Requirements for a Mexican consulate passport in Denver: Everything they haven’t told you

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Currently in the city of DenverIn the state of Colorado there are at least five million Latinos, of which 75% are Mexican. You want to know more? Keep reading!

Mexican Consulate in Denver

The Mexican consulate in Denver, It is located at the following address; 5350 Leetsdale Dr. Denver, Colorado 80246. Hours of operation Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

For more communication they offer the number (303) 331-1110, or by email infodenver@sre.gob.mex.

For this you must Schedule Appointment, through Mexitel, through the following telephone numbers 1-877-639-4835 or 1-877-Mexitel.

Requirements to process a passport at the Mexican consulate in Denver

The documents that you must present must be in original.

1.- Nationality document (one of these):

  • Birth certificate.
  • Passport Mexican.
  • Declaration Nationality.
  • Certificate of nationality.
  • Naturalization Letter.
  • Consular registration.

2.- Identification officer with photograph and signature of the applicant (choose one):

  • Military primer.
  • Mexican passport.
  • School credential.
  • Mexican driver’s license or valid American.
  • Electoral credential.
  • Certificate of studies from Mexico, endorsed by the educational authorities, identified with a photograph.
  • Citizenship identity card.

Proof of nationality

It can easily check nationality if you present one of the following documents in original: birth certificate certificate of Mexican nationality, letter of naturalization, Consular registration and declaration of nationality.

Photographic identification

Photographic identification We could consider it in the driver’s license, the military card, the Mexican passport, the school credential, the citizenship card or in its defects the credential that is used to exercise the vote.

What should I keep in mind when getting my passport in Denver?

It’s very important, know that every person over 60 years of age, or those who are considered elderly, will have a discount even up to fifty percent (50%), when carrying out the procedures and paying the expenses that the passport generates.

The same happens with people who have a disability, only that they guarantee their illness with a medical certificate.

Cost of the procedure

Both the validity of the passport As the number of years they have a fixed estimated fee to pay, and it varies according to the number of years. The years and cost are specified below:

  • 3 years at $ 74.
  • 6 years at $ 101.
  • 10 years at $ 136.

Is it possible to get a passport for minors in Denver?

If what you want to do is process a passport for a minor child, you You will need to make an appointment at the consulate. On the day of the appointment, the parents must be accompanied by the minor, or whoever has parental authority over the minor.

Even if the minor is accompanied by both parents or the person who has parental authority over the child, must sign the OP7 form.

Assuming the parents are not in Denver, but in Mexico, they must attend the Department of the Secretary of Foreign Relations, to sign the OP7 form.

In addition to this, Whoever had parental authority of the minor, must present a valid photo credential that fully identifies him, where the name is the same as the one that appears on the minor’s credential (in the case of the parents).

Passport for minor children who do not live with their parents

For a minor can process the passport, the consent of both parents is required, although there are exceptions, and some of them we will mention below:

  • If it is by abandonment of one of the parents, it is a fundamental requirement, to consign a copy of the Mexican resolution where parental authority is granted to the parent responsible for the child’s upbringing.
  • When it comes to divorce cases, the father will be authorized to process the passport at the consulate.
  • In the event of the death of one of the parents, the death certificate must be presented. If the death occurred outside the United States, the document must be apostilled by the competent authorities and in turn translated into Spanish.

Requirements to process the renewal of the passport at the Mexican consulate in Denver

When what is required is renewal of the passport, proceed as follows:

  • You will have to present the proof of Mexican nationality, if the passport was issued in 1995.
  • In the same way you must present this proof in original if the passport was issued before 2006 at the consulate.
  • In the event that the passport have some observations, You must present everything related to it.

HoweverTo expand more information and clarify any doubts you can enter this portal

What is the OP7 form?

The OP7 form is the permission that is managed so that children or underage children can access the passport by one of their parents or both.

Overriding requirement in order to start this process is that the parents have valid identification with them, as well as that the names must match in the same way as they appear on the minor’s birth certificate.

To process this form, no appointment required at the Consulate, apart from the fact that the procedure is totally free.

What are the requirements to process the OP7 permit?

To process the form, it is required That the parents of the minor in question, come with the documents that we will mention below:

1.- Valid identification with photo and signature of the parents, or of the persons over whom parental authority weighs. That is why you could submit any of these documents:

  • Photo Voting Card.
  • Mexican passport.
  • US or Mexican driver’s license.
  • Military Service Card: Must possess the full name without abbreviations or erasures, as it appears on the minor’s birth certificate.

2.- Original birth certificate of the minor and a letter size copy.

3.- Fill out the application respectively which will depend on the consulate or office you attend to carry out the procedure.

How long is the validity of the OP7 form?

The OP7 form should be done valid for ninety days after the declaration of will made by the minor’s parents or guardian.

How long does the application take?

The OP7 form, also called permission, it would be sent to the consulate of Mexico, after having made the request and within a period of three (03) following business days.

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