I am an American citizen and I want to ask my parents: Necessary documents

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Just a U.S. citizenHaving reached the age of 21, you can bring your parents as a permanent resident to live in the United States of America. You want to know more? Keep reading!

Documents I want to ask my parents for

If the applicant’s parents live outside the United States, they must carry out two types of procedures:

If the parents live outside of Venezuela and have no problem with immigration

First: USCIS must approve the I-130 petition, then you must send the information with all the documents to the National Visa Center.

After consign the documents, a medical examination will be carried out which must be approved and after that, you must attend the interview at the Embassy located in the parents’ country of residence.

After the visa is approved, parents will have a period of six (06) months to enter US soil. Only in this case punctually, whether they arrive by airport or by sea, an immigration agent will stamp the passport and this will be their Green Card while.

If the parents live outside the United States and have a problem with immigration.

If so, in what the parents live outside the United States, and they have immigration problems, in which they are classified as people who are inadmissible on American soil, the Green Card can be denied.

Must have a pardon and sometimes serve a 10-year sentence without being able to enter the country, entering the country without permission, in some way, could affect the application, which throws back the possibility of denying the Green Card outright.

Even when forgiveness is requested and the penance is fulfilled after 10 years, and even applying for residency again, in some cases they do not grant the pardon and the Green Card is not obtained.

Mother lives outside the United States

I know require the following documents:

  • Fill properly the Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative
  • Present the copy of the birth certificate where the name of the applicant and his mother can be clearly seen.
  • Copy of United States passport or citizenship or naturalization certificate, if not born in the United States.

Father lives outside the United States

In this case, the following is required:

  • Petition for a foreign relative, that is, the I-130 form.
  • Consign a copy of the birth card, where the name of the interested party and their parents can be clearly seen.
  • Copy of citizenship or naturalization document or United States passport, if you were not born on American soil.
  • Possess and consign a copy of the civil marriage certificate of their parents.

Father lives outside of the United States and you were born out of wedlock and were not legitimized by your father before your 18th birthday

For this I request the following:

  • The petition for foreign relatives, expressed in the form I-130.
  • Copy of birth certificate with readable names, without deletions or amendments.
  • Copy of US passport or the certificate of naturalization or citizenship, if you were not born in the United States.
  • Record some evidence of the nexus, be it financial or emotional that existed between you and your father, before he reached the age of majority or married, whichever comes first.

Bringing your stepfather to live in the US

The following documents will be needed, which you must record:

  • Form I-130 (the petition for a foreign relative).
  • Photocopy of birth certificate where your and your parents’ names are clearly visible.
  • Copy of the marriage certificate from your father biological relationship with your stepfather, showing that the marriage occurred before your 18th birthday.
  • Copy of any document in which it is indicated marriage annulment decree or the divorce certificate or a death certificate, where it indicates that the termination of the marriage between the natural father and the stepfather legitimately ended.

Petition is filed to bring your adoptive father to live in the United States

  • The petition for a foreign relative (form I-130).
  • Photocopy of birth document.
  • Copy of citizenship or the letter of naturalization if you are not born on US soil.
  • One Ccertified opia of the adoption document where it is shown that this occurred before the age of 16.
  • Declaration proving that you have lived with your father, with dates and places throughout his life.

How long does the process take

An american citizen who has reached the age of majority (21 years) can make a request for a child to his parents, which means that he can request the Green card when your parents are outside the United States.

This diligence it may take between 6 months and 10 years, even though it is sometimes denied

In the USCIS, can you measure the time how long the processes take?

The USCIS on its web portal, enabled a tool- In which you could know the estimated time that the processes take before any procedure. Although it is not exact as such, it might give you some idea of ​​how long it takes.

Many times time depends on the processing center to which he was assigned and all the cases that he handles and how he develops in the resolution of these.

What must be taken into account in citizen requests for their parents?

It is very important to take into account What we will detail below since it will depend on doing things well and achieving the desired objectives in terms of future application requests.

  • The American Citizen You must be of legal age (21 years).
  • Shall show that you have economic funds to support their parents.
  • You must know, that if you want to include siblings You must make the request separately, and start a new request.
  • If it is the case, in which you obtained the documents through a special immigrant program, you cannot make a request for your parents.
  • It should be noted that if the father entered the United States without documents, and the son serve in the Armed Forces You may file your father’s petition through Section 251 (i) of the immigration law.

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