Export Requirements: Types, Documents and MORE

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On this page we will tell you what the Export Requirements In the event that you are a merchant and want to move your merchandise to another place or need to send an item of value to another city or country. Stay! Here we will tell you in detail everything you need to know.

To transport a package you need a series of procedures that require authorization from customs agencies in order for the shipment to be effective and safe. If you want to know more about the documents that you must request and the costs that this entails, keep reading and inform about it.

What are the Requirements to Export in Guatemala?

Every citizen residing in Guatemala who wishes to export a product must send a series of Requirements to Export. If you are interested in knowing how you can move a product from your country of origin to another, keep reading these guidelines:

  • The first thing you should know to be able to carry out this process legally, is that you must acquire the Exporter Code. You can request this document online, through the electronic Export Authorization Service (SEADEX WEB)
  • For the transportation of a product to be effective, it is necessary that you deliver the export documents that are requested.

Next, there are different types of exports. These same have to be subject according to the country of origin, its different and the transport route that will be applied.

  • The Certificate of Origin: This voucher shows that the products are of origin and natural from Guatemala.
  • The Chamber of Commerce (CC): It will grant you the certificate of birth, it has no preference.
  • Commercial invoice: All imports made must be covered by a commercial payment voucher. In the case of the merchandise that is going to be transferred, it does not have any commercial value, in the same way it must be presented as mandatory.
    • This invoice must be original and with the duplicates ordered by the plaintiff to import the merchandise. We advise that it be done in other languages, either English or Spanish, in this way the entry procedures in other non-Spanish speaking countries can be processed faster. This point is very important, don’t forget it!
  • Packing list: This record, like the one mentioned above, must be attached at the time of import. With this document the customer can interfere in the entire procedure, whether in the purchase or sale of the products, recognize their merchandise and have knowledge of the content of each package or package.

Export Types

In Guatemala there are various types of exports. According to him Central American Uniform Customs Code (CAUCA) there are three (3) types of export:

One of them are final exports. It is when national products leave the customs territory or that are nationalized for their use or their total expenditure abroad.

On the other hand is the temporary export with re-import in the same state: The customs regulations are suspended from the cancellation of the payment of duties and taxes on said export, for this reason the temporary departure from the customs territory of local or nationalized products is allowed for a particular reason and a defined time, with the characteristic that is reimported without having presented any change abroad.

Next, the temporary export for outward processing: It is the ordinance that authorizes the exit of the customs territory for a precise time of national or nationalized products, they can undergo modifications abroad.

Likewise, they may have suspension of export tax rights, to later be reimported under the tax method, and the time set by law.

Documents Needed to Export in Guatemala

That person who has the need and wants to transport an article or merchandise of interest, has to fulfill a series of Requirements to Export, which were mentioned above. In addition, this procedure requires documents that will be explained so that you can complete this process, so take a pencil, paper and write down all these notes.

  • You must wait 2 to 3 hours for them to review and verify the request of the Exporter Code.
  • The data information will be checked by means of the mobile that has been registered in the application.
  • Already in this step, the payment will be canceled in one of the agencies of the Industrial Bank or Banrural. This will be quota of Q 92.00 available to the CE for export authorization.
  • Once this code has been acquired, the company will give you its export documents and the corresponding authorizations. For more basic information, download this link SEADEX.web
  • Note: Anyone who needs or wants to import any package from Guatemala, is required to process the necessary documentation, before an import or transport office.

How get the code to Export in Guatemala?

After reading all the Export Requirements that they request to make the entire shipping process effective. Don’t forget to have the Export Code at hand!, in case you don’t know how to get it, It is very simple! Follow these steps:

  1. Verify that your electronic equipment has a good connection to the wireless network and remains stable, so that you do not have some future problems in the process.
  2. You have the option of choosing the search engine of your choice without any problem, either Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, among others.
  3. Then you must access the official page of the Single Window for Exports (VUPE).
  4. Choose the SEADEX WEB box, choose the left tab that says Get Exporter Code
  5. A form will be issued, which is divided into 4 parts.
  6. There are products that need special authorizations issued by institutions for their due export. These permits can be obtained at the central offices of the Single Window for Exports (VUPE) where you will be attended by the assigned delegate.

Export Requirements: Export Costs in Guatemala.

To measure the prices of the costs and expenses of the exit of the products abroad, it must be taken into consideration that these can be very varied. This is because it will depend on the buyer and the distributors, who will participate in the entire procedure of distribution of the merchandise.

For this reason, it is important to know this structure, which we will present through a list, which will help you when exporting what you want. Do not miss it!

  • First, we have the production costs: local or imported raw materials, labor, labeling, packaging, supplies, design, packaging, royalties and maquila.
  • In second place is the administrative and commercial expenses: Percentage of profits of the Export Department, Fixed costs and variable and fixed costs.
  • Next, financial expenditures: Export credits, capital stability.
  • Fourth, direct export consumption: Packaging, box labeling, packaging, loading process, pallet investment.
  • On the other hand, there is the logistics that are the port consumption, all the documentation, insurance, float and labeling.
  • Later, we present the services: Clearance, inspection and customs office.
  • Marketing: Contribution to trade shows, homework, financial meetings, and advertising displays
  • Direct costs; Bank commissions, percentage of profit of the customs agent, payments of the same and consumption of sale abroad.
  • Finally there are the export attractions: tax restitution, exporter’s earnings, special treatment places, utility, total result.

Export Requirements: What is it?

All at some point we have sent items of monetary or sentimental value to another country but we haven’t asked What does it take to send a product from one place to another? Here we will explain the basic procedure that this requires, but first we will say one of the purposes of a customs transit.

One of them is to avoid theft and theft after declaring the goods, as well as to facilitate the distance of the same to the importer and thus, ensure its shipment.

For these purposes to be fulfilled, they have to follow some previous steps, where the article to be transported will be analyzed. Next, it will be identified if it is local or international to consult the tariff regulations and determine the costs so that the legal regime is complied with.

Once this process is done, then we will present “Customs clearance” that the packaging will be entered at the entrance door of the customs agency, notifying the carrier.

Then, an insurance company will be hired for the constitution of the bond, the documentation will be gathered and the merchandise will be recognized. Other elements that accompany this process are:

  • Constitution of guarantee for customs taxes.
  • Dispatch of the articles from the customs branch of the entrance.
  • National transfer.
  • Entry of the package to the destination office.
  • Culmination of circulation, whether local or foreign.

The subsequent step where the merchandise will transit:

  • National: Document of customs certificates and request for freedom from custody (valid for the second point).
  • International: Description of the customs notification for importation and other requirements.

We hope that this page has been very useful and that you can answer your questions. Dear reader, don’t forget any of these guidelines! So that you do not have problems in the process.

See you!

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