Requirements to study High School USA: Here you will find what you need to know

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As you know, education forms a fundamental part for the life of a human being. Since it will provide you with all the tools and knowledge necessary for the daily visa.

It should be noted that it allows to train ourselves as critical and analytical people for a good development within society. However, the rulers of each country have the obligation to provide their citizens with a quality education.

So this way help with the complete development of the nation before other countries. In this way we see the importance of study within a country and therefore in society.

Given this, we find ourselves in the need to share with our readers a complete guide to apply for admission to High School in the United States. In addition to all the documentation that it entails, its terms and tips that will help you enter successfully.

What is a High School?

As in its translation into Spanish it says a High School is an institution of a public or private nature where they are in charge of imparting the last four academic years.

Which are part of the last educational stage prior to the beginning of higher education or better known as University. However, it is not common for this name to be used for all countries, only a few have adopted this name.

Currently there is not much difference in what corresponds to the activities within this a High School compared to a Secondary. As it is called In most countries Spanish speakers to this type of institution.

What are the requirements to study in a High School

Within the parameters to be able to enter the educational system of the United States you must meet certain requirements. These will give you a complete adaptation and acceptance within it.

Next we will mention the requirements and necessary documentation to enter to study in a High School in the United States:

  • Possess entity 14 and a half to 18 year old,
  • Have or manage an optimal level of English to understand the class and academic level.
  • National Identification Document or corresponding Visa (In the case of being a foreigner).
  • Complete the process in the middle of August or early September.
  • Go to or comply with the national educational system regardless of the ethnic group or country you come from.

These will add certain documentation according to the previous request by the educational institute you wish to enter. However, keep in mind that in some cases you will need to take an income test.

What are the types of visas that are allowed to study in a High School in the USA

It is important to note that although by legal orders students who live in their school district are accepted. The wrong visa should not be used to access it, since once discovered it could have severe consequences.

However, there are certain types of visas that allow students to enter a High School without any inconvenience. In this way, guarantee the education of all the people who are within the country.

That is why below we will detail the types of visas that allow you to study within the territory of the United States. Which are conformed as follows:

J-1 visa

This type of visa is in charge of Students from countries other than the United States can study in an exchange plan. Like each type of visa, it must have certain characteristics that are important to enter a High School.

These parameters include the age or grade level that the student has attended before entering. It should be noted that the student who obtains this type of visa You will not be able to live with relatives or friends of the family.

The only option is to live within a boarding school or with a previously assigned American foster family. In turn, it is not allowed to have previously studied in the United States unless they are English summer study programs or similar.

F-1 visa

This type of visa is responsible for Students from countries other than the United States can study in an exchange plan. Unlike the previous one this It can be processed so that the student can reside with a relative.

It also has various characteristics that are very limiting within the parameters of the previous visa. In turn, it can only be processed to carry out studies of grades 9-12, with this you can not study in primary school.

Simultaneously, it can only be used to study for a period of one year (12 months) yes it is a public high school. In the case of being private, the time can be unlimited.

F-3 visa

This type of visa is in charge of students from countries other than the United States can study in border education institutions. For this you must live within a radius of 75 miles from the border and residence must be outside the United States.

For this visa you will not be able to choose any High School but one that is within the aforementioned distance. It can be issued by people of Mexican or Canadian nationality.

M-1 and M-3 visas

The M1 visa is in charge of granting the possibility of carry out vocational and technical studies within the United States. These types of studies are not academic in nature such as Music, Art, Cooking, etc.

The M3 visa is a hybrid between the M-1 and the F-3 which unites the characteristics of both to unite them in function and action. This allows you to perform vocational and technical studies within US territory if you are within a radius of 75 miles from the border with the United States.

What is a Host Family?

As we mentioned previously, within certain parameters of the visas granted to study in the United States, there are Host Families. Within their functions, they aim to remain responsible for the students while they are in the United States.

It should be noted that after certification as a host family dThey must go through an exhaustive control and tests for their certification. In this way, it does not cause problems within the student legal parameters and in the protection of minors.

How a family selects the student to host during the school year

Several families voluntarily apply for this process, which must go through a rigorous testing process. Currently this process is made up of three parts.

The first is the inscription of the family, where consequently We will proceed to check if it meets the requirements of the State Department. Then the second is a personal interview where the family is physically and pathologically interrogated.

Simultaneously a review of the facilities of the house that would be assigned to a student. Finally a training and preparation to receive foreign students.

What are the benefits of the American educational system

As you well know, as this is a developed country, you will be able to know that within this country figure one of the best educations in the world. Thus offering the best educational institutions throughout the United States, in addition to the different educational approaches.

Another of the great benefits that said system It has the possibility of carrying out different types of extracurricular and sports activities. Also provide you with the best quality and infrastructure for adolescent learning.


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