How to know how much light I owe: Everything you need to know

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Energuate is a company that, in addition to providing energy electricity to most of the departments of Guatemala. Do you want to know how much light you owe? Keep reading!

What is ENERGUATE in Guatemala?

In Guatemala the acronym ENERGUATE, means Energy of Guatemala; and is the main electricity distribution company in the country. This distributes energy in 20 of the 22 Departments of Guatemala.

It is also important to mention that previously it was called Western Electricity Distributor, SA (DEOCSA) and Distribuidora de Electricidad de Oriente SA (DEORSA). Its goal is to provide better service to customers.

However, this company follows the guidelines issued by the National Institute of Electrification, an entity attached to the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

How to check my electricity bill?

To check my electricity bill, I must first have the data updated. This update can be done in several ways:

  • First you must visit one of the Customer Service Offices of ENERGY.
  • Or also by calling phone number (502) 2385-2222. Always presenting your NIS number.
  • through the internet entering the page.
  • then there send the NIS numbername, telephone number and email information.
  • you can do it too via email from the ENERGUATE customer service office.
  • Once your data is updatedyou can check your electricity bill by going to the page
  • In turn, you enter your NIS number and the page will reflect your detailed invoice.
  • In addition, you can also do it by visiting one of the ENERGUATE Customer Service Officesor by calling the telephone number (502) 2385-222


The NIS ENERGATE, is the Supply Identification Number, assigned by the Company to all people who have electrical service in Guatemala.

Also, this Supply Identification Number It is necessary to present it in order to request information on your invoice or to cancel it.

Notably to have the fastest service and secure when you request the service by phone number (502) 2385-2222 and also to achieve your location in case you need to make a claim or request.

Steps to follow to pay my electricity bill

Payment of the electricity bill It can be done directly at an ENERGUATE Customer Service Office, in some stores selected by the company for this purpose; If you do it this way you must present your NIS number, or to make the process easier online.

  • If the payment of your invoice you do it online you must enter the page
  • We can also select the bank in which the payment will be made. But first you must request the username and password. You can pay by Credit Card or Debit Card.
  • Later you do the whole process that is indicated on the bank’s page and you wait on the screen to display the proof of payment.

Can you read your monthly electricity consumption meter?

To read your consumption meter of electrical energy, you must first know the type of your meter, if it is a metric cycle or a needle meter; and then follow these instructions:

That is, if the counter is Metric Cycle; You write down the current reading, from that reading you subtract the reading of the previous month, that is your consumption for the current month.


Current reading…………………..11,230 kWh.

Reading last month……………11,120 kWh.

Current total consumption………….110 kWh.

Or on the contrary, if the counter is Needles, you will see five images of watches and each of these images will mark a number with their needles. You must add each of those indicated numbers and that is the current reading.

So, at that current reading you subtract the reading from the previous month and it is your consumption for the current month. Example:

First Needle Presents a reading of ….…………3,000 kWh.

second needle presents a reading of ……..……….2,280 kWh.

third needle presents a reading of…….……….…1,800 kWh.

fourth needle presents a reading of…..………..…..3,230 kWh.

fifth needle presents a reading of ……………… 1,694 kWh.

Then, by adding all those numbers gives you 12,004 kWh, which is your current reading.

So, from that reading, you subtract the one from the previous month which is 11,420 kWh, gives you your total consumption for the month which is 684 kWh.

How to read my electricity bill?

On your electricity bill, you will find the following data:

  • The data of the company that distributes the energy electrical.
  • Your full name, your address, your Supply Identification Number, NIS, and the date of issue of the invoice.
  • The total to be paid and the due date payment, your energy consumption in the month.
  • Your payment history; if you have paid before or on the indicated day or if, on the contrary, you have been late in paying them.
  • The billing concept: the monthly charge with VAT, the energy consumption with VAT, the contribution that INDE makes to the Social Rate with VAT, Rounding Adjustment (-) VAT, Rounding of the previous month without VAT.
  • The subtotal to pay.
  • The fee for public lighting imposed by the Municipality
  • The total to pay.

To read your bill

1 First you must identify your electricity consumption.

2.- Then to You multiply that consumption of electrical energy for your rate plus VAT.

3.- Subsequently, you are going to add or subtract that result:

  • The Fixed Charge with VAT, established by the National Electric Power Commission.
  • The subsidy granted by the National Institute of Electrificationwhich has been the Contribution to the Social Rate with VAT.
  • Rounding Adjustment without VAT.
  • Rounding from the previous month without VAT.
  • the result is you electric power consumption the month.
  • To that result you add the charge for lighting indicated by the Municipality, and you will have the total to pay in the month.
  • current payment rate of light.
Simple BTQ price
ChargesUnitWith VATWithout VAT
PermanentQ/month supplyQ 12.28Q13.75
for energyQ/kWhQ 1.95Q2.18

Social Rate (INDE Contribution to Social Rate).

ChargesUnitPrice without VATprice with VAT
Fixed Q clientwhat month supplyQ 12.28Q13.75
By energy Q kWh

From 0 to 60 …………………Q/ kWh ..……………….Q 0.50 …………..Q 0.56

From 61 to 88 ………………..Q /kWh ..……………….Q 0.78 ………………..Q 0.88
From 89 to 100 ……………….Q/kWh…………………..Q 1.71 …………..….Q 1.82
From 101 to 130 ……….……Q/kWh.……………….…Q 1.82……………….Q 2.04.

How do I request a new electricity service?

To request a new electricity service before ENERGUATE,

  • First you must know if the installation for which you are requesting the service complies with the conditions set forth in the Technical Installation Standards, and if there is a connection that is connected to the distribution network.
  • Then you make the counter request. The term to install it is 28 days.
  • You go to an office customer service ENERGUATE, to request and sign the Electric Power Supply contract; with the following documents:
  • The Supply Identification Number from the neighboring house.
  • Photocopy of an identification document.
  • Photocopy of the document that proves the ownership of the property, for which you are requesting the service.
  • In case the connection is in a private sectoryou must present the owner’s authorization and a photocopy of your identification document.


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