How to Know if a Vehicle is Stolen: Fines, SAT and MORE

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How to know if a vehicle is stolen? In this article you will find all the information you need to find the answer to your question. In addition, you will know which body is responsible for disabling a vehicle in Guatemala and more information about the vehicle tax in this country.

We invite you to read the following article and also consider the importance to be solvent with their vehicles in Guatemala.

How to know if a vehicle is stolen in Guatemala?

The frequency of stolen vehicle cases has made it appropriate to ask you how I can tell if my vehicle is stolen. For this you must follow the following Steps:

  1. Enter the Internet portal of the Guatemalan civil police by clicking here.
  2. You must provide the type of license plate and her number.
  3. The system will be automatically warned when it is a stolen vehicle. If this is the case, you must notify the authorities who call 110 and file the complaint at the next police station.
  4. You must have your DPI.
  5. If the vehicle files a complaint of a theft not true, the owner must withdraw the complaint to the national civil police station, which is the closest to his home.
  6. If your vehicle was stolen, you must notify the SAT, by clicking here. This superintendency disables the vehicle for eight days.

How to Know if a Vehicle is Stolen: Activate a Disabled Vehicle

The SAT can disable your vehicle if you do not cancel the vehicle road tax accumulated for 3 years. In this section, we will tell you how you can activate your SAT disabled vehicle.

The next steps to activate your vehicle are as follows:

  • You must complete the form SAT-0452, which represents the certified statement in relation to the activation of land vehicles. This you should make a copy and sign it.
  • You make the presence of your DPI, otherwise, you send a document that validates this procedure issued by RENAP.
  • If you are a foreigner, you must present your passport.
  • If it is a legal entity, you must present the document that validates the legal representative of the company, along with a legalized copy.
  • You must cancel the tax debt of your vehicle for this year.
  • Followed by this, you should go to SAT to check your vehicle on a DEIC-PNC seat.
  • To finalize the procedure, you go to the tax register within a period of 6 days.

There’s others requirements Attachments to which you should have beyond the above, these are:

  • Fill in the form SAT-2033, which must be signed by the owner of the vehicle.

You must cancel the following:

  • License plate renewal for motorcycles = Q60
  • You have to renew two plates = Q120
  • Renew the car title = Q60
  • Renew the Circulation Card = Q60
  • You must pay the corresponding ornament.

How to Know if a Vehicle is Stolen: Fines

If you do not pay the vehicle traffic tax in the Previous 3 years, the SAT will have every duty to prevent your vehicle.

This good can be paid for by accessing the website of SAT and you must pay off all the debt plus 12.75% of it per day of delay.

In August 2018, a offer for disabled vehicles, in which the owner paid 25% less than the total debt if he did so voluntarily.

This decrease in payment is raised in the tax, for which it is still valid.

In addition, owners can reactivate their plates who pay back taxes by filling out a SAT-4091 form, in this way, their vehicle will be automatically enabled. You can get the form by clicking here.

How to Know if a Vehicle is Stolen: Consequences

There are many consequences that occur for a idle vehicle in Guatemala, with tax procedures, such as physical damage to the vehicle.

So, we let you know what these consequences are.

At this time, the SAT meets, a vehicle is disabled, the owner cannot make the stages have to do with the tax record. Those are:

  • Transfer the vehicle.
  • Renew the circulation card.
  • Change the title of the property.
  • Among other things, they make changes to the engine or the color of the vehicle.
  • In addition to keeping the disabled car associated with the ownership documents, the appropriate authorities collect the Q500 fine. Anyone who did not comply with the above can be arrested.

Also, vehicles parked for a long time show a series of malfunctions. The most common are the following:

  • Tire deformation.
  • Lack of lubrication in the air conditioning elements.
  • Rust on the engine.
  • Piston damage due to oil deficiency.
  • Damage to the cooling circuit, for example the water pump.
  • Oil leaks due to drying and tearing of joints.
  • Brake parts rust due to lack of oil change.
  • Long idle time causes the sprockets, synchromes and other elements of the remote case to rust.
  • In the same way, the windshield wipers and headlights are influenced, by the corresponding failure of the pump or a blown fuse.

Vehicle Traffic Decal

Once you have paid the tax debt of your vehicle, the SAT offers the vehicle circulation decal, which corresponds to a guarantee of the rules of these debts.

This tax must be paid before the Administration Superintendent within 01/01 to 07/31 of each year. Otherwise, it will be canceled in this period, the interests are created by default or by general payment of the payment.

Printing a Vehicle Traffic Decal

The impressions of the Vehicle Traffic Decal in Guatemala it is very easy to obtain, you just have to know how much you owe in the SAT system and continue with the payment.

Follow each of these steps so that you can print the circulation of your vehicle:

  • You must access the SAT page by clicking here.
  • Select where to indicate procedures or arrangements.
  • Choose the option of the vehicle questions and then consult the traffic rates and traffic fines.
  • Select, where the system indicates the printing and confirmation of traffic violations.
  • In this section, you must provide the system with your license plate number and your NIT number.
  • You should consider that the impression of the circulation of vehicles can only be fulfilled when the price corresponding to the fine has been paid.

It’s important to know:

  • You should know that to cancel your tax debt in the circulation of the vehicle, you should not have fines.
  • The Vehicle Circulation Decal can be requested at any time from the officers to whom it responds, so it is always kept inside the vehicle or always kept during driving.

What is the SAT?

The Superintendency of the Tax Administration or known by its acronym as SAT, was created in 1998 and constitutes an entity of the Guatemalan state, which covers the entire country.

This was founded as a replacement for the general direction of internal returns motivated to its ineffectiveness.

The Superintendency of the Tax Administration has the main objective of the exclusive exercise of the administrative activities of fiscal type according to the law. This covers activities, such as the establishment and operation of procedures that support compliance with tax rights and other activities, by taxpayers.

The SAT is an entity Guatemalan public, which has an important role in collecting and executing the administration of all urban taxes and taxes and non-taxable income.

It is worth noting that this is an organization that stands out for its administrative, economic, budgetary and financial autonomy.

Functions exercised by the SAT

It is the subject of the SAT, the exercises exclusively the functions of the tax administration contained in the subject’s legislation and exercise the following specific functions:

  • Exercise the administration of the fiscal regime, to apply fiscal legislation, collection, control and control of all internal taxes and all taxes that tax foreign trade, which must be received from the state, with the exception of those that administer the municipalities and they increase the municipalities.
  • As part of this function, you must seek high levels of tax compliance, reducing evasion, acting in accordance with the law against tax and customs crimes, and facilitating taxpayer compliance.
  • Administer the Republic’s Customs System and facilitate foreign trade in accordance with the law and international agreements and treaties ratified by the functions of Guatemala and Control of one-paragraph or non-tariff exercises, linked to the customs regime.
  • Establish verification mechanisms for customs value, source of goods, quantity and tariff classification to avoid overloading or lack of support and achieve a correct and timely imposition. Said mechanisms may include, but are not limited to, contracting international verification and supervision, contracting international information and other related or complementary services.
  • Organize and administer the collection system, the collection, control and control of taxes under its burden.
  • Maintain and control the records, promote and implement administrative actions and promote lawsuits, which are necessary to collect from taxpayers and tribute responsible for their interests and, if applicable, their surcharges and fines.
  • Tax liabilities of the sanction, in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code and other tax and customs legislation.
  • File the complaint, causing criminal prosecution or adhere to those initiated by the Office of the Public Prosecutor, in cases where the investigation processes or criminal procedures are in progress in the appointment of the Commission of crimes and misdemeanors against the tax regime, fraud and smuggling the customs branch.

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