Sentri visa requirements: Required documents

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What is a Sentri visa

What is the Sentri visa? This is a really quick process for low-risk travelers who are pre-approved.

This is the place where people will have to voluntarily accept a fully comprehensive review of their entire biographical history.

In order to do so, you look for a criminal record if they have it, as well as immigration and terrorism customs.

In addition to checking your background, and your fingerprints.

They will also have an interview at CBP offices.

This pass will be valid for 5 years.

Sentri visa requirements

The requirements and necessary documents that you must have to obtain the Setri visa are the following, remember that you must have all of this or you will not qualify to obtain it:

  • Through the paypal service you must pay the charges required for the Sentri card application service.
  • You must download the necessary application for the Senti pass, and you must also complete the necessary information.
  • Once you are filling out the online application, you must send the necessary documents via email.
  • Your request must be reviewed to rule out the possibility of a criminal record.
  • When said request is approved, you will receive in the email a notification of the interview that will be with the Customs and Border Protection Agency.

Necessary documents

  • Have a valid passport or visa.
  • The valid driver’s license
  • He legally certifies the residence. (This requirement is only for citizens with American nationality).
  • You will need to complete the entire Sentri form online.
  • Make the cancellation of $ 25 for the card application, plus $ 130 for service charges.

Who can apply for the Sentri visa

The people who can apply for the Sentri visa are the following:

Citizens with American nationality.

Residents who are legal, we mean those who have a Green Card.

Any of the foreigners you have are valid visas to enter or stay temporarily in the United States of America.

Mexicans who frequently cross the border.

We must mention that citizens who are not United States or have any legal permanent residence, it will be impossible to have the SENTI without first having a visa which must be valid.

It can be any visa, which accepts the US territory.

To be able to request the SENTRI card for minors, it must have the consent of the parents or, if they do not have it, they must be the legal guardians.

In the event that your trip includes taking your children, each of them must have their own card. Thus they are not tied to those of their parents and / or legal representatives.

Sentri visa for children

The little ones of the each also have the possibility of requesting this pass, and the duration of the pass will be about 5 years.

If they are minors, they will not have to pay for it. In order to have it, they must have an interview with their parents or legal representatives.

In addition, the necessary documents for the minor must arrive.

In order to make the request for this you can enter the following link.


Some of the benefits of the Sentir program are those that we are going to mention below:

  • When they are in periods of high traffic the crossing is faster.
  • There are totally exclusive SENTRI lines for travelers, thus saving much more time in long lines.
  • The inspection time at the border is much more expedited. The border protection you have estimates that people who have the SENTRI card take approximately 10 seconds in the cubicles of the inspection guards.
  • The questions are less from the border agents.
  • It is less all the stress that is experienced when traveling with young children.

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