Requirements to Donate Hair

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Some things that you should take into account is the fighting attitude in which children or people who have cancer can lose their hair because of the treatment, and likewise their self-esteem, there are people who act disinterestedly who at the time of cutting their hair think to help those people and wish to donate hair to them, knowing the requirements to donate hair.

When you have very long hair, mostly women, sometimes when looking for a new look, or in the process taking it into account, they think about what to do with so much hair? A charity can be, if you don’t mind spending a few seasons without long hair, you can start by reading the requirements to donate hair.

What are the Requirements to Donate Hair?

When you have made this important decision and have understood what donating your hair represents, it is time to really know the requirements to donate your hairThis way you will know what you need to start the step that could be the smile of someone who will be very grateful.

  • If you are not of legal age, it is better for this type of decision to be consulted with your parents, since in some beauty salons they require some authorization. If you are of legal age you must be under 35 years old and not have gray hair.
  • You must have at least 20cm long hair. In certain places they require up to 30cm to receive your donation and only the part of the thinnest layer, in case of having layers.
  • You must have 100% healthy hair, without any type of scalp diseases and much less have lice, nits or any other type of animals that contribute to any disease.
  • All the strands should have the same length and direction, otherwise they would be wavy or curly.
  • Certain associations keep a statistical control of the people who donate hair, this is an important requirement on those occasions, since it is very likely that they will require you to send them some information or fill out a form from the Internet page or via email.
  • You must be completely sure of what you are going to do, it is a donation in good faith and you must remember that in the end it is hair, and it will grow back as it was or even better.
  • You must verify that the association to which you are making your contribution is completely reliable, since there are people or organizations that are dedicated to scam people by offering the service to prepare their donated hair in a wig to deliver it to people who need it, and what they really do is sell them since each wig costs around 2000 to 3000 euros and therefore they seek to profit at the expense of the people.

Steps or How to Donate Hair?

People who want to do this good deed need to know the steps they must take to get their hair donated to the competent organization.

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, without adding any type of cream or cosmetic that may affect its condition over time.
  2. Collect the hair at the nape of the neck, if you have very abundant hair you can take advantage to divide it as much as possible, divide the hair into three tails, the front one, both sides of the back head.
  3. Make a ponytail with an elastic band, the band should be fastened firmly so that it does not lose its shape or fall apart after cutting. In case some hairs get out of the band, they will not be included in the donation, they would be discarded. A good recommendation would be to put more than one elastic band to prevent this from happening.
  4. Make sure the band is below where you will cut your hair, it is necessary that the hair that you will donate measures at least 20 cm, hair donated below that level is too short to make a wig.
  5. When cutting your hair, if you do it in a hairdresser, you must make sure that the hair you donate does not touch the ground at any time.

Frequent questions

Can you donate colored hair?

No, colored hair cannot be donated. The reason is that the hair that is donated will logically come from people with different hair tones, and therefore for the wigs to have a real appearance and an even color, this hair must be processed and dyed from the roots to the ends in the same tone.

It is important that in this process of dyeing the wig, each ponytail absorbs the color in the same way, so that the wig remains with an even and natural color.

Where to donate hair?

The place where you can donate your hair depends on where you live, depending on the country, each association or foundation has its different requirements so that you can achieve your charity work, either for children with cancer or another condition that causes alopecia. , or for people who have diseases, in any case, this is a charity that is well appreciated.

It should be noted that not all cancer-fighting associations can donate hair, if you were thinking of a specific center it is better to investigate the associations that accept these donations for unforeseen minors.

There are quite a few places known as


Solidarity locks

Where to Donate Hair for Oncological Wigs?

One of the large associations where they accept hair for Oncological wigs is Pekelucas, in its hair bank, the hairdressers that are under the guidelines of this organization will carry out a very detailed examination of your hair to confirm whether or not it is suitable to be donated. be positive the review will proceed to cut it.

Unfortunately, they are not currently receiving hair thanks to the number of people who have donated, however, you can help in other ways by making donations of cosmetics or the like. Look for them online if you want to collaborate with this cause. make click here for more information.

As mentioned above, it is better that you look on your own since it is better to avoid this type of inconvenience if what you want is to help in a faster way.

Donate Hair at AECC

If you want to donate your hair for those who need it and you are thinking about the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), you can start through the Spanish Association of Posticería (AEP). These two associations have been in agreement since 2014, with the AEP being the one who delivers natural hair to AECC for those people who do not have it for cancer treatment and do not have the means to obtain it.

Their requirements are very simple, however, you can choose to visit the hairdressers that are associated with the networks of these two associations.

  • Go to a solidarity hairdresser in the AEP network.
  • You can cut your hair yourself.
  • Unlike other associations, in the AECC, you must have a minimum hair length of 35cm.
  • It does not matter if it is dyed or has highlights or gray hair.
  • You should wash your hair with Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • You will have to make a tail or braid on both sides with a rubber band.
  • You will make the cut of the braid above the upper elastic.
  • Once the hair is dry, you will have to place it in a plastic bag and later in a sturdy envelope or package.
  • You can deliver it to the hairdressers associated with the AEP, or send it by mail to the address of: Asociación Española de Posticería, calle Sagasta, 19. 2 ° B. CP: 30004. Murcia. Spain.
  • You should not forget to write your personal email in the envelope or package so that the AEP will give you a response of receipt and a few words of thanks.
  • In these hairdressers authorized by the AEP, they have a visible certificate certifying that they are recipients of donors.

Donation Centers

There are millions of Donation Centers around the world, it’s all a matter of looking where you are. These donation centers, institutions, associations or foundations are in charge of receiving the aid that people wish to give to other people who are in need of receiving such aid.

Likewise, if you find yourself in a position to donate your hair, it is best to find the closest Donation center to achieve an excellent charity, this is an action that is supported by many people, that feeling of doing something good for society does not it has a price.

Where to Donate Hair in Mexico?

In Mexico you can go to the following foundations or associations to be able to Donate

Foundation Curls of Love and JoyFor more information write to the email or visit their website.

Braiding Hearts Foundation, created in 2009 by two cancer surviving sisters.

Fábrica de Pelucas Teletón, founded in 2012, in the city of Aguascalientes, have created around 3,000 wigs that have been delivered throughout the entire Mexican nation. Their telephones (449) 9754216. Their email

Where to Donate Hair in Argentina?

Miraculous Hair Magic Hair. Hold different solidarity events throughout the country. Get information on your Facebook account.

Vanesa Durán Foundation

FiundaVita, An Easier Hair

Where to Donate Hair in Spain?

In Mechones Solidarios they are responsible for helping the physical consequences in which people who undergo these chemotherapy treatments end up, and therefore, they establish relationships of support and help for them, giving them a wig to paint a smile on their faces, When one of the workers of Mechones Solidarios can see the happiness of the children, they know that they have met their goal.

Here they ask for certain requirements such as:

  • Currently to receive donations of hair are requested from 30cm for adults. In children 20cm.
  • You can also send your hair directly to Avenida Europa 51, 29003 Málaga. Or do it through solidarity hairdressers.

Where to Donate Hair in Venezuela?

In Venezuela despite the difficult times it is going through today, its different autonomous organizations fight every day to paint a smile on each of the people who suffer from any disease, where they need to have a little more than emotional support, however, these different associations are in charge of gathering and delivering the different aids to them.

There are many associations that are responsible for making the dreams of children and people who fight against Cancer come true and here we have some of the most important associations in Venezuela.

  • SenoSalud
  • Funcamama
  • Friends of the Child with Cancer Foundation
  • Venezuela Anticancer Society
  • Breasts help


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