Criminal Record Requirements: Cost, What It Is, and MORE

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Welcome! In the following article we will explain everything about the Requirements for Criminal Records.

The requirements for criminal records, They are not the only ones that we develop throughout this article, but we have also included the following questions: Where is the criminal record taken? How is the online procedure? What are the costs of the criminal record? We explain the difference between the criminal record and the police record and finally, we are going to define ” criminal record”.

Our objective is to publicize the new modalities that have been implemented for the benefit of both parties as of the current year. And, in turn, you can familiarize yourself with this new electronic method that will allow you to process your criminal record in a faster and easier way.

What are the Requirements for a Criminal Record?

To begin, we will mention what are the requirements for criminal records:

  • First, it must be a personal or family procedure.
  • Next, you must cancel Q 30.00. Likewise, this amount must be paid in some of the agencies that are located inside the facilities of the Criminal Records Unit.

On the other hand, you can also cancel it at an agency of the following banks:

  • G&T Continental
  • Banrural
  • Industrial Bank.

Other requirements

  • In addition to this, you must present your personal identification document, that is, the DPI (in good condition).
  • But, in case there is any problem with the IPR, you can also bring a photocopy, which must be verified by a notary.
  • Now, if you only have the photocopy, you must bring the original Birth Certificate issued by the National Registry of Persons.
  • And finally, the pay slip.
  • In case you are a foreigner, you must present a valid passport.

The duration of the procedure depends on whether it is due to a lack of criminal records or due to a criminal record. The time for each procedure is as follows:

  • No criminal record: 3 minutes.
  • Criminal record: 1 hour.

It is important that you know that these antecedents are going to have a certain validity, this means that they are not definitive. In fact, the criminal record can “disappear”, or can be “canceled”, if you meet a series of requirements after the completion of the sentence for a specified period of time. Thus, canceled convictions will not appear on the criminal record certificate.

Now, the time for you to request the cancellation of criminal records will depend on the type of penalty required as well as the seriousness of the crime and these are established in article 136 of the Penal Code. Keep informing yourself of this document!

Where is the Criminal Record Obtained?

At the start of a new year, most people start looking for both the criminal record and the police record. It is because of this demand that long lines are formed in the spaces commissioned to carry out this procedure.

But… Why is there a high demand for both antecedents? Well, it may be because one of the requirements that students who have just graduated from university must have to opt for a job are both backgrounds. Or, because, if you are already an employee and you find yourself working for a company or for an establishment, you must update your criminal and police records.

Now, in order to avoid possible difficulties for citizens, the OJ, that is, the Judicial Organism, in company with the PNC, the National Civil Police, have reached an agreement. And it is thanks to this that other means were enabled to request these documents.

Then, any person who is interested in having the Criminal Record Certificate, may execute the request in one of the following three ways: face-to-face, via email or online.

Now, one of the spaces where you can go and ask for your criminal record is in:

Criminal Records Unit, located in the 6th. Avenida “A” 9-23 Zone 9, Jade Building Annex, Guatemala. And the contact numbers are:

  • Tel: +502 2426 7362 / +502 2426 7366
    Fax: +502 2426 7219

The second means where you can request your criminal record is through the Internet, through the online process. This same is explained in the following point:

Online Processing

Starting this year, the OJ implemented a new system that will facilitate the processing of criminal records. These will be done electronically, where you will need Internet access and a smartphone, tablet or computer. So, the steps you must follow to carry out the procedure are the following:

  • First, you must make the payment which will have an amount of Q. 30.00 in those banks that are authorized, that is, Banrural, Industrial and G&T.
  • Then, go to the next Web page CAPE.
  • Afterwards, you must register the pertinent data of the applicant.
  • Finally, you have to wait for the ballot, which will be sent to the email. However, if you don’t have an email account registered, don’t worry, as the system will generate a code so that you can download it and then print it.
  • In the same way, you can get this document in the mobile unit or in one of the 25 delegations that are in the Judicial Organism.

Finally, we will leave you a video link where you can see how to get this information from the page.

Cost of Criminal Records

Now, we will tell you about the expense you have to make to have your criminal record:

  1. Let’s start, the only one amount you must pay in the agencies that are within the Criminal Records Unit, or, in some of the three banks below: G&T Continental, Banrural, Banco Industrial is from Q 30.00.
  2. In addition to this, this payment includes two copies of the lack of criminal record (in case you present only one). So, for every lack of background, you have to pay the 30.00 auetzales.

Difference with the Police Record

To begin with, it is important to highlight the difference between these two types of records, that is, between criminal records and police records. Since they are usually considered the same, and it is not like that. This is why, below, we will explain the inequality between the two concepts.

As we develop at the end of our article, criminal records are those documents that show the judicial status of a person, that is, they are the data and records that confirm whether or not a person (over 18 years of age) has had legal problems. Similarly, the criminal record is held by the person who has been firmly convicted of committing a crime.

On the other hand, the police record is held by the person who is involved in facts established and ordered in the current Penal Code, without having had a conviction. Consequently, the police records are recorded:

  • National Police.
  • Civil Guard.
  • Autonomous Police.

Finally, you should know that in order for you to carry out any type of procedure in another country, you must first justify or verify that you have no criminal record or judicial record. Generally, this procedure is carried out by the country’s administration, however, they can ask that you deliver it yourself.

Remember that you can request the certificate in person or by mail.

What is it?

Later, we are going to introduce you to the meaning of “criminal record”. Thus, criminal records are those that reflect the provisional certificate in an official record of the punishments imposed on a person by virtue of a final judgment issued by a court or, failing that, by a criminal court.

In short, the criminal record is the determined legal result that originate from the criminal acts carried out by an individual. Likewise, the legal consequences of these acts will be recorded in an official record for a period of time. determined. On the other hand, the purpose of registering is to maintain control of the people who have been previously convicted either by a court or criminal court.

Added to this, the criminal record will have a not so positive effect or influence on various aspects of the subject’s life. We must emphasize that it is precisely the workplace that will be most affected. However, this will always depend on the type of legislation handled in each country.

One of the questions that turns out to be quite frequent regarding this topic is the question of Who is allowed to request a criminal record certificate?Well, this certificate can be requested by any natural person of legal age and any legal person through their legal representatives.

As well as, this application can be made in person, through email, and also online, a method recently implemented by two important organizations to facilitate and simplify its obtaining, this is how you will have your certificate at the end of your application . Take into account that this will only be available for 24 hours.

To end with our writing, addressed to the requirements for criminal records, We invite you to help us share the information. See you soon!

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