Requirements for American residency by marriage: Everything they haven’t told you

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Requirements for American residency by marriage

To be able to carry out the application for American residence by marriage, the immigration service and also citizenship.

They will ask for an application that proves the union you have with the person, which must be based on the love of the two, and not on the documents.

Or for wanting to obtain residency in the United States.

The requirements The necessary requirements that you must have to be able to obtain the American residence by marriage are the ones that we are going to pension next:

The applicant must demonstrate that he is a citizen or permanent resident of the country legally.

You must also show that the relationship you have is stable. (Try to collect photos of the courtship, as well as the marriage, emails, and messages.)

Have statements from friends, family, roommates, among others.

Evidence of its economy.

In the case of presenting car, health, home insurance, among others, you must present them.

Have the marriage certificate.

In the case of having children, you must also have the birth certificate of the children. (Remember only if that’s the case).

Who can request the residence card for marriage

People who can request the residence card for marriageAre those who have US citizenship or have permanent residence in the country, which must be legal.

To handle this process, it must be done in the place where you are living, either outside or within the United States.

The waiting time of each of the citizens is totally different from that of the residents, this you must bear in mind.

Have this immigration process of residence through marriage, since if you are in the process of obtaining citizenship

It is better that you wait for that process to be completed and this is a little more expedited.

In the event that you marry outside the United States of America, the spouse must wait for the consular process to take place in the country of origin of said spouse.

So that you can enter legally and as a totally permanent resident.

Marriages admitted to obtain the residence card

One of the most important conditions that they must meet is that the marriage must be fully valid according to the laws.

Depending on where the act was carried out, this will depend on whether you are in the United States of America or any other country.

Either civil or religious marriage, as well as people of the same sex or woman and man.

The United States does not accept bigamy, by this we mean being married to two or more people at the same time.

Regardless of whether this is legal in any other country.

If a migrant who is in the United States wishes to annul their marriage, they are allowed to do so even if it was done in another country.

And your spouse does not have a residence in the United States. Once you have such a divorce you are allowed to consummate a new marriage.

Weddings that are for powers should be avoided, as are marriages for Common law.

Save everything you can to prove the marriage, such as photos, whatsapp messages, emails, among other things.

On United states they care a lot about marriage of convenience, that the end is to get the papers.

If it is worrying and they believe they are committing fraud, the green card will be denied and repercussions fall on the spouse.

How much money do I need to sponsor papers and the cost of the petition?

The cheapest way to have an approximate cost of $1,000.

However, the final cost always ends up being much higher, this is to give you an idea.

That will depend on many factors.

We recommend this page so that you have clearer information on this cost

Click here

How is the procedure

In order to obtain residency, several Federal Government offices.

Several forms must be submitted in a pre-established order, and the corresponding fees must be duly paid.

The requests that are made by a citizen or by residence are quite similar.

But the essential ones are different, so each of the applicants, whatever their situation, must follow the corresponding indications.

How to process the residence of the spouses

The process for residence for residence of the spouses It starts with the I-130.

However, at this time, you will not be able to present the papers to present to request adjustment of status.

When the approval of the I-130 is notified, it will be paralyzed until there can be a fully available visa for the -2FA category.

Depending on the technical name it has, it can be consulted in the Visa Bulletin.

When a visa is available, if said spouse is in the United States, they can apply for adjustment of status.

Remember that you must have all the requirements for this venue.

However, if said spouse is outside the United States, the NVC will have to reactivate the procedures, plus the documents.

And you must indicate what will be done in order to obtain the interview at said consulate, where it will be approved or denied.

How long does it take for the residence card to arrive?

Currently the papers for spouses of American citizens are lasting between 12 and 24 months.

However, for some time now, the procedures are arriving between 6 months and a year approximately.

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