How to Know a Date of Birth with DNI: Online, What it is and MORE

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If you wonder How to know a date of birth with a DNI? of a person or personally, then you are in the right article. Next, we will explain in detail how to carry out this process. To do this, you must continue reading all the information so that you order your ideas and record all the precautions.

Keep in mind that this procedure is legal and free, although it may cause you concern, do not stress the process is quite simple. You just have to be attentive and you will see that you will get the certificate without delay.

How to know a date of birth with a DNI?

Keep reading this publication so that you take into account How to Know a Date of Birth with a DNI? since it is personal data that is not always easy to discover.

The date of birth is an individual information that may be necessary for different purposes in addition to essentially knowing when a person is turning years of life. Also, these reasons can be school, research, family or also to get some answers about someone who has died.

In case you have the identification of the person you are referring to nearby, what you should do is take a look at one of the sides of the report. In both you will discover the date of birth you need.

How to Know a Date of Birth with DNI: Online and Automatic

The date of birth can be discovered on the web and naturally. This type of search is the most feasible so far. To do this, you must have this publication open so that it is more pleasant for you to have the option of controlling you through the means that we provide you, below.

For convenience, it is prescribed to perform this interaction from a PC.

  1. You must enlist in the online interface of the official page.
  2. After you have logged in, select the alternative Question located in the sidebar and then click where it says New Query
  3. In this part you must give the DNI number, at that time the system will provide you with the date of birth that you need to know.


Health centers and vital registries can provide individual information. To know someone’s date of birth through these records, you simply need to provide their full name and perhaps other information that may be requested.

It should be noted that to carry out this method it is important to have prior approval since said data is private. This shows that it cannot be given to just anyone.


If the date of birth you need to know has a location with a deceased, you may have to look it up in the obituaries. On certain papers, you will be able to get the date of death, age, and day of birth.

Baptismal certificate

You can also find out someone’s date of birth from the chapel records of people who are immersed, if the person you are referring to has performed this role. To do this, you must go to the congregation where the demonstration occurred and give the full name.


In the same way, schools, military records, designated records and different agencies in which they keep records of individuals, it is possible to discover someone’s date of birth. Part of these procedures may require approval to obtain this information or provide a substantive explanation.

Another alternative to know on what date someone was conceived by DNI, despite the strategies clarified in the past areas, through which it is possible to know when an individual was conceived. These are part of online information bases.

These are web-based interfaces in which just by providing some particular data it is possible to access certain data. This information can be the name, the DNI or the location. If you are looking for other information, you can also request the date of birth.

Keep in mind that these data sets are generally used by organizations or the current state, since it is feasible to acquire data on debt holders, clients, among others.

For a vendor, there are paid data sets in which you can find monetary data for a potential customer. This is safe when doing trade demos.

Most monetary foundations, lenders, and banks have an individual data set that covers this type of data. Through the information it can give, it is considered whether a client is qualified to grant him a credit or different advantages.

It also allows you to fully understand the important facts that help you avoid a scam.

How to Know a Date of Birth with a DNI: What do I do if I don’t have a Physical DNI?

There are numerous circumstances in which we do not have our real identification. The same as that of the person for whom you need to know certain individual data that he can provide, such as the date of birth.

If you are in one of these circumstances, it is possible to obtain this information by different methods. For this you need in any case to have the DNI number, enter the official website of the entity and you will be able to know someone’s DNI.

In case you have the personal identification number, you can check in the attached areas the methods by which you can know the date of birth of an individual.

What is the DNI?

The DNI is the individual and unadaptable public registry of a legal nature. Any individual residing in Guatemala, regardless of whether he is a foreigner or a national, who is registered in RENAP, will reserve the privilege of requiring this registration.

In this line, all residents must transmit this file in a consistent manner, as it will be necessary for all friendly, legitimate and regulatory methodology, and in general for all the cases that the law requires.

Its main objective is to configure and maintain the registry of unique identification of common people, as well as to record all the information and acts alluding to the common state from the birth to the death of the resident himself.

Classes of individual distinctive test file (DNI)

1.- File of individual distinctive evidence for Guatemalans of legitimate age.

In accordance with what is communicated in the Guatemalan enactment, explicitly in the common code, Convocation Law 106, which states that a Guatemalan resident is considered a resident in Guatemala after reaching 18 years of age.

From that point on, they acquire the ability to exercise their privileges and make commitments on their own, in this way, as indicated by the law and especially the guidelines for issuing DNI, when the age of 18 is reached. , as mandatory, he must obtain the personality file.

In the consular workplaces that have their closest residence, the public registry of individuals will allow Guatemalans who are abroad to obtain their own distinctive test certificate.

2.- Proof of individual recognizable test for Foreigners.

For domiciled foreigners registered with RENAP, an individual identification report will be delivered in an alternate tone to that of Guatemalans, provided that the General Directorate of Movement grants them perpetual housing.

This is in accordance with what is stated in article 10 of the Guidelines for the issuance of the recognizable individual test certificate, agreement of the Renap governing body number 303-2008.

This must be given with the name Individual Identification Report for Resident Foreigners, that is, it will have a similar substance for Guatemalans.

3.- Individual identification of Guatemalan minors.

Due to minors (from 0 to 17 years old), this registry, in addition to being public, individual and unadaptable, its use is discretionary, according to the provisions of the Guidelines for the issuance of individual distinctive evidence file in Article 15.

The moment a minor does not have the DNI, it is perceived that they can be recognized in a similar way with the confirmation of their introduction to the global authentication, which is therefore completely valid just like the DNI.

How to Know a Date of Birth with DNI: Birth Certificate

All people have a birth certificate, however, it is certain that they do not have a reasonable idea of ​​it. In this segment you will understand what the declaration of birth is, read on.

This is a record that contains data confirming the presentation of a baby. It also has data about your family, your date and season of birth, and something else.

In Guatemala, the birth will is issued by RENAP, which is the entity responsible for keeping the identity records of the inhabitants of this country.

What is RENAP?

Another important point that we must know is that the National Registry of Persons (RENAP) is a decentralized body of the state, has a legitimate and legal character, with rights and commitments.

It is an organism whose purpose is to design, unify, control and filter everything that identifies with the different marital status records; for example, distinctive proof of common people, including the transmission of the DNI (Individual Identity File) throughout the country.

Likewise, there are explicit capacities that a similar law establishes in its article 6, and these are the following:

  • Plan, concentrate, order, normalize and organize the registrations of your competition.
  • Register all the manifestations that alter the common state of normal people, such as births, deaths, divorces, relationships.
  • To all Guatemalans and foreigners domiciled, issue the distinctive individual evidence file (DNI).
  • Also, to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, it must provide ideal data on registered residents and all the information necessary to achieve its objectives.
  • It orders, directs, configures and maintains the activity of the single brand, face and different registries that are fundamental for the fulfillment of its objectives.

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