Requirements to get married in New York: Everything you need to know

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Marriage marks the beginning of a greater coexistence on the part of a couple. Regardless of whether we are religious or not, we all know how to recognize the importance and benefits that civil marriage brings.

If you want your dream union to take place in any of New York State’s beautiful venues, be sure to collect the requirements to get married in New York that we are going to show you. So adjust your veil or tie!

Requirements to get married in New York

The requirements to get married in New York are as follows:

  • Be older than 18 years.
  • Present a valid and valid identity document. This can be your passport or ID of USA or the country from which it comes.
  • Proof of residence in New York.
  • The birth certificate of the members of the union.
  • The marriage license.
  • The social security number of both.
  • Certifications of the marital status of the couple. If one or both of them were widowed or divorced, the death certificate of the former spouse or divorce must be presented respectively.
  • Gather two adult witnesses.


Same-sex couples must comply with the same requirements to get married in New York. They must, in turn, apply in the same way as heterosexual couples for their marriage license or permission.

New York law is part of the Marriage Equality Law enacted in the State of New York on June 24, 2011, enacted by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, and which went into effect a month later.

Steps to follow

The steps to follow to deliver the requirements to get married in New York They consist of the procedure shown below:

  1. Gather your documents and requirements to get married in New York that we already mentioned.
  2. Get your marriage license. It must be processed at least 24 hours before the wedding, without exceeding the limit of 60 days.
  3. Take the documents to the court that corresponds to your county. The courts are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm
  4. Fill out the application form with your personal information and that of your partner in your company. In it you can find several options for surnames, and you must indicate which is the surname they want to choose. In case you want to change it, the legality of the same takes effect after completing the marriage ceremony.
  5. Decide if you want to be married in court or out of court, to a wedding judge or marriage officiant.
  6. If you want to get married in court as quickly as possible, you have the following 24 hours to do it. Remember that you must bring two witnesses to sign the marriage certificate.
  7. In case you want to do it outside of court, you must set a place, time and date for the ceremony to take place. New York civil wedding officiants typically hold the celebrations in New York and New Jersey. They can go to a house, an event room, a restaurant, in a park, the field or wherever you want.
  8. Another benefit is that you can request a wedding officiant to carry out the ceremony in your language, in a personalized way.
  9. Finished! After completing this process you will be legally married in the State of New York Congratulations!

Civil marriage for minors in New York

The civil marriage for minors in New York is allowed when one or both spouses are under the age of 18 years old, as long as they have the written approval of the minor’s representatives to obtain the marriage license.

In the same way, both parents or representatives must be present and have the corresponding identification at the time of making the application for the marriage license. They must also accompany the minor (s) during the ceremony when it is held in an authorized court.

The requirements to get married in New York If one or both parties are minors, they are the following:

  • Proof of date of birth, such as your passport, birth certificate or certificate or even proof of residence in USA.
  • The current identifications of both the minors and the representatives.
  • The marriage license, processed and authorized by the minor’s parents.
  • In the event that the parents are not alive or are not present, a legal guardian or representative must be present to accompany them in the process and subsequent ceremony.
  • Minors of 16 years must include, along with the approval of the representatives, the permission to marry issued by a judge of the Supreme Court of Families.

NOTE: Minors of 14 years old they are not allowed to marry in New York State.

How do I apply for a marriage license in New York?

The marriage license is a document that must be processed by all persons who intend to marry in New York State. For apply for a marriage license in New York, Applicants must appear in court with any of the following identity documents, both their own and that of the future spouse:

  1. The valid passport.
  2. The driver’s license or permit, or any identification issued by any State in the country.
  3. The naturalization certificate of USA. This document is valid for ten years after its issuance.
  4. The active military officer identification card of the USA.
  5. The foreigner registration card.
  6. The Green Cards or residence cards of both parties.
  7. Or the employment authorization document to work in the USA.

In addition to the identity document, this information from both parties must be presented:

  • Names and surnames.
  • The current address of both, whether or not it is shared.
  • Date of birth.
  • Applicants’ city, state and country of birth.
  • Social Security number.
  • Marital history, detailing previous marriages. This includes the first and last names of the previous spouses and the specific date and place the divorce was decreed. If the previous partner or partners are deceased, the death certificate must be presented.

The cost of apply for a marriage license in New York is quite low: just $ 35, which can be paid by money order or bank transfer. Be vigilant, because the court will not accept any other form of payment.

With the requirements to get married in New York that we have just explained, you must apply online at the Municipal Registry office. The same request is made in the City Clerk Online website. When completing the application, both parties must appear together to complete the process and deposit the payment of the fee.

After apply for a marriage license in New York and get it, the couple must wait 24 hours after the broadcast to be able to get married. The validity of the same is 60 days, with the exception of active members of military personnel, who are extended by 180 days. At the same time, it is valid for you to marry in civilian law in any location in New York City.

How a civil marriage is carried out in New York

A civil marriage in New York takes place in the following way: in the municipal registry offices of the city, with the witnesses present, or through a private one, in any locality of the State of New York.

In both circumstances, the parties are also registered in the municipal registry, as long as they complete the process as we explained above. After carry out civil marriage in New York, the witnesses, the bride and groom and the officiant must sign the marriage certificate or certificate.

The marriage certificate is the proof that the commitment was made legally, and must be delivered to the registry offices by the judge or officiant who was in charge of the ceremony. The deadline for submitting the document is five days and it must be done at the office that issued the marriage license.

How long does the marriage certificate take?

The time it takes to deliver the marriage certificate is approximately 20 days by mail, which start counting from the day the marriage license that was delivered by the judge or officiant is received and processed.

Marriage registration in New York

The marriage registration in New York It is obtained, as we already explained, in a municipal court office, or through the online application that must contain all the personal and civil information of the future spouses. In addition, you must attend the office of the City clerk of your locality with a copy of the identity documents and the payment of the service.

The offices of the New York municipal marriage registry they contain all citizens’ marriage licenses.

Therefore, in case of loss, you can reapply for registration at the office where your marriage was registered, since all the licenses issued are filed there, regardless of how long the marriages last.

To get it, you must make the corresponding request by email and complete the payment of the amount requested.

It is no surprise to anyone that marriage is the dream or goal of so many people. The union with the person you love the most, on a spiritual or legal level, is one of the most radical moments and decisions of your life.

Therefore, we hope you have a very happy ceremony and relationship after giving your life and requirements to get married in New York Congratulations!


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