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The Form I-9 corresponds to the Employment Eligibility Verification. This must be completed by employers and employees whose employment relationship is located in the United States or Puerto Rico. It is aimed mainly at these first, who must notify each new employee, whether this is a citizen or not.

It is a very important document, which is why today we will explain how it is, what instructions you must follow, how to present it and what it is for exactly. In this way you can do the procedure correctly, avoiding setbacks that may arise from ignorance of this management. Do not go!

Form I-9 format

Let’s start by talking about Form I-9 format. Knowing what this document is like, what it contains and in what formats you can get them will allow you to start the process correctly. In addition, it will serve as a guide for when you start filling the form.

First of all, you should know that you will find it in Pdf format. It consists of only (03) pages, and is probably one of the easiest forms to fill out that USCIS enables. Of these pages, you should only complete the first two as the last one is informative.

You can get it in Spanish or English. However, its Spanish version is intended only for employers and employees located in Puerto Rico. The rest must compulsorily fill out the form in English, which can be obtained in two versions: to print and fill out, and another to fill out directly from the computer.

Already in the form, you will find the data that will be requested, which do not vary in their versions. These are basically:

  • Employee Information and Statement is the first section you will find. It covers the entire first page and, as the name implies, is intended for the employee. Request the basic, personal and address data, and the declaration. For this, the immigration status, signature and date are requested.
  • Preparer and / or Translator Certification. It is also part of section 1. It is filled out if a translator and / or preparer was used to fill out the form. They only ask for the basic data of the person.
  • Review and Verification of the Employer or Authorized Representative. Section 2 is for the employer. This must enter the employee’s data and enter the specific information of the documents that were delivered in accordance with the list that appears on the last page of identity and employment authorization.
    • Also, in the section above, there is the statement from the employer. He declares to have studied the document to ensure that it was genuine, addressed to the employee and from this he understood that he is authorized to work in the United States.
    • You must indicate the date on which you began to work and then request the basic information of the employer.
  • Re-verification and Hiring. It must also be completed by the employer (or representative). You must put your full name, ISN, date of hire, title, expiration date and document number of the work authorization. Then the employer must sign, indicating the date and name.

On the last page you will find a list of documents that the employee can deliver and that are valid for hiring. They can be those listed on list A or a combination of B and C.

As you can see, it is not complex at all. The best part is that it can be filled wherever you are, when the time is right. Of course, with respect to section 2, the employer must sign and complete it in the window of 3 business days after hiring the worker.

Very basic data is requested. Now you only have to know what instructions you must follow to fill it out and present it correctly. Of course, before we leave the download links of the forms, which you can also find on the official USCIS website.

Instructions for Completing Form I-9

The Instructions for Form I-9 you can get them reflected in the instructions issued by USCIS. This can be a bit long, but it explains step by step each of the fields that you must fill out, so that you can make the presentation of the form correctly.

You will also find the Spanish version, which is an advantage as it can help you fill out the form in English. They are approximately 20 pages, very well explained. Obviously, it is not necessary for the employee to read the instructions that correspond to the employer and vice versa, but it is for informational reasons.

Some instructions that you will find in the document are:

  • The employer must facilitate access to the worker so that he can complete the section that corresponds to him (01) and be aware of the documents that are requested.
  • The version to fill and print it is much more dynamic. It contains spaces to be directly selected or that allow you to choose between options. You need to have Adobe Reader downloaded and updated to be able to access.
  • In the case of being filled by hand, it cannot contain studs, amendments. Likewise, the letter must be legible.
  • The document must always be signed and dated. The form will not be accepted if it does not contain the signature (by hand).
  • It is answered with N / A (Not Applicable) when applicable.
  • Employers located in Puerto Rico They can use the Spanish or English version. However, those outside should keep the English version and if you want to be guided by the Spanish format.
  • The original documents must be returned to the owner.

We strongly urge you to read the instructions before completing the form. In fact, we urge you to read it a first time and then a second while filling out the document. If you are going to fill it by hand, remember to use a black ink pen and preferably print.

Now yes, you only have access the instructions of Form I-9.

What is Form I-9 Good for?

The Form I-9 It is used to document the verification of the identity and employment authorization of each new employee who has been hired to work in the United States. It must be filled out by both employers and employees, regardless of whether the latter are citizens or not.

This allows you to keep in an organized way the data of the worker, the employer and declare the presentation of the necessary documents for someone to work in the country. These are the ones listed on the last page, which the employer must receive before hiring someone legally.

The Form I-9 is intended to the employer, as it allows you to keep a record of the people you hire. It is not really necessary to present it, but you will be looking at this in the next section.

For now, what you should know is that if you are going to hire a person in the country You must fill out this form and provide access to the person so that he or she can fill out the corresponding section. Likewise, it is your duty to verify that the documents you present are true, your own and are current. The same applies to employers and workers in Puerto Rico.

Where to present it?

To finish, let’s talk about the Filing Form I-9. As we indicated before, this is not intended to be delivered. It is an internal procedure, between the employer and the employee. In this case, it is the employer who must present the form to the worker.

So what is its purpose? Well allows the employer to keep a record or legal representative. It is not that this cannot be requested in the future by officials of the Department of Social Security, Justice or Labor, but that is not its main purpose.

Obviously, for these organizations it is important to keep this record, especially in legal matters. This facilitates their research work, if that is the case. However, what the employer must do with this form is:

  • Have this form kept for each worker who is in payroll.
  • Maintain it for one year after termination of employment or three years after the date of hire.

In conclusion, you should not submit this form neither before USCIS nor before the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). You can also enter the official USCIS page here to see the supplements on the use of interpreter / preparer.

What is it?

Form I-9 corresponds to the Employment Eligibility Verification. This must be completed by employers and employees whose employment relationship is located in the United States or Puerto Rico. It is in PDF format and consists of only two (02) pages to complete.

You can find it in Spanish or English. The Spanish version is only intended to be used in Puerto Rico, but it can help as a guide to fill out the one in English. The same happens with the respective instructions.

Its original version in English is in printed format, that is, to be printed and filled out. However, there is also the option of using the interactive PDF, with which you can fill it out directly from the computer.

This document should not be presented unless directed to do so by a state authority. It is intended to be maintained by the employer for every employee that he hires and goes on the payroll. It can only be ruled out between one year or three years after the employment relationship is broken, as appropriate.

If you are interested in learning more about this form, you can always go to the official website of the Department of Security, USCIS, and find out about it.

Until next time!

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