Requirements to get married in Texas: All the information you need

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Once you have met your couple ideal and have decided to spend the rest of your life with that person, you can get married. If your destination is Texas here you can find out what is necessary to get marry there, so we invite you to continue reading.

Requirements for getting married in Texas

I enter everything that can only involve organize the wedding, can greatly increase the stress that couples present.

For what they want less is that the procedures are even more complicated, the requirements are as follows:

  • Your passport while it is valid. Here too It is possible to provide the Green card in case it is legal.
  • Or in such case the Registration corresponding for abroad
  • The record stating the naturalization or be a citizen
  • its certificate of the residence.
  • A certificate doctor
  • The constancy pre-nuptial type

Also with all these documents that we have appointed you have to also apply for a marriage license.

This can end up getting it in any from the county clerks.

If the case is that either of the two is under 18 years of age, they must also come with a copy certified of your birth certificates.

This must have a antiquity not older than 10 years, in addition to the letter expressing the consent of the parents or a judge.

Steps to follow

  • You have to request the license to be able to get married
  • Then you should take the oath, this must be signed in front of the secretary who gave you the application
  • Is not necessary that you get married where you issued the license
  • You have to cover the amount of the license of the marriage ranges from $ 70 to about $ 90 depending on the county
  • You must choose the person who will be in charge of officiating the ceremony and request the date for that special moment.
  • Remember that you must not forget the date, because if you do not attend the ceremony corresponding your license will be invalid

The only exception to the latter case is when requesting a exoneration due to the benefit for military service.

Or also if I know belongs to any of the armed forces of the country.

Only this can be requested exoneration when one or both spouses are in the country’s army and are sent to another country.

May be officiated by

So that your marriage can be officiated in Texas you have to have a suitable person for the role.

Some persons which are qualified to carry out marriages are the following:

  • A retired judge who may be federal or municipal.
  • Any judge to practice criminal law
  • Who belong to the juvenile court
  • On behalf of the court of character higher
  • Any judge of peace that is already retired or is still exercising
  • The priests
  • Rabbis Jews

Anyone else who also owns a post official in any of the religious institutions, they can also be qualified for this reason

Who can get married

Licenses marriage regardless of whether it is issued in one state, they can be used in others as well.

On Texas no proof is required to be able to marry. You really don’t have to be a resident of the state or any part of the country to be able to get married in Texas. Those who are first cousins ​​or brothers cannot get married in texas

On Texas As in the rest of the United States, people of the same sex can legally marry. Witnesses do not need to be present at the time the request is processed. license of marriage

In Texas there is no type of restrictions so that any foreigner can marry, any citizen can marry here.

Regardless of whether they are tourists of character temporary, those who have residence or the undocumented who are in the country.

But no matter what else, if you want your wedding is legal, you must comply with the conditions and carry out the procedures that correspond to the case.

Cost of marriage

In most cases you can get it marriage legally with an amount of around 100 dollars.

This cost may vary depending on your wishes to hold a party or ceremony after your wedding amounts will rise.

Where can I get married in Texas

Once you have decided achieve the requirements planned may arrive at the time of your expected ceremony.

But for this it needs to be officiated somewhere, you can choose from the following:

  • In some register municipal

This place must register in the schedule corresponding care. For this reason, the majority of the officiant belongs to this registry.

  • Any place that has been hired in some private way

This allows the couple to choose to have their ceremony in any different place, provided that it is officiated by a corresponding legal representative.

This ceremony can get exactly the same validity as if it were carried out in the municipal registry.

What do I need to know to get married in Texas

There is little extra data that must be known to get married in texas, among them we can mention the following:

To start your marriage By civil law, it is mandatory that you have the required identification, among them you can choose to present

Your driver’s license or any of the documents that can be issued by public and official entities of the country.

Your passport as long as it is valid, the Green card is included here in case it is already a resident legal

  1. Your certificate citizenship or that corresponds to naturalization
  2. Permissions to be able to work or the visa
  3. The constancy of your home.
  4. There are some parts of the country that they request that the bride and groom live in the state in which the ceremony will take place.
  5. The license of marriage issued in Texas can be used in another state.
  6. There is only a one-month waiting period for you to be granted a divorce in Texas.
  7. It is not required to be a resident or obtain blood tests to be able to get married in Texas.
  8. Those who are first cousins ​​cannot get married in Texas.

The marriages for people of the same sex they are totally legal in the territory of the United States

It is not necessary for you to have witnesses at the time of application for the driver’s license. marriage.


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