Form N-600K: Format, What It Is For, and MORE

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For you, who is a foreigner but resides with citizenship in the United States with foreign children and minors without citizenship, this article will be very useful because you will need to process the Form N-600K to claim the minor’s U.S. citizenship.

Therefore, you will know what the form is, what it is like, what it is for and more. Do not miss it!

What is it?

The Form N-600K or, also called Citizenship Certificate Application, is a report that is presented to obtain the Certificate of Citizenship which, in turn, is a document through which you can verify if your son or daughter has US citizenship.

It is presented exclusively if the minor was born abroad but claims his citizenship through his parents. Or, if you automatically became a US citizen by exercise of law after you were born but before you reached the age of majority, that is, 18 years of age. The representative, whether parent or guardian, is authorized to submit this form on behalf of the minor.

Certificates of Citizenship are not issued in cases where the person has obtained their citizenship by being born in the United States. Only for those people who were born outside the US territory, that is, all those who are considered foreigners and became citizens of that country through their parents or, failing that, who have obtained their US citizenship after being born. but before 18 years of age.


The following is optional. It does not serve as a substitute for the documents required in a legal and regulatory manner. It is recommended to review the requirements before completing the Form N-600K and be guided by that.

Do not send original documents unless explicitly requested in the form or in the applicable regulations.

If you submit any document requested in advance, whether original or copy, in a language other than English, you must include a complete translation of the documentation in this language, along with a certification from the translator stating that the translation is complete and accurate, and that it was done by a person qualified for this purpose, that is, translating from a foreign language into English.

Generally, the required documents are the following:

  • Certificate or record of birth of the minor.
  • Two photographs of the minor, passport type.
  • Birth certificate or record of the parent with U.S. citizenship.
  • Proof of physical presence of the father or, failing that, grandfather in the United States.
  • American certificate of the qualified father or, failing that, grandfather as proof.

If applicable, the following are also required:

  • Marriage certificate of the parent with US citizenship.
  • Documentation evidencing that the parent with US citizenship ended any marriage.
  • Evidence of legal guardianship.
  • Proof of legitimacy of children born out of wedlock if the application is filed on the basis of the father’s US citizenship.
  • Legal custody in cases of adopted applicants or applicants with divorced and / or legally separated parents as evidence.
  • Documentation that proves that the minor resides in the custody of parents with US citizenship.
  • Copy of Form I-600 or I-800 approval and supporting documentation, except for the home study.
  • Evidence that the U.S. citizen parent has met the two-year legal custody and joint residency requirement.
  • If the minor is adopted, a copy of the complete final adoption decree.
  • Evidence of all name changes were made legally.
  • Explanation and demonstration of any necessary document that you do not have.

Form N-600K format

The Form N-600K It has as an online format the PDF and, in physical form, the paper like any spreadsheet. Here is an image of it:

What is Form N-600K for?

The Form N-600K (Application for Certificate of Citizenship), is processed to obtain the Certificate of Citizenship and thus, prove the US citizenship of your son or daughter.

According to Section 322 of the National Immigration Law, minors who do not live in the United States but who were born in the United States or whose parents are United States citizens can also obtain United States citizenship.

Therefore, all children who were born in the United States or whose parents are citizens of that country can fill out this form and apply for citizenship. Likewise, parents who have adopted children from other countries.

On the other hand, it can be presented by grandparents of the minor in the event of the death of the parents, as long as they have been deceased for 5 years. In case of abandonment or otherwise, you must consult it in the corresponding offices.

Form N-600K Fees

The payment that corresponds to Form N-600K is $ 1,170. Payment methods for this fee can be: personal check, cashier’s check, or money order.

If you apply in a safe location in USCIS, you can cancel with a credit card using the Form G-1450 (Authorization of Credit Card Transactions). In the case of payment by check, it must be made payable to the US Department of Homeland Security.

When making a payment, you tacitly agree to pay for a government service. Biometric and filing service fees are conclusive and non-refundable, regardless of any subsequent action (request, request, or withdrawal).

Through the following link we provide you with the USCIS Fee Calculator (found in English) to help you determine your payoff amount.

Where to present it?

The Form N-600K It has two modes of presentation: through the web (online) or by post (physical).

The options available are described below:

If you want to apply from a territory other than the United States, if you are requesting a fee waiver or are a member / veteran of any branch of the US military and submit your own application, cannot submit documentation online. You would have to do it through postal mail and for that you must create an online account that will also allow you to:

  • Send passport-type photos.
  • Receive notifications and updates of the case.
  • Editing of contact information, including home address.
  • Pay filing fees and / or biometric service fees.
  • Respond to requests for evidence.

Here the link to create an online account.

Legal representatives or attorneys will also be able to create an account online and in this way, they will be able to handle all the requests for which they are responsible from one place.

You can send your document to the Secure Location (Lockbox) of Phoenix. For him USPS, for its acronym in English (United States Postal Service):


PO Box 20100

Phoenix, AZ 85036.

For FedEX, DHL or UPS deliveries:


ATTn: Form N-600K

1820 E. Skyharbor Circle S,

Suite 100

Phoenix, AZ 85034

Presentation tips Form N-600K (Application for Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate) under Section 322

  • Must complete all sections of the form. Otherwise, your document and therefore your application will be rejected.
  • Fields like: Part 1 – Information about the child’s eligibility are of utmost importance. Check only one box in this part because if you check several, your management will be rejected and it will be returned for proper correction and subsequent shipment.
  • Don’t forget to sign the form! Any document that does not contain the applicant’s signature will be rejected.

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