Requirements to get married in California: Everything you need to know

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Once you have actually met your couple ideal and have decided to spend the rest of your life with that person. You can get married and if your destiny is get marry on California Here you can find out what is necessary to be able to get married there, so we invite you to continue reading.

Requirements for getting married in California

Some of the requirements that are necessary for you to marry in the territory of California are the ones that we will explain below:

  1. Those interested in getting married must be 18 years of age or older, they must be present and possess identifications valid.
  2. It is necessary to know the full names of birth of the fathers and mothers without any alteration and other data of their birth.
  3. The corresponding date for dissolution in the event that there is a marriage above, in addition to the documents that certify the divorce.
  4. It is not necessary proof of blood
  5. You also do not need to be a resident of California so you can get married there.
  6. It is not necessary to meet a period waiting period that corresponds between the receipt of a license and the moment of your ceremony.
  7. If you are a minor, including emancipated, they cannot be authorized for the ceremony. Without the consent in writing from their parents and another granted by the court.

Application for marriage license and certificate

In case you want to get married in the state of California, you need to apply for one of the marriage licenses.

From any of the 58 offices that exist in the county, so that the marriage can be considered legal.

Once you have received it there does not have to be a period waiting, they will be able to carry out the ceremony immediately, or until the license expires.

It is necessary that each of the parties be at least the age of majority, despite the fact that the state may offer the licenses publicly or privately.

No minor may make a request for any license whether public or private, for this the parents must have the knowledge.

Is it them or a court who can give authorization for the ceremony to take place.

It is necessary that the ceremony be performed in CaliforniaIt can be in any of the counties, but it cannot be done in another state.

You need to be present by least a witness to obtain your marriage license that is public, although if you wish you can be two witnesses.

Those couples who are requesting a license private marriage have to sign their affidavit.

In which it will be said that they coexist together at the time the request is made, the marriages confidential are not in public records.

Those people other than the spouses they have to file a court order if they want to get a copy

Proxy Marriage

Marriage proxy, or also known as marriage by proxy is a wedding in which one or both individuals are involved.

Co may be present in a way physical, therefore they can generally be represented by other people.

In case the two parts are not present, a double marriage by proxy can occur.

Generally this type of marriage is used when the couples they want to get married but cannot attend for certain reasons.

It is usually about prison, service military, travel restrictions, health problems and other inconveniences.

The Name Equality Act of 2007

In the name equality law which was published in 2007, the following parameters can be considered.

One or both are allowed applicants of a California license to marry make the change of your middle name or last name.

With that spouse for whom you want to be recognized after having performed the marriage ceremony

Whichever party is requesting marriage licenses you can choose to have your new name included in this license.

In the corresponding spaces and find available on the marriage license application, without being considered fraud.

The name change through this process can only be accomplished from the moment the license is issued.

Through the secretary or the notary who owns the county.

Any of the parties involved in the marriage You can choose to adopt some of the following last names:

  • The last name current property of your spouse.
  • That last name that was given to your spouse at birth
  • A single name ever combined in a single surname, or any segment of the surname you own currently your spouse or the one that was given to you at birth.
  • The united combination that was done with a hyphen between the two surnames.


Any of the parts of the marriage You can decide to adopt any of the following names in the second place:

  • The last name currently has either spouse.
  • That last name that was given to your spouse at birth.
  • That combination that is given by a hyphen with the second Name current and last name of the person or their spouse.
  • The combination that is presented joined by a hyphen with the current middle name and the surname at birth that the person or his / her may have. spouse.

Those who decide to contract marriage they cannot choose to change the first name that appears on the marriage license.

In case they wish to do so they must obtain an order judicial to certify the name change that has been made through the court higher according to title 8.

And its part three of the code of civil procedure

The contracting parties do not have the obligation to carry out the change name, even if you have legal doubts or questions about it.

Of the decision that I may come across respect When you change your name or include a new one on your marriage license, you must seek legal advice.

Before you can make the payment of your license of marriage.

In addition, the spouses may not add or modify this information after the license has been issued.

What last name will I use when getting married?

Regarding the use of names and surnames corresponding at birth or marriage, find subject to various practices according to culture.

In particular in the changes that are may perform at the time you decide to get married.

Usually the married name is constituted in replace or add the surname of the people with whom you marry.

Preserving the name of single but many times losing the surname of the family of origin since they are replaced by that of the spouse.

In some state and countries women can choose to keep their surname of origin even after marrying regardless of whether they keep it alone or together with the husband.

Some people mostly those who own lives artistic they choose to use their married name in some ways but mostly.

In the workplace they choose use your birth name

The wedding officiant, can you be my friend?

With respect to officiants officers:

They can be chosen both in the civil ceremony and in the religious certified officiants belonging to the corresponding institution.

What this means is that if you want to have a wedding religious there must be the presence of one of the representatives of the corresponding church.

And for the wedding civil it is usually required that a judge accredited through the civil registry be present. So that this ceremony can be recognized.

In front of the official instances, they must be performed with protocol readings and formal documents.

According to the regulations that can change from one institution to the other, for this reason it is necessary for the couple to decide to inquire at the civil registry.

And in the church about the requirements so that their representatives come to officiate the wedding and in some cases to the ceremony.

In case this is the case, you have to prepare the content previously desired and discuss it with the officiant, in certain cases the ceremonies can only be performed.

With certain reading or speeches mainly prepared by the officiant, however certain fragments placed on the wedding invitations may be included.

However, there are cases where apparently the wedding friends or an actor, but still in this way.

The officiant must be found legal who is in charge of ensuring that everything is carried out correctly.

For the cases of character ceremonies alternativeIt is necessary that whoever is the officiant informs the couple about the order that the messages, rituals or symbols will have.

Who are in charge of shaping this celebration, so that everything is perfect even in the case of a symbolic wedding.


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