up to you to evaluate the responsibility that this Affidavit of Economic Sponsorship implies because it is legally binding. Your sponsor will be responsible for everything until you become a US citizen. Or simply until you can be credited with 40 quarters of work (practically 10 years).

We believe that it is key for you to locate a suitable and capable sponsor, because without him you will not be able to successfully complete your Immigration process. And the sponsor must be comfortable with you to commit to this process that is not short or immediate.

Do not waste time. We already told you what you need and what you should do. Time flies… we wish you the best.

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