Requirements to enter the United States Army: All the information you need

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It is of the utmost importance that we know that in order to join the American army, certain requirements, qualities, and characteristics must be met. Do you know which ones they are? Keep reading.

What is the United States Army?

The Army or Armed Forces in the United States of America represent all the components of the army. It is made up of the Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines, and National Guard.

These bodies they are constantly recruiting and training military. For the defense of the country in all required areas.

According to the latest statistics collected, five (5) percent of those who are part of the United States Army are non-naturalized citizens or immigrants.

The Hispanic mostly they prefer the marines. Since enlisting beyond a salary, is to receive benefits, and at other times to receive incentives.

Requirements to enter the United States Army

Anyone wishing to join the army, you must comply with certain parameters and minimum characteristics, with which you will have to comply, which we will mention below:

  • Age: If you want to join the ARMY, you will have to have an average age between 17 and 45 years to be considered eligible.
  • Once they have several years serving or active in war and conflict, the average age to be a reservist is between 17 and 39 years old.
  • Weight: Men must weigh a minimum of 45kg and a maximum of 116kg, in the case of women, a minimum of 46kg and a maximum of 116kg.
  • Height: Size is essential when entering the ARMY, the minimum height is 1.52m and a maximum height of 2.02m in the case of men, in the case of women they must be at least 1.47m and a maximum 2.02m.
  • Health: one of the requirements is to have good health conditions and that you do not have any type of diseases that prevent the provision of services.
  • Disability: As long as the person can take care of himself, and is not unable to do all the functions.
  • Criminal record: Each component has its own way of verifying the background of each applicant, whether the crime was committed inside or outside the country.
  • When this is very serious or at least Whatever it was, this could be another reason to be left out of being an Army aspirant.
  • Be an american citizen: For the Armed Forces, the main requirement is that the applicant be American born or naturalized in the country.

Exams to be practiced

  • Psychological examination: this is carried out in all the components since it rules out whether or not one suffers from any mental illness that could prevent military service.
  • Vision test: A complete examination will be performed to determine that both eyes are in perfect condition.
  • If it happens to have minimum conditions you could apply, otherwise it is not possible.
  • Toxicological examination: The government as such, takes this test very seriously, since it results in the consumption of narcotics.
  • That is to say, that if the test is positive, you could automatically be left out permanently.

How to enlist in the United States Armed Forces?

Most of the Armed Forces are made up of citizens who enlisted at active serviceThese in turn receive training in some work specialty.

Usually last four years on active duty and then four years in inactive service (as part of the reserve).

Steps to follow

1.- Contact a recruiter: the interested party should contact a recruiter of each of the components, to clarify all the necessary doubts.

2.- Report to MEPS: If the interested party’s intention is to enlist, they must spend a day at the Armed Forces Entrance Processing Center, where they will present the physical examination (ASVAB).

Then talk with the enlistment recruiter, and if accepted, you must take the oath to enlist.

3.- Wait for orders for basic training: to start the initial training it will be up to you to wait for orders.

Instead, if you enlisted in the Extension Program In Income, you will receive your orders the following year.

How to be an officer of the Armed Forces?

Commissioned officers They are the ones who have the highest rank within the Armed Forces, they are in charge of directing operations, supervising plans, commanding units and finally they give the orders.

Most of the time, they have a college degree.

These, in turn, have the power and authority about all the newly enlisted, it can be said then, they are the ones who carry the greater responsibility within the Armed Forces.

To become a commissioner, levels must be overcome Throughout the military career (promotions), this boils down to greater responsibility, higher pay, and better benefits.

In order to be a commissioned officer:

  • Programs for those without scholarships.
  • Schools for Officer Candidates.
  • Direct Designation.
  • Military schools and service academies.
  • Training Corps of Reserve Officers.

Immigrants can join the American Army

Currently those who have the power to enlist They are the migrants who have legal status, that is, those who reside permanently in the country and have all their documents in order.

To the army can join, with the condition:

  • They are not allowed to be commissioned officers.
  • Once they meet a certain period, they will not be able to re-enlist.

If he applicant’s country of origin, has a tradition of being a hostile country, or is included in the list of hostile countries, you must apply for a waiver in order to enlist.

Clarifying a waiver is a document that allows the applicant to be exempted from the restrictions of the rest of the citizens belonging to these hostile countries.

If it is discharged without honor, they could deny the citizenship application that you make after discharge, and it is considered due to lack of moral character, and in the worst case, a deportation order can even be initiated.

However, you can by naturalization be benefited through a special process to acquire citizenship, after having completed the time required to be a member of the army.

In no component of the United States Armed Forces is allowed to sponsor a foreigner to opt for the Green Card.

It should be noted that if you have had or presented any problem criminal or administrative behavior, It is advisable to consult with a lawyer specialized in the subject, to know the possible migratory consequences and the time.

Can undocumented immigrants serve in the United States Army?

Currently it can not.

Since 2006, with the unification of criteria, in reference to the enlistment in all the military components, it was agreed that. The undocumented are not allowed to enlist.

It may happen that an undocumented have a direct link with a military citizen of the United States, and only then could you have certain immigration benefits and thus legalize your situation through that link.

Military Obligations of Americans and All Types of US Residents

All American Citizen (Male) Permanent resident and even undocumented, aged between 18 and 26, is obliged to register with the selective service, failure to do so becomes a criminal offense.

In this obligation, are also affected male citizens residing outside the United States.


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