Requirements to Buy a Weapon: Advantages, Tips and MORE

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Are you interested in acquiring a firearm? Through this article you will find the Requirements to Buy a Weapon. The required requirements are few and very easy to meet, in such a way that the time to obtain it is very fast.

You will also know other information such as: Who can buy a gun in the US? Types of weapons that can be purchased. Also what the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution dictates and the advantages of buying a gun.

What are the requirements to buy a gun in the United States?

The Requirements to Buy a Weapon in the United States are as follows:

  • To have 21 years old.
  • Consign the valid driver’s license.
  • Complete the corresponding form for this procedure.

Sayings Requirements to Buy a Weapon They are very simple, it is not necessary to carry certifications of mental pathologies or criminal records for minor offenses. This is because in the Second Amendment to the Constitution, every citizen of the United States has the right to buy, own and use a weapon.

In the US there is a Federal Law that governs the obtaining, transfer and limitations regarding the possession of firearms, its name is the National Arms Act, each State of this country has its own laws in relation to the purchase, sale, carrying and use of weapons, so the requirements are different.

For example, in California, an authorization is required to acquire and have any weapon, you must also take a course to shoot and it is not allowed to commercialize powerful weapons such as assault rifles. On the other hand, in Alaska an authorization is not required to buy any type of weapon, or for its possession.

It should be noted that 5 States prohibit the commercialization of weapons of a military nature, and that they have not been designed for sporting activities. At smartgunlaws web portal, says they are designed to eliminate humans efficiently and quickly.

While in Colorado, anyone over the age of 21 has the possibility of obtaining an assault rifle without limitations. This state witnessed the well-known Columbine massacre, where 15 high school students were killed, including those who carried out the shooting.

The percentage of homicides with these weapons in Colorado is 10.3 per 100,000 residents, a number similar to the percentage nationwide, according to a report by the United States Department of Health Services. However, Alaska ranks first with the highest number of assault rifle murders.

Finding a place to buy a gun is very easy. For instance, at Wal-Mart supermarkets you can buy an assault rifle. Although this cannot be done online, it is possible to obtain it as if it were an appliance or other household item. The cost of these weapons are different according to each branch.

Who can buy a gun?

In the United States, which has a custom of English common law, it distinguished a right that has existed for a long time to store and have weapons, prior to the creation of the National Constitution. Currently, the right is formally protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Some state constitutions, which grant the right to possess weapons for personal use and to have them for personal safety and to be used in the military. Therefore, the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution dictates the following:

  1. The well-structured military, which is essential for the protection of a sovereign state, the right of citizens to store and have weapons should not be violated.
  2. Convicted criminals, citizens cataloged with mental illness and other pathologies, are prohibited from having firearms and ammunition in the United States. In most states, residents may have a gun or other weapon publicly concealed or uncovered. However, this is limited by many states and some cities.
  3. Some localities need a authorization to conceal a weaponHowever, in a large part of the localities they do not need this authorization to carry openly. Other localities need licenses to own or acquire weapons and ammunition, as detailed in the US Gun Law.
  4. Other cities do not need such requirements. In each State and in each city the requirements are different. This with respect to the authorization to carry and use automatic weapons that are legally registered and recorded by the NFA.

Second Amendment to the United States Constitution

This Amendment is charged with protecting the right of American citizens of having and carrying firearms. For this reason, this is one of the countries with the least prohibitions to buy and carry a firearm. Similarly, the US Supreme Court has confirmed that the right to own weapons is particular.

Likewise, it declared that such right has no limitations. Nor does it prevent the ordering of productivity and the purchase of firearms or similar devices. This Second Amendment stipulates that neither the federal government nor the local and state governments can intervene in the right to carry firearms.

At the end of the 20th century, the Second Amendment has been exposed to judicial, academic and political interests. The Supreme Court of the United States, made a clarification in 2008 on the protection of the right to carry arms. Then in 2016 he ratified the same information, and that it is not restricted to «only weapons used in wars.»

Even in these times the socio-political dispute continues, despite the large number of court cases. People who defend the right to carry arms state that armed inhabitants better execute their legitimate defense. It also prevents the authorities from becoming oppressive.

On the other hand, those who defend the control of the carrying of weapons, assure that the cities of the United States would have greater security if there were not so many firearms. However, those who defend the right to carry arms, justify that when a population that honors the laws is armed, it acts quickly. They also ensure that they act better than the police authorities, thus reducing the number of crimes

During 2016 in the United States, 4 out of 10 inhabitants confirmed to possess at least one weapon in their residence. This number can be larger. Taking into account that the information collected comes from people who voluntarily revealed whether or not they have a firearm.

Beginning in the 1990s, advocacy for the Second Amendment has gradually increased among conservative and liberal voters. In 2016, 76% of US citizens contested the annulment of the Second Amendment. This figure in 1960 was only 36%.

Types of Guns You Can Buy in the United States

The types of weapons that can be purchased in the United States are listed below:

  • Bushmaster .223 AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.
  • Semi-automatic weapons including the semi-automatic model of the AK 47.
  • The Minigun M134.
  • Rifles with telescopic sight
  • Pistols from renowned brands such as:
    • Smith and Wesson.
    • Mossberg.
    • Beretta.
    • Colt.
    • Block.

Advantages of Buying a Weapon

Although there are more disadvantages than advantages of buying a gun in the United States or in any country, some of the advantages are as follows:

  1. The countries where their inhabitants are armed, there are fewer crimes.
  2. For protect assets that they have.
  3. They are used for personal defense.
  4. Protect family.
  5. To practice sports such as hunting.

Some of the downsides are also mentioned below:

  • Can happen deaths by accident or mishaps with members of the family group.
  • The person who has a firearm is fully responsible for its use. For example, if a crime is committed with the weapon, the owner must report to the authorities and pass for bad times.
  • Cases of domestic violence can arise. Since having a firearm in the home, the woman as a potential victim sees a great possibility of that the mistreatment ends in homicide, compared to other types of homes.
  • In the case of alcohol consumption, medications and depressive symptoms. These situations can be exacerbated when someone has a firearm on hand at home. What can trigger suicides, these cases being very common.
  • Many people have the ability to fire a firearm, however there is a big difference between shooting it and using it properly. To learn to handle a weapon skillfully, it is necessary to train for a few months. Without proper training, the weapon instead of being a solution becomes a problem.

Obtaining a firearm in the United States is a fairly easy process. You only need to comply with the Requirements to Buy a Weapon, show up at the indicated site and that’s it.

It should be taken into account, in which State or city the person is located and verify the Requirements to Buy a Weapon, since they are not the same everywhere. In this way, you can make the purchase without any problems. Good luck with your procedure!

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