Form I-924A: Form, Instructions and MORE

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Are you looking for your permanent legal residence in the United States? Are you already located in the Regional Centers Program?

It is the moment that you find out that the Form I-924A. What it is, what it is for, what you need to do and when, it is what you will continue to find if you continue reading us.

We invite you to continue. We have important information to offer you.

Form I-924A format

It is important that you know that the Form I-924A is the Annual Regional Center Certification. When you fill out this form you will be contributing to the eligibility of your regional center.

We advise you to value this opportunity very well. With this template you are contributing to economic growth, with this you will achieve, from your productive activity, increase export sales, improve regional productivity, create jobs and increase capital investments.

You should know that this form must be presented by a Regional Center (RC) admitted by the USCIS Immigrant Investor Program Office (or predecessor office).

Always check the ready of approved CRs. You need to know that if your RC still has a pending application or if the petition was canceled, you will not have to file Form I-924A.

It is important that you are clear about the dates. Between October 1 and December 29 (within 90 days after the end of the fiscal year) any Regional Center that wants to remain in its designation within the program, is obliged to present this form and all the requested documents.

Please note: it is essential that a RC submit the form in the same fiscal year it was approved and for all subsequent fiscal years.

Stay tuned, because once USCIS receives your application and reviews it, it will confirm that it has received your form and will issue an assigned number for the receipt.

If you do not receive this notice within 21 days, immediately request a duplicate notice and email:

You can seek the advice of a lawyer so that you feel more calm and secure. Of course, the RC lawyer who will represent you must record the Form G-28 with Form I-924A.

Note: USCIS will not accept electronic submissions of the form (for example, via email message).

Instructions for Completing Form I-924A

Once you know that Form I-924A is key to your economic and productive activity, we will tell you how you can access it and the steps to fill it.

You need to know that this certification is issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). So you should take it with caution and seriously. Read carefully each session, each box and, above all, order the documents they ask for.

In the first part you must give all the information about the RC director. Write down your full name, address, date of birth, fax number, phone number, website address, and the assigned RC number.

Continue with the second part, where you will specify the type of request. Check well and choose the one that corresponds to you (“a” or “b”).

  1. Supplement for a fiscal year (enter the fiscal year that corresponds to the report you submit).
  2. Supplement for a series of fiscal years (enter the fiscal years for which you are reporting).

Next, in part 3, (items A, B, and C), you have to specify the information about CR. It lists its full name, indicates the companies / agencies that administer it, its directors of the CR, the agents and anyone involved in the management, supervision and / or administration of the CR.

Provide full addresses, phone and fax numbers, and agent or entity website information.

As we already told you, this form is issued, evaluated and approved by USCIS, so you must pay attention to each step and details. And something fundamental: you must make sure that you complete it with the required signatures. This is the fourth part 4 of the form: leave your signature as an applicant.

Be aware that by leaving your signature you are acting as an authority on behalf of the RC. Be sure to include your email address so they can contact you. Remember that, by contacting you, they are contacting the RC.

Your signature is an essential security element. It is a step of extreme responsibility. You do this to certify, under penalty of perjury, that all the information you are submitting is correct.

Then in the fifth part 5, verify, if it is your case, that it has the signature of the person who helped you prepare the form. If this preparer is an attorney or accredited representative, please ensure that they sign as preparer and submit Form G-28.

We tell you something that may interest you. If you need additional space, you can include the following at the top of each answer continuation sheet:

  • the name of the RC, and
  • the part of the form and the item number of each response.

We leave you some last tips. We want you to be successful with Form I-924A, before submitting it to USCIS, check over and over again that:

  • You have provided accurate information
  • Recheck the numbers
  • You used the job calculation methods
  • You relied on an economic impact model
  • Your documents are consistent
  • You left enough evidence of the work

Still missing. Stay with us.

Usefulness of Form I-924A

With what we have already explained, you come to this point with full knowledge that Regional Centers (RC) must use this form to demonstrate that they continue to be eligible for Regional Center designation.

We remind you that maintaining the eligibility of your CR is the way in which economic growth, regional productivity, job creation, increased investment and domestic capital are generated for your geographic area.

This Annual Regional Center Certification shows that your regional center is still eligible. Always keep it in mind as a goal.

We have already told you that a Regional Center is an economic, public or private entity authorized by USCIS to promote economic growth, the advancement of regional productivity, the creation of jobs and the increase in capital investments within the country.

Very important: the Regional Center offers the possibility that foreign citizens can invest in Limited Companies. Of course, you must meet the requirements of the EB-5 program.

We know that the latter interests you a lot. With the EB-5 program you can get on your way to achieve your permanent legal residence in the USA (if you have not yet obtained it). Including, if applicable, your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age receiving a permanent Visa (Green card).

What are the Processing Fees?

The time has come for you to know the Rate of Presentation of the form. Although you can get the form for free, the entire management service is $ 3,035.

An important warning to keep in mind: when you send the payment you are agreeing to pay for a government service. These are final and non-refundable, no matter what decision or action you take to follow your application or not.

Since you are acting on behalf of your Regional Center, you should know some consequences. If you do not submit Form I-924A, USCIS will send you a Notice of Intent to Cancel that terminates the Regional Center’s designation and participation in the program.

If you let this happen, you should be aware that your regional center will not have to file Form I-924A. We don’t think you want that.

Where to present it?

You must write in the form the dates written in the format mm / dd / yy.

You have several options for you to submit your Form I-924A and supporting documents. Here we leave you.

If you want to submit your form via postal mail (USPS), this is the address: US Citizenship and Immigration Services, California Service Center. Attn: EB-5 Processing Unit. PO Box 10526. Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-0526

So you can also toggle by express deliveries and couriers, follow this location: US Citizenship and Immigration Services. California Service Center. Attn: EB-5 Processing Unit. 24000 Avila Road, 2nd Floor. Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

And remember: Do not forget us for the world to sign the form! They will reject it and it will be returned.

What is Form I-924A?

The Form I-924A It is a certificate issued by the USCIS to demonstrate continued eligibility for a regional center.

Another way for you to evaluate the importance of this form is that it also serves as a document that is added to Form I-924 to make the request for designation of a regional center as a Regional Center that is part of the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program.

To conclude, it seems relevant to remind you that a Regional Center (RC) is an economic unit that enhances economic growth in terms of exports, regional productivity, job creation, and an increase in local investment capital.

So run now to find this form and manage it successfully.

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