How to know my travel history to the United States: Know what you should know

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Are you interested in extending your stay in the USA? , here is a guide to obtain one of the requirements, in How to know my travel history to the United States: Know what you should know, you have some definitions and forms that you must submit.

What is known as Migratory Record

The migratory record is the History of entries and exits associated with an individual’s passport, when it is registered at the customs posts of ports, airports and border posts under the responsibility of US Customs and Border ProtectionUSA

How important is it to know your Immigration Record

Have knowledge about the immigration record in the North American nation, represents one of the requirements to carry out procedures related to petitions to legalize immigration situations, such as a green card or a non-immigrant visa

Its non-existence would be as unfavorable as the great value of its presentation.

In cases of denial of the visa application or other immigration benefits, having the immigration record will allow us to know the reason or justifications that give rise to this decision. What allows to find the solution and correct what is necessary, to obtain a positive result.

The dilemma is often raised as to whether it is good or bad to have an immigration record. Really in itself, it is neither good nor bad.

Well, for those people, who have not had the need to request the procedures to legalize an immigration situation, it is indifferent.

Now, on the contrary, hehe migrants or foreigners who for any reason require a visa or green card, who have legally entered the North American nation, it would be very beneficial to have this document.

While people who have entered illegally through the border or the sea, they will not have an immigration record.

In summary, the degree of importance of obtaining the immigration record depends on the circumstance in which it is required.

How to know my Immigration Record in the United States

The steps to know the Immigration Record in the United States are extremely easy.

The Department of Customs and Border Protection of the United States, on its website, has had a very useful tool, its handling is friendly and simple, even if it is in English:

  1. Enter the page of the department of US Customs and Border Protection.
  2. Select the field View Travel History. Accept and continue the process
  3. Complete the requested fields about your personal data, as they appear in your passport. Please select Next
  4. The history of entering and leaving the country will appear in the last five years.

What is Form I-94

Currently, in order to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and facilitate the processes of entry or admission to the nation, the US Customs and Border Protection department has automated Form I-94 at air and sea ports of entry.

This form or document of admission to North American soil, was obligatorily delivered on paper, at customs points.

The information shown on the I-94 is related to the date of entry and the time allowed to stay in the country, that is, the date on which you must leave the country, in order not to remain illegally.

It is then that the Form I-94 as the Exit Number or Admission Record Number, in a nutshell is the record of entry and exit of visitors to the US.USA

As a result of its automation, if it is required to carry out immigration procedures, as an extension of the departure date, it must be requested by

Even when the entry and exit information of foreigners is collected electronically at sea and air ports, the form I-94 will still be issued on paper at customs points along the land border.

What is the Importance of Form I-94

With this document It certifies the legal and authorized entry to the country, in addition to the time allowed to stay and the category or type of visa with which you have been admitted.

It is frequent that this document is requested to process the authorization to work, also to extend the term of stay, among others.

What are the steps to check out if you did not turn in the I-94 when leaving the United States

In case you have entered the United States and were given a paper I-94 form, you must deliver it upon departure, to register it correctly.

Taking into account that, If the departure was by air or sea, using commercial companies, it will not be necessary to take any action, as the departure from the country will be verified by the companies that you used to travel.

But if your departure was by land, boat, or private plane, you will need to take the following steps to correct your departure record.

  1. Send your I-94 along with a letter explaining the situation, it must be in English. Additionally, you must attach any document that proves your departure from the USA.

Among the documents that are accepted as evidence, we have:

  • In original, the boarding passes.
  • Copies of your passport, showing the US entry and exit stamps.
  • Photocopies of documents that demonstrate activities in other countries after leaving the USA are also accepted. For example, your employer’s pay stubs. Bank statements. Also school attendance records, credit card receipts in your name.

The addresses where the documentation should be sent are:

  • Via USPS: Coleman Data Solutions, Box 7965, Akron, OH 4430, Attn: NIDPS (I-94) USA
  • Via FedEx or UPS: Coleman Data Solutions, 3043 Sanitarium Road, Suite Akron, H 44312, Attn: NIDPS (I-94)

Statements that are not justified with the respective documents are not accepted. It is recommended to keep a copy of what was sent and take it with you on your next entry to the USA.

As we have seen, there is no major complication to obtain your immigration record in the United States, request it and good luck with your immigration procedures


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