Requirements for Civil Marriage: Steps, License and MORE

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This article will explain what the Requirements for Marriage by Civil. Marriage is getting married, that is, marriage is when two people are united in marriage, either in a civil or religious way.

To get married, citizens must be aware that by doing so, they will receive the benefits and privileges in marriage governed by the law of a certain country, for each couple.

You must know what are the relevant procedures to celebrate your marriage by Civil. Within which the relevant vouchers and identification are contemplated and do not have any setback.

What are the Requirements for Civil Marriage in the United States?

If you are thinking of having your civil wedding before a United States Judge. We will tell you which are the Requirements to Marry by Civil:


It is important to note that in the United States to say «I do» it is necessary for the couple to have over 18 years. However, each state of that country the requirements may vary. For example: there are places where you need the permission of your parents if you are under 21 years , in others if it is less 19 years old.

In the case of citizens who want to marry at the age of 16 or less must have parental approval and permission. In some situations even a magistrate.

Being single

Other of the Requirements to Marry by Civil, is that they are single, but it is important to note that there are some that are the following:

  • In the event that the person has been divorced, they must bring the divorce document sent by an authorized judge.
  • In the event that you are a widower or widower, it is important to explain that in some states you must bring the death certificate of the deceased spouse.

Identification requirements

Have some of these IDs:

  1. Have your driver’s license or permit or any certificate to be supplied by an official Public Body.
  2. You can also deliver your passport that is in force.
  3. Document referring to the citizenship or naturalization.
  4. Visa or work permit.

Medical requirements

In some states that make up the United States it is essential that citizens who wish to marry must show a blood test and a medical examination.

Steps to follow

It is important to note that first the people who want to join must comply with the Requirements to Marry for the Civil, which was explained in the previous point. Then you will have to comply with the following:

  1. Citizens who are going to join must search with all the necessary documentation of both, as their respective ID, either your driver’s license, birth certificate, among others.
  2. The couple must have a proof of your identity when applying for a marriage license. They can also provide you with your Social Security.
  3. It is important that you take into account that if the original documents are in a foreign language, generally, you have to show a certified translation into the language of that country, in this case the English.
  4. Find the given number of the civil registration nearest place where you are celebrating your marriage to apply for the marriage license.
  5. After having found the number, you should then contact them to ask how to obtain the license and start the process for said application, either in person or online (if available).
  6. You have to contact civil registration to find out the steps to follow to marry in civil law before a Justice of the Peace and must schedule a date.

The date on which you carry out your civil marriage must make sure that everything is under control, that is, all the procedures, papers, etc.

Marriage license

The marriage license is a primary document for all citizens who wish to marry in the United States.

It is important to note that most of the states that make up the United States determine that approximately the validity is approximately 30 and 60 days.

Each state that is found must process a marriage license. That is why the city council or a county employee is usually the one who issues the license.

It is important that you complete the procedure in the state where the marriage will take place. Therefore, each couple must be aware that each state contains its own rules and regulations. However, you can access your web portal of the government of the county or city established before visiting them.

Both must swear that all data or information they are supplying is authentic and real. Then when you have already searched for the pertinent information to apply for the marriage license. You should take into account that it is not advisable to carry out the procedures for Last moment, because some counties have a waiting period between the date I request it and the date of the ceremony.


You must request a appointment in the office correspondent. In the event that I needed to apply in person, it is generally recommended to make an appointment before going to the office.

There is the possibility that some offices may have to request an appointment a month in advance, while others prefer that they attend a weekday before 4:00 pm

You can also contact through your web portal to find out if you can request an appointment to complete your process to aspire to have your marriage license.

When you have scheduled your appointment, you must bring the documents and requirements for said appointment. Beforehand, review calmly so that you do not miss any documents.

Once the couple has completed the form that will be given to you at that appointment, it will be signed. Some states require it to be under oath.

Then you will have to pay the application fee so that you can aspire to the marriage license, which ranges from 25 and 150 dollars. The rate varies depending on the state where you will be married.

It is recommended that you investigate in advance which payment methods are accepted in each place.

License Copies

When the clerk or person in charge approves the license, they will provide you with approximately three copies so that you can carry out your wedding ceremony and make them signatures by an officiant.

It is essential that those copies that are given to you should be kept in a place where don’t get lost, because without them the marriage it won’t be legalIf not, they are delivered to the office where the procedure was carried out.

The couple will then have to bring witnesses to the clerk’s office. In addition, you must perform the marriage before the expiration of your license.

When the marriage takes place, the couple must tell the officiant to sign the license. Then you must present the signed license at the office where you carried out the process. And in the end you will receive certified copies of said license.

Civil Marriage Costs

When you do your wedding in the Civil registration, the judge in charge charges an established fee, you also have the possibility of carrying out the service with transfer of the justice of the peace, to the place where you require it, either your house, a beach, in the room where you will celebrate, taking into account that it has a higher cost.

Each state has a set fee that ranges from $ 10 to $ 88.

Marrying as a Civil Being a Foreigner

Many foreigners dream of getting married in the USA. In general, the requirements have been the same for American citizens as for foreigners.

You must meet the election requirements, within which you will be supplied with the digit of social Security. also your original passport and in certain cases, translate to English, your birth certificate.

The couple must comply with the requirements established in the laws of the United States, over 18 years, approve the marriage and must be single. And that he is not only motivated by being an American citizen.

That they keep more than 2 years of relationship and they know each other personally. Another way to marry a US citizen with a foreigner and, that his / her future spouse, is not physically in the country and does not consider receiving permanent residence. They can request the K1 visa and demonstrate with facts that the wedding will take place, (wedding date, invitations, details, etc.).

Equality marriage

Many foreigners of the same sex travel to the United States to marry, which is legal and recognized since June 2015 in 50 states, the pertinent authorities of these states are in the obligation to carry out the wedding to homosexual couples, otherwise it would be an unconstitutional act penalized by law.

They should be aware that a tourist visa does not limit them to carry out the marriage, but to stay permanently in the country or obtain a work permit.

To apply for and obtain a marriage residence card in the United States, for marriage, it has an approximate cost of $ 1,960 for those residing in the country or $ 1,400 for the applicant living abroad

What is Marrying for the Civil?

Marriage is a commitment that unites two people emotionally, legally and materially, in the United States, both same-sex and opposite-sex couples can marry.

It is a legal ceremony; After the couple receives a marriage license and meets all the requirements of the law, they appear before the official authorized to exchange vows.

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