Requirements to get married in Las Vegas: All the information you need

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If you have already found your ideal partner, it is quite likely that you want get marry With these people, the important thing is to know where. In case you have chosen get married in Vegas, this is your article, here we will be explaining what is necessary so that you do not have problems.

Requirements to get married in Las Vegas

Regardless of whether you want get marry only by civil or also by the church regardless of religion, you must process your marriage license. In case you want to perform the ceremony Without having this license, then you must know that this ceremony will not have a legal value.

In fairly general terms, they obtain these licenses for the marriage it is very simple, both adults must introduce themselves. Directly at the office for the Licenses of Marriage, having your photo ID and money.

The fee for this is around $ 77. Once you have it in your hand you will be completely Ready for his wedding.

Among other requirements, the following should be considered:

  1. You need to have at least the most old
  2. In case you are 16 to 17 years old, it is necessary to present the consent of their parents or a legal guardian.
  3. If your parents show up at the ceremony Proving the kinship is simpler the process, but if it is not necessary to process the consent in another way.
  4. Even if you are under 16 years old, you can choose to marry, but in this case it is more different, since it is the courts who are qualified to give the consent.
  5. With respect to home or the country of origin.
  6. You don’t have to actually live there to be able to get married in las vegas, you only need to have the license to get married.

Steps to follow

  1. Complete the online marriage pre-application.

This step is very simple to perform, and you can do it even before deciding to go on a trip, but only 60 days before at most.

This involves filling out an online form, which will be useful since when you arrive at Las Vegas you can just go by fast queue.

Getting the license for your marriage you can manage it in the following link: Click here

  1. Choose and book your wedding

According to the style you want, you can find a chapel that suits you with a package other than the one that corresponds to it.

  1. Apply for your marriage license

They must come with their identification with Photo, it can be the passport, while they go to the office that issues marriage licenses.

Which is in the county that corresponds to Clark there in Las Vegas, his exact address is 201 E Clark Ave, the office phone is Tlf: +1 702-671-0600

This is delivered at the time, and you can see what it will be valid for a year, if it expires you must request another.

  1. Perform the ceremony and receive your documents

After you have done all the preparations you can go with the marriage license to the chapel you have chosen to get married.

There they will grant you some documents and a code that you will need later in step number 6.

  1. His honeymoon

In this step you really should not do anything, it is only the celebration that you and your partner want to do to enjoy the beginning of your married life.

Also, one of the good things about it get married in Vegas is that it is an ideal place to celebrate due to the relaxation and entertainment offers.

  1. Apply for your marriage certificate

Once you are in your home country, you can access the page Web who owns the county registry in Clark:

There you can make the selection of the tab that indicates «Marriage Certificate #» and there places the code of the documentation license obtained in the chapel.

Then press «Search» and must the corresponding results for your search will appear below it.

Once you select yours, a window will be displayed in which the corresponding data for the abstract.

If you want to continue then you must create a user account, after you have made your registration by completing the form.

You will only have to buy a copy of the certificates by clicking on the «Add MC to Cart» button. Then following the instructions corresponding.

You must make the payment with the credit card credit approximately $ 20 and after a few weeks you will receive it at home.


  1. Apply to apostille the marriage

The apostille is mandatory in the most countries to legalize marriage. This is an attached document.

Which is issued by the secretary of Nevada, and although it seems strange it is necessary that the certificate that we just acquired be sent back.

So that it can be sealed, so that you can fill and print the application has to enter the following link.

In this application You will be able to see the following data that must be completed:

Service Requested: If you are not in a hurry in the process you can mark «Regular», in this case the shipment will take approximately one week

Date: Has to place the date the request was made.

Return to: Your Name full

Address: The address in which it should be delivered

Return Delivery: Here you have to to select the option «Mail to Address Above» so that they can reply to you by mail.

There you have to attach an envelope in which they must Appear your data, since it is the one they will use to send you the apostille back.

In this envelope you must put the address in which you want the documents, it is not necessary to attach the stamp.

Also, do not use a prepackaged envelope.franked. Since they will use their own stamps.

  1. Contact Person Information: You must give your Name complete and an email.
  2. Name of Country in which the Document will be used: Debes place the country of origin.
  3. Notes and Special Instructions: This option can be left blank.
  4. Method of Payment: This is the method that you will use in the payment, to avoid complications you can choose “Credit Card” (Card).
  5. Total Amount Enclosed: If you want work it by sending a regular type you only have to pay 20 dollars.

For other types of cases, look at the following rates here. Click

Service Type: Choose here «Mail» or mail

Order Processing Requested: Here you must mark the same option you have chosen in «Service Requested»

Card Type, Customer Credit Card Number, V Code, Expiration Date: Here you have to to attach the corresponding data for your credit card

Amount: You must place the amount that corresponds to the service

Subject Name / Order Reference: This is not a fact really necessary

Cardholder Information: Others data corresponding to the associated with your card.

Not to Exceed Amount: Here you put the amount maximum that you are willing to pay, will be used only in a few cases

  1. You must order a sworn translation

After you receive the certificate of your marriage to the Apostille corresponding, you have to request the translation of both.

Even so, not just any translation it must only be legal and must be official, therefore, you must contact a sworn translator.

In all countries there should be an official list of translators owned by the public bodies that are responsible for the case

You have to choose some of the professionals that you find on the list that can translate from English.

And you will select it either by the city or the comfort own, you must remember that it is necessary to translate the two documents obtained.

  1. Regarding the civil registry

This is the final step, you must request an appointment at the Registration civil law that corresponds to your city, you must go with your partner. With the following documents:

  • The certificate of the marriage, with its original and the respective sworn translation
  • The apostille in original with sworn translation
  • Certificates of birth from both
  • The census
  • Your blade declaration of the data
  • Copies of documents identity from both

Also if they have it they can present the deed of the marriage capitulations so that it is registered.

Where to get married in Las Vegas

There are multitudes of chapels in which you can choose to celebrate the wedding, however there are some that are recognized, among them are:

Hitching Post Wedding Chapel the coal in the present is closed, A Wee Kirk o’the Heather, The Little Church of the West, Little White Wedding Chapel, and Chapel of the Flowers.

However you can perform the search from other chapels online in case you don’t like them.

Will find a lot variety in particular if you want to have a wedding that is with some type of theme.

Cost of getting married in Las Vegas

In general you will need $ 77 to pay the license of marriage. But if you cancel with a card, you have to add $ 3.85 for the management.

Other expenses will vary depending how you want your wedding and the apostille service, with the legalization of the marriage.


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