Form N-648: Form, Instructions and MORE

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In the United States, each Forms they supply are very important and different. In this case, for citizens who have a disability, using the Form N-648 they must ask if there is an exception for them not to take the exam.

If this is your case, we recommend that you continue reading this article, so that you can take note of this topic.

Form N-648 format

The Form N-648 It is important in the United States because citizens who have a mental, physical and developmental disability can request an exception so that they do not have to take the test of English / civic.

You should take into account that the form is in your native language, which is English. To access it, you must enter the following link of the Portal of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

If you do not have Internet, you can contact USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283 and request that Form N-648 be supplied to your email. The USCIS Contact Center provides information in both Spanish and English.

Instructions for Completing Form N-648

When you have the Form N-648You should bear in mind that it must be filled out by typewriter or printed but with a black pen, with legible handwriting.

It is very important to note that only doctors in osteopathy or licensed clinical psychologists, in the U.S. Including the U.S. Commonwealth Territories of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands) can certify the Form N-648.

All parts of Form N-648, except for the section 4, certification of the interpreter and part 5, the declaration, must be certified by the licensed medical professional.

But before certifying said form, the personnel in charge must have carried out, a in-person examination of the applicant.

The medical professional should answer all questions and items clearly and concisely. USCIS will not accept an incomplete Form N-648.

Answers should use common terminology, without abbreviations, that medical personnel should be knowledgeable about. If you do not provide all the information requested in the Form N-648, the USCIS may determine that it is insufficient.

If you are using an interpreter during the exam, either in person or over the phone, you should ask the interpreter the following questions and affirm your answer:

  • He will ask you if you are fluent in English.
  • It certifies that it will concisely and completely interpret all communications between the applicant.


At Paragraph 1 the citizen must provide information about him as: legal name, surname, current physical address of the applicant, etc.

In the second section it is about the professional medical information such as: name of the medical professional, last name, middle name if you have it, Business address of the medical professional, etc.

Information that the medical professional must include in part 3, refers to the disability and / impairment information, you must add in article 1, the clinical diagnosis of the applicant’s medical disability and / or impairment that forms the basis for requesting an exception to the English and / or civics requirements.

If applicable, you must supply the medical code as accepted by the Department of Health and Human Services. This includes the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and the International Classification of Diseases.

In the article number 2 you must provide a basic description of the disabilities and / or impairments. At article 5 You must explain what caused the applicant’s medical disabilities and / or impairments.

Article 6 It must explain the clinical methods used to diagnose the applicant’s disability or medical impairment.

At 7 must explain the extent of the disabilities and / or impairments as specifically referred to by the applicant.

At article 8 of Form N-648 must include an explanation of how the disability and / or impairment affects specific functions of the applicant’s life.

The article number 13 must clearly establish a causal connection that explains how the applicant’s disability affects their ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of English and / or citizenship. For article 15 and 16, place from the first and the last date on which the applicant was examined.

What is it for?

The Form N-648 It is important in the United States because citizens who have a mental, physical and developmental disability can request an exception so that they do not have to take the test of English / civic.

Who should process it?

All citizens who are applying for US citizenship and cannot take the English / civics test because they have a disability.

What is it?

The Form N-648 It is a document by which citizens want to obtain that of that country, but people who have a mental, physical and developmental disability can request an exception so that they do not have to take the English / civic test.

Who should not submit this N-648 form?

People who should not send the Form N-648 are those who can satisfy the English and civics requirements for naturalization with the reasonable accommodations determined in the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 do not need to send this form.


It is very important to note that Forms N-648 They must be duly signed and sent. For all firms, USCIS will not accept a typewritten name in place of a signature.

A legal representative can also sign for a mentally incompetent person. If the citizen does not sign the document or if the signature is invalid, the USCIS may reject or deny the application.

Signature validity

The agency to be dealt with requests a copy that must be sent by fax or scan of the signature of the document. The photocopy, fax or scan must be of the original document that contains the signature in ink.

do you copy

You must submit legible photocopies of the requested documents, unless the instructions specifically state that you must submit an original document.

The USCIS may request an original document at the time of filing or at any time during the procedure of your petition.


If you send a document with information in a foreign language, you must also send a full English translation. The translator must sign a certification that the English translation is complete and accurate. In addition, it is consistent with the language.

The certification must include the translator’s signature, the printed name, the date of the signature and the contact details of the person who made the translation.

It is important to highlight that the citizen should not cancel any presentation fee, in addition with this document they must present it with the Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.

Change of address

An applicant who is not a US citizen must notify the USCIS from your new address within 10 days of the move from your previous residence.

For information on how to file an address change, you will need to go to the USCIS website or you can contact the USCIS Contact Center.

Information processing for the applicant

Once USCIS accepts the form, they will verify that it is Form N-648 is complete. If you do not answer the document in full, it may turn out that it is insufficient.

If the citizen falsifies or conceals a material fact or sends a false document with his Form N-648, they will reject your form and may deny any other immigration benefits.

Plus, you can face serious penalties, including up to 10 years in prison, as determined by law and may be subject to criminal prosecution, as well as losing your medical license.

Form details

The citizen can verify that at the top is the determined date and in the instructions. The medical professional must certify the Form N-648 within six months of submitting the document to USCIS.

Finally, in the United States, they worry about people’s difficulties, that is why if you need to submit this form, do so early. I process them with time, they come out perfectly.

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