How to Pay for SunPass: Calculator, Discounts and MORE

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In this article we want to talk to you about the existing methods for Pay the SunPass and its importance within the transportation service in Florida, USA We are also going to explain to you that it is known as SunPass, which constitutes a prepared transportation program of the State of Florida.

In this regard, SunPass is an innovative prepaid toll program that can be used on all Florida toll roads and express lanes. Similarly, you can pay for parking at designated SunPass Plus facilities. Here are the methods to cancel SunPass and much more.

How can the SunPass be paid?

As we have pointed out previously, it is important that you know exactly the fastest and easiest method to make your SunPass transportation service payments. In this regard, it is relevant that you know the ideal and correct way to do it without inconvenience, and thus be able to enjoy the advantages of the service.

Thus, it is essential that you take into account what exactly you must do to Pay the SunPass. With which, if your plans are to continue your stay of life within the United States, you must be very careful with each of these indications. To make a full payment on your bill, do one of the following:

  • On line you must go to the official SunPass website and follow the instructions
  • By mail You must proceed to separate the payment receipt on the back of the toll bill and return it in the same envelope together with your check or money order

  • On cash: It is your responsibility to go to the service centers or at a point of sale, for which, you must enter the next link for a list of hours and customer service centers
  • Similarly, you can check the Sunpass portal for a list of locations that accept cash.
  • By telephone: 1-888-TOLL-FLA (1-888-865-5352)

Likewise, it is important to note that you can also make the partial payment of the invoice, through the use of any of the methods detailed above. However, you must bear in mind that when making the payment partial You must be responsible for meeting the debt commitment for the entire balance.

Additionally, if you receive an invoice and want to open a SunPass account, you must select “Toll Invoices” on the page of this web portal. As well as, enter the invoice number and the license plate of the vehicle, select “Open a SunPass account” and follow the instructions of the process.

It should be noted that you must add as the effective start date, the same date of the first transaction reflected on your invoice when adding the plate. Similarly, you should know that the amounts owed on your invoice will be deducted from your SunPass account within the period of 48 hours.

Paying for SunPass: How to Add Funds to My Account?

In the same way, it is essential that you take into account How to add funds to your account. Therefore, within this context, we will describe the most commonly used correct way to add funds below. Yes you have a SunPass account:

Easy Pay

  • First of all, you have the option of sign up at SunPass Easy Pay
  • Through which a credit, debit or ACH card is linked to your prepaid account
  • Also, Easy Pay customers become automatically on SunPass Plus clients
  • Also, they can use their transponders to pay for parking at some Florida airports.
  • Additionally, you can add funds to your account
  • For which you will be responsible for control your prepaid account and make sure there are sufficient funds available


  • You can add funds to your account prepaid using a credit card or bank account
  • Selecting “Add Funds” on the Overview page


  • This alternative is very simple
  • With which, you can call the Customer Service Center
  • Then, you will proceed to pay by credit card credit or through a bank account at 1-888-TOLL-FLA (1-888-865-5352)


  • Through the authorized stores of your preference
  • Which can be located throughout the State of Florida


  • Once you have received the statement or toll bill, you must refer your check and payment coupon in the return envelope provided
  • To make additional payments, you must send a check or money order to the following address
  • As well as include your SunPass account or invoice number on them
  • At the same time, money orders or correspondence, for which you need to wait 7 days working for the payment process
  • Address: SunPass Customer Service Center, PO Box 31241, Tampa, FL 33631 – 3241

Pay the SunPass: Toll Calculator

  • Now, we know that it is important for you to know exactly the cost of your bill before using the transportation service in Florida.
  • Reason why, we inform you that this tool exists to determine in advance how much a trip would cost, according to the starting and ending points of the trip.

  • In the same way, you must enter as information in the aforementioned Calculator, the type of payment and the number of axles of your vehicle
  • In this sense, you can locate the aforementioned Toll Calculator by entering the following web address found in this link

SunPass Participating Agencies

Also, as for the agencies that are part of SunPass, you should know that they are available on the toll roads of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. Here is a list of some of the participating SunPass agencies:

  • Prepaid toll program SunPass
  • Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise.
  • Miami-Dade Expressway Authority.
  • Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority.
  • Bay Harbor Islands
  • Venetian Causeway
  • Rickenbacker Causeway
  • Santa Rosa Bay Bridge Authority
  • Mid-Bay Bridge Authority
  • LeeWay Service Center
  • Bob Sikes Bridge

Paying for SunPass: Discounts and Rebates

In relation to this point, you should be aware that frequent users and commuters can save with discount plans. Consequently, these plans may have residency requirements, vehicle occupancy requirements, time-of-day restrictions, or number of trips requirements.

Within this context, below, we will detail some examples of the plans of discount of SunPass that you can sign up for. It is important that you take into account that, the operations will only count for the reimbursement if there are sufficient funds available at the time of the toll transaction.

  • Hillsborough County offers a refund of the 10% for the use of 40 monthly transactions in vehicles with 3 or more axles
  • Within Miami-Dade toll free for cars visiting the Snapper Creek Service Plaza
  • Monroe County grants you the 40% reimbursement after 28 trips per month, on 2-axle vehicles
  • In Santa Rosa County you get the 25% monthly rebate for all 2-axle vehicles with a minimum of 30 transactions
  • Within this county also vehicles with more than 3 axles do not receive any discount.
  • In Pinellas, residents enjoy the 100% reimbursement, as long as you can prove resident status

What is SunPass?

Now, at the end of this writing, we hope that you have clearer and more precise information on what is known as Pay the SunPass. Reason why, we reiterate that it constitutes the prepaid toll program of the Florida Department of Transportation, in the United States.

Therefore, SunPass can be used on all toll roads. Florida, express lanes, most bridges, and many toll roads. You can also pay for parking at designated SunPass Plus facilities with the rates lowest toll roads available on Florida’s highways and bridges.

All this, with the purpose of to incorporate on most toll roads the use of electronic payments, avoiding the use of cash. Consequently, driving on the toll roads with a SunPass transponder ensures that you have no hassle when navigating all of Florida.

Throughout this writing you were able to learn about the different payment methods you have to obtain the SunPass service. And also, we describe the different discounts me refunds With which you have to choose, depending on the county where you proceed and the vehicle you have.

In relation to this point, you should be aware that frequent users and commuters can save with discount plans. Therefore, these plans may have requirements residency requirements, vehicle occupancy requirements, time-of-day restrictions, or trip quantity requirements.

In the same way, we detail the different agencies that are part of the Florida Transportation system. In order that you can use their services depending on where you are and depending on your preference, in terms of proximity or availability.

Finally, it is important that you make timely and correct payments of your invoices for the provision of this SunPass service. Reason why, we point out the different ways to do it, always with the commitment to comply with them to avoid inconveniences, which may lead to legal sanctions.

Make the toll payments and continue with your ideal journey!

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