IRS Form 1040: Format, Fill Out and MORE

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The IRS Form 1040 corresponds to the Income tax declaration of individuals from the United States issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of this same country. If you got here, it is likely that you are obliged to process this form, for which we have brought you this article.

Today we will explain how this form is, what instructions you must follow when filling it out, what it is for exactly, how to present it and much, much more. So stay with us! Find out everything you need to know about this document in one place.

IRS Form 1040 Format

With the IRS Form 1040 Format We refer to how it is made up and what data it contains. Knowing this will give you an idea of ​​what you will be placing in the document, so that you can be prepared for when that moment arrives.

First, you should know that it is in English, in Pdf format. However, this has the option of being filled out directly from the computer, since it has this function enabled. Consequently, you just have to fill it out, print it and present it.

On the other hand, it consists of only three (03) pages, of which only two have to be filled out. This makes the process even easier, especially if you use all the tips that we will be giving you throughout the article. In addition, data that will be requested are:

  • Declarant’s Personal Data. You must indicate your marital status, full name, social security number and address information.
  • Family information. You must indicate who is dependent on the marriage, age and if there is a problem of blindness, and the information of the dependents that you declare. The full name, social security number, relationship between the two and if you qualify for credit are specified.
  • Standard Deduction. We refer to the table below, which is quite extensive. It could look messy, but each field is identified with what they request. There you will find:
    • Wages, salaries, etc.
    • Pensions and annuities.
    • Capital gain or loss.
    • Social security benefits.
    • IRA distributions.
    • Tax.
    • Child tax credit or credit for other dependents.
    • Credit for earned income.
  • Refund. If you overpaid (the amount in field 19 is greater than that in field 16), then there must be a refund for the difference in value between those two fields. You must indicate the routing and account number.
  • Amount you owe. Contrary to the previous section, this is when you have outstanding debt to pay off. Again you have to subtract the 19 field with the 16 and see how much you owe. It also has to see how much is the infraction for not paying tax (estimate), which you do with the instructions.
  • Designated third party. Ask if you want a third party, in addition to your paid preparer, to discuss the form with the IRS. If the answer is yes, you must enter your basic data.
  • Declarant signature section. Read the statement and proceed to sign, date and enter the Identity Protection PIN if you have one. The spouse must also do so. In addition, the phone number and email must be included.
  • Finally, there is the section that the Preparer Payment. This simply contains his personal, contact and address data.

Probably the most complicated section to fill out is the Standard Declaration section. However, that’s what the Instructions are for, which we’ll talk about in the next section.

Keep in mind that the main advantage of this form is that you can fill it out on your own time, from the comfort of where you are and then submit it before the deadline. Undoubtedly something very useful for those who want to save time.

Now, before moving on to the next section, access the form.

Completing IRS Form 1040

At the time of Fill out IRS Form 1040 you must take into account a series of instructions that are gathered in a fairly extensive document of more than one hundred pages. However, filling out the form with the help of it is elementary if you will do it yourself.

You can access the Instructions for Form 1040 just by entering that link or you can see the instructions on the IRS page. Obviously, both are provided by the same agency, but it may be more comfortable for you to work in the PDF, which is the one we have provided.

Sadly only found in english, so you should read it this way. Do not worry about the length, the truth is that most of the pages are for calculating and / or determining categories. In this you can find the step by step of how to fill out the form, something that we could not do right here due to the amount of information it contains.

However, there are some aspects that you can take into account at the time of filling out the form and that will allow you to carry out a more pleasant procedure. Let’s see what we mean.

  • Read the instructions twice. The first just to familiarize you with the document and the second to help you fill out the form.
  • Get it typed. The IRS has arranged the document for you to fill out directly precisely to avoid that there are amendments, studs, stains and illegible handwriting and that they lead to the rejection of it.
  • Do not omit or falsify information. This is punishable by law. Remember that we are talking about a declaration that you will be signing. Provide accurate and concise information.
  • Take note of the importance of the annexes. There are taxpayers who do not need to attach any document, but others who do. You must be attentive about it. You will find the annexes and who needs them in the link that we leave you in the previous section.

Remember that it is very important that you sign the form. Without your signature it will not be received. The same happens if there are missing attachments to add or information to supply. Take your precautions and inform yourself.

What is it for?

The IRS Form I-1040 SE used precisely so that United States taxpayers can make the Tax Declaration on Rent (ISLR). This is an obligation that all people who receive personal income have and must declare it as a contribution to the State.

This contains in an organized way the data of the declarant, spouse and paid preparer. In addition, it reflects in a schematic way all the income received, either from own account or for the benefit of a program. This allows you to meet the officers of the Internal Revenue Service your situation as a taxpayer more efficiently.

It is also used to know if there is an outstanding debt or an amount that must be repaid, two occasions that may occur, although one less frequently than the other. Likewise, it allows to know the list of people who are financially dependent on the declarant.

Being a statement, all the data it contains must be true, without omitting or falsifying information. In fact, when you go to sign the form you will see that a clarification is made regarding this. Do not expose yourself to penalties.

In conclusion, Form I-1040 is used by Physical persons to declare the Income Tax before the Internal Revenue Service in the USA.

Where to present it?

To finish, let’s talk about Where to File Form 1040 ISR. Now that you know what data they request and what are the instructions you must follow, obviously you need to know where to take the form when you finish filling it out.

The truth is that it is very simple. You just have to enter the Address List and see which one corresponds to your case. You will be able to see the status and the address to which you have to go depending on whether you are going to make a payment or not.

You can also see where to send it if you live outside the country, such as in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Samoa, Guam or the northern Mariana Islands.


The declaration must be made the fourth month after that the fiscal year ends, on the 15th day. That is, on April 15th approximately. In the event that the due date falls on a weekend or legal holiday, then it is delayed until the next business day. That is, you can deposit it by mail on the expiration date.

What is IRS Form 1040?

The IRS Form 1040 is a document that allows the US taxpayer to make the Income Tax Declaration on Personal Income. It consists of just three pages and can be filled out from the computer, ready to print and present.

To fill it out, the declarant must be guided by the specific instructions for the form. Likewise, you must be waiting to receive both the form and the instructions for the corresponding year.

Once filled, it simply must be sent to an office determined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which will vary depending on whether the person needs to make a payment or not. The presentation is made until April 15, although this date may change if it falls on a weekend or holiday.

Finally, we would like to add that this document is issued by the ISR and on the official page you can get updates and news in this regard.

Until next time!

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