Requirements to get married in the church in the United States: Everything they haven’t told you

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Marry by the church It is a very important step, not to be taken lightly, if you have already decided to do so.

Then here you can get the information you need to marry in the church in America.

Requirements to get married in the church in the United States

In general there are two ways in which you can marry in the churchThis depends on what is selected by the couple at the time.

In addition to the wishes that the couple may have, when deciding how to confirm their love, you can go to the church of your preference.

And ask if the parish priest who is there performs the weddings taking charge of the legal procedure, in this way they have to deliver all the requirements.

That are requested to marry by civil In the United States, the parish priest, he will take charge of all these procedures.

Since it is recognized by the state as a judge of peace, in case the parish priest is not in charge of carrying out this procedure.

The bride and groom must get marry first through the civilian and after that process you can perform the wedding ceremony.

To do it by the church They must deliver the marriage certificate as a civilian

According to the different religions, it will be requested requirements different, this will be exclusively due to the diversity of religions.

In the case of the Catholic faith, in any of the congregations an interview is conducted with the bride and groom, with a representative of that faith.

In order to verify the veracity of the marriage and how close it is to religion, the requirements that are mostly requested by the church are the following:

The proceedings matrimonial

The main requirement placed by the churches It is the respective matrimonial file, this is a document that they must present.

This is a requirement that can mostly be processed approximately 6 months in advance, before the wedding ceremony.

In the locality in which you have decided that this ceremony it is preferable that this be done where one or both spouses live

So that the Procedure of the files it is necessary that both couples have their baptismal certificate.

In addition, you must have two witnesses and your marriage license, in addition to the name of the church in which you want to perform the ceremony.

Then you can find out the name of the priest who is going to officiate the union, they can also specify if they want their ceremony with or without mass.

In this way they will be able to organize their time for the rites that are necessary, the marriage file will include proof of your premarital course.

The process for the delivery of the proceedings The marriage will begin when the parish priest of the church conducts the interview with the couple.

To try to see what the intentions are may possess both when both marry the church, as this must be an act of love.

Which is certified under an oral and written oath, the certification of baptism of the couple is to be able to verify that they have not been married previously.

This is because the marriages for the church they are until death separates them both, however there are times when the bride and groom are requested.

A certificate of singleness both of you and in the event that you are a widower, the death certificate of your former spouse.

Marriage license

The license of marriage It is a document that must be requested at the secretary’s offices in the state.

Without her his marriage It may not be legal, however in some places there is also a paid marriage license.

Since their codes did not contemplate any benefit when obtaining the license marriage for workers.

Although in some of the Business There may be some of these protections that can be granted by the employer.

It will only be according to the internal provisions of the companyIn many cases after the wedding there are companies that do not grant a single day.

And the few that grant it these days later jealousy They deduct the worker’s salary, for this reason a law was postulated through which couples are protected.

Who just got a marriage, this so that couples can get quality time and strengthen the family base.

In the event that the law were to be a reality, it would be recorded in the laws of the job, so that you can get five Avian days of paid leave.

These licenses may only be awarded fifteen days after seeing the ceremony performed, and the employer must be notified at least one month before.

In this way, whoever has adhered to the norm will be able to obtain this license paid after marriage.

What do I do if my partner is not Catholic or has not been baptized

In the event that one or both a couple have not yet been baptized in the corresponding faith, it is necessary that it be requested.

A dispensation called as mixed religion or also disparity of the cult, if the couple wishes to marry somewhere other than the temple of their religion.

It is necessary that they request this exemption to the parish corresponding, for this there are a variety of dispensations that are working.

To be able to allow a great variety of situations that can arise when the couple want get marry.

That is why it is important to talk with the parish priests of the respective churches

Pre-Marriage Course

Although this requirement is essential in some churches in others it is totally optional to be able to get married.

This must be found out well in advance by the couple, because in some churches these courses can last months.

As in others it may even be days, after this premarital course has been executed, it is at the end that you will be given the certificate along with the proceedings matrimonial.

Only then will they be able to confirm that this course was carried out, there are parish priests who like to run some tests to check that if there is chemistry.

Is the wedding mass mandatory?

The nuptial mass is not really a requirement that is essential for the execution of the wedding, that is something that the couple can decide.

When planning the event, the wedding ceremony can be performed with a mass or in the middle of the liturgy.

At the nuptial mass the consecration of wine and bread that is why it can only be done by a priest.

While the liturgy It can be performed by a deacon since the aforementioned ceremony is not performed.

  • With respect to witnesses

It is necessary for the bride and groom to be able to ceremony have two witnesses to take them in such acts.

And two others who are acting in the ceremony religious, which gives a total of four witnesses for the wedding.

In case the bride and groom only want two witnesses it is also valid but these must fulfill the functions as if there were four.

The conditions for the election of the witnesses is that they are not family members and that they are people who know the couple well.

These have the function of certifying who get married just for love, they must also sign the marriage certificate.

  • They perform the ad to the public

The church usually asks the bride and groom to do public their marriage was previously advertised in the newspapers.

  • The statement

The couple at the time the ceremony is performed have to seal the commitment with the declaration of consent of the marriage.

These are some words that are requirements obligatory, without which they cannot avoid pronouncing it since if the marriage would not be valid.

Then the priest is in charge of blessing the a couple so they can pronounce their oath of love

  • To the Finalize

The most important and last requirement is that in the moment of making the marriage union is certified with the signatures in the act.

Those of the a couple, the witnesses and the parish priest who was in charge of officiating the ceremony, the record must contain the name of the archdiocese.

There it will work like certification that the marriage was sacred.


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