How to know date of birth with the DNI: Web mode

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The National Registry of Persons (RENAP) It is a decentralized state agency. Are you looking for how to know the date of birth with the DNI: Web mode? Keep reading!

What is RENAP?

The National Registry of Persons (RENAP) It is a decentralized state agency. It has legal personality and assets, with rights and obligations.

It is an organism that Its purpose is to plan, centralize, control and monitor everything related to the multiple activities of the civil status registry, such as: identification of natural persons, including the delivery of the DPI (Personal Identification Document) throughout the country.

There are also specific functions which establishes the same law in its article 6, and these are the following:

  • Plan, concentrate, organize, normalize and systematize the inscriptions of its competition.
  • Register all acts that modify the marital status of natural persons, as well as births, deaths, divorces, marriages.
  • To all Guatemalans and domiciled foreigners, issue them the personal identification document (DPI).
  • To the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, issue timely information on registered citizens and all the information you require to achieve your goals.
  • Organize, supervise, establish and maintain the exercise dactyloscopic, facial and other records that are necessary to achieve its objectives.

whatWhat is the DPI?

The DPI is the personal and non-transferable public document of an official nature. Any person inhabiting Guatemala, whether foreign or national, who is registered in RENAP, will have the right to request this document.

In the same order of ideas, all citizens must carry this document at all timessince it will be required for all civil, legal and administrative procedures, and in general lines for all cases that the law requires.

Has as main objective to establish and maintain the unique identification registry of natural persons, as well as register all the data and acts referring to the civil status from birth to death of the citizen itself.

Types of Personal Identification Document (DPI)

1.- Personal identification document for Guatemalans of legal age

In accordance with what is expressed in Guatemalan legislationspecifically in the civil code, Decree Law 106, where it is stated that a Guatemalan citizen is considered of legal age upon reaching 18 years of age.

From there, acquire the ability to exercise their rights and acquire obligations for oneself, so that, according to what constitutes the law and particularly the regulations for the issuance of DPI, once the age of majority is reached, the identity document must be obtained as an obligation.

In the consular offices that they have in their headquarters, the national registry of persons will allow Guatemalans abroad to obtain their personal identification document.

two.- Personal identification document for domiciled foreigners.

To domiciled foreigners registered in the RENAP, They will be issued the personal identification document in a color different from that of Guatemalan citizens, once they are granted permanent residence by the General Directorate of Migration.

All this in accordance with what is expressed in article 10 of the Regulation for the issuance of the personal identification document, agreement of the Renap board of directors number 303-2008,

This must be issued under the denomination Personal Identification Document for a Resident Foreigner, that is, it will have the same content as for Guatemalans.

3.- Personal identification document for Guatemalan minors.

In the case of minors (from 0 to 17 years old), This document, in addition to being public, personal and non-transferable, its use is optional, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation for the issuance of the personal identification document in its article 15.

When a minor does not possess the DPI, it is understood that he can still identify himself with the certification of your birth certificate, which in turn is totally valid as much as the DPI.

Through the website

It is then through this portal that you can navigate very easily, allowing you to access each of the icons and carry out the procedures of interest.

This portal offers information regarding what RENAP is and represents, as well as the offices and its main headquarters, but it also shows all the services it offers for the convenience of the user and ease of carrying out all the procedures from home, and in turn also exists an online chat that allows you to clarify any doubt.

What is the birth certificate?

The birth certificate is a document issued by the National Registry of Persons, in which all the information referring to the birth of the boy or girl is exposed, including the data of the parents, the date and place of birth of both, etc.

The use of this document, as an instrument to carry out procedures, It is well known by all Guatemalan citizens, since through it the origin of a person can be known, information that is often requested by institutions that need to know the data of the people who are registered in them.

At the same time, this document can be used to:

  • For apply for passport.
  • at the time of apply for DPI for the first time.
  • As a requirement to enroll in an educational institution.
  • In some cases to present when a person wishes to marry or divorce.
  • and inclusive to request an inheritance.

Requirements to obtain the certificate

To obtain the birth certificatethe following requirements are required:

  • First you must have the Personal Document of Identity (DPI), of the mother and the father or only of the mother if required.
  • In the event that the child is presented by a person other than your father or mother, you must also show your personal identification document (DPI).
  • To do this, they must also submit the birth report issued by the health center, the doctor, nurse who attended the birth. Said report should be accredited by the Ministry of Health or any local authority to be valid.

Requirements for extemporaneous RENAP birth certificate of minors.

If the case occurs that the boy or girl, minorthe birth certificate could not be processed on time, which results in having to submit more requirements in a special case like this, which are mentioned below:

1.- Personal Identification Document of the person who appears

2.- In turn, All required information must be provided of both parents and even that of the minor himself.

3.- As well as present the certificate of refusal of all persons who were born after 2009, issued by the National Registry of Persons (RENAP).

4.- For this, These documents must be submitted:

  • Birth Report.
  • Baptismal.
  • Place of Birth of the minor endorsed through a certificate issued by local authorities.
  • Constancy of the examinations performed on the minor.

Steps to process it

with all the existing technology, it can be said, that today, the process of the RENAP Birth certificate can be carried out online, carrying out various procedures for the issuance of this document.

For it, the following steps must be followed:

  • proceeds to create the user.
  • Later the form is filled out, If you are not registered, you will proceed to register previously.
  • then will enter the system and you will click on birth certificate.
  • In the moment of request birth certificate RENAP must completely fill out all the information required by the system.
  • And finally, through credit card the payment is made for 19 quetzales.

once they are all the steps accomplishedthe system will display the RENAP birth certificate so that it can be printed.

If on the contrary, you have a problem and you cannot carry out the procedure online, you must go to the RENAP office. (National Registry of People). With all the requirements that are required for the issuance of the RENAP birth certificate.

However, You already know everything about the procedures, steps and requirements, you just have to follow the instructions above, with this you will obtain what will be the first identification of your baby.


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