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Requirements to register as a small taxpayer: Everything they haven’t told you

read Requirements to register as a small taxpayer: Everything they haven’t told you and expand your tax culture, discovering the sales of being a small taxpayer Who are considered small contributors In accordance with the Value Added Tax Law, issued by the Congress of the Republic, Small taxpayers are identified as natural or legal persons, … Read More

Requirements for vehicle transfer: Steps to follow

Find out how to make a vehicle transfer, and the Requirements for vehicle transfer that are necessary. Keep reading! You entered the correct portal!, keep going down and find all the information you need. Requirements for vehicle transfer The necessary requirements that you must have for the transfer of vehicles are the following: You must … Read More

Procedures and Requirements to renew license

The driver’s license is a document that authorizes a driver to drive a vehicle on public roads. But this document is subject to renewal and for this you need some requirements to renew the license that will be explained in this reading: Requirements to renew license Like any process, prior procedures must be carried out … Read More

Procedures and Requirements to Renew Maycom License

Maycom, SA, was founded in 1995 and was established as an inclusive company that provides Biometric Identification Systems. Since 1999 we have produced, managed and controlled the production of Vehicle Driving Licenses for the Republic of Guatemala. In a simple and diverse way you can obtain the Requirements to renew maycom license, then we will … Read More

Processing and requirements for passport in Guatemala

The passport is like the identity card that people have internationally, since the same document has our most important personal data, such as our full name, our age, the date we were born and the nationality we possess. As all documents require certain steps and requirements to be able to obtain the passport, In the … Read More