How to know if my IPR is already here: List, Parts and MORE

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How do I know if my IPR is already in Guatemala? You can clarify this question in several ways, in this article we will provide you with all the information about it. It is important that I continue reading! so you don’t make any mistakes when doing the process.

Please note that the DPI It is a legal document that all citizens living in the Guatemalan country must have it. It is possible that any official may request it or require it to process different processes in the nation. Therefore, it is vital that you complete the procedure to obtain it quickly.

How do I know if my IPR is already in Guatemala?

Citizens who need to carry out the process must first fill out the DPI application, then they will have the option of verifying the status of the process. You can accomplish all of this by choosing to do the following:

  1. Access the digital platform of the RENAP
  2. Locate the Services menu
  3. Later, in Online Services, select Check the status of the IPR process
  4. Next, you must supply the application number.
  5. Also, you must place the security characters, displayed on the screen.
  6. Finally, click on the option «Check the status of the process”.

How to know if my IPR is already here: List

In numerous events or constantly, RENAP keeps countless DPI granted, which will soon be compiled by their holders; As a method to remind or alarm those interested by the current circumstance, the foundation gives a summary or release, where they are ordered by divisions, as well as the Register office where they can meet.

In addition, they are reminded that among the modalities to withdraw the DPI, the alternatives are as follows:

  • Individual structure, introducing the declaration of request of the DPI or by showing your own personal information at the registry office.
  • Through a third person, who can be a family member or trusted person, presenting a file that certifies it as authorized and its own IPR in original and copy.

How to know if my IPR is already here: Parts of IPR

It is important to know what this document is made of. The DPI It is made of polycarbonate material and its size resembles that of a debit or credit card. Among its attributes, we find that it has a front and a back, where we can see the information of its owner printed.

Note that on the front of the DPI, we will find:

  • The recognizable test code or CUI.
  • The full names and surnames of the resident.
  • Your ethnicity, country, and date of birth.
  • Sex
  • The date the file is released.
  • A photo of the holder and his signature.

While they are on the opposite side or the other way around, it will be observed:

  • The date the report ends.
  • The common status of the resident.
  • Neighborhood information, such as the office and your district.
  • Details of the place of birth, that is, the Book, Folio and Partida number, as long as it is registered in the district.
  • Detail of real limits or individual enhancements, assuming one.
  • Also, the chronic file number.

Likewise, the DPI has security components, among them we have:

  • An electronic chip, where all the information near the house is recorded. Counting fingerprints, facial reflections, and your own signature.
  • A Micro line.
  • In the upper right corner, on the front, we see the Guatemalan shield card shaded.
  • In the middle, we can see the Great Jaguar pyramid.
  • On the opposite side, you have a visualization of two figures from the public images: the painting of the Public Bird the Quetzal, and the Public Flower, known as the White Nun.
  • In addition, it incorporates the photograph of the wearer as a watermark.

How to know if my IPR is already here: Request for IPR

Every Guatemalan resident, as well as domiciled foreigners, enrolled in the National Registry of Persons or RENAP, who are over eighteen years old; They are obliged to request and acquire it, since it is seen as the authority’s report, to carry out all respectful, regulatory and legitimate activities.

To request it, you must do the following:

  • You must be of legal age to apply for IPR.
  • At the time a child development request is made at the time of their seventeenth birthday celebration. They are granted IPR when they turn 18 years old.
  • Upon completion, renewal takes place.
  • When there is disintegration, deterioration or theft, the document is requested again.
  • Likewise, substitution is mentioned, when there is an alteration of any of the information printed in the file or registered on the chip.
  • Or on the other hand those who have undergone changes in their biometrics.

The records required for its application are:

  • The payment receipt that is compared to the type of request.
  • The declaration of birth, unique and duplicate.
  • Ornate ticket, unique and duplicate.

The type of IPR delivery can be:

  • Face to face with the owner of the IPR.
  • If the process is done by an authorized person, you must submit supporting records.
  • Through the delivery system of documents, with proof of receipt.

The report is transmitted within 30 business days, however, it could be expanded as indicated by the authorized entity. The expense of the issuance is Q. 85.00, it may be for the issuance, for substitution or reestablishment.

Frequent questions

What is known as the Central Registry of Persons?

Characterized as the unit in charge of maintaining unified all the data of the individuals as a record of the facts. In addition, it is in charge of the administration of the central file, which deals with the information base of Guatemalan citizens and the task of processing the DPI codes.

What is the purpose of having the IPR?

Transmitting IPRs in Guatemala, in addition to being a right, is a commitment, it is considered that it completes all the reflective, authorized and legitimate manifestations of the country.

Among its most common attributions, we have:

  • Demonstrate the certainty of identifying.
  • Complete enlistments or registrations with RENAP, for example, births, relationships, divorces, deaths, etc.
  • Opening of financial balances, to change checks, acquire unknown trades and settlements, possibility of collecting protection and credits.
  • Opting for a job, getting services, etc.
  • Exercise the option to cast a vote.
  • In addition, many other public and private strategies.

How will I know when the IPR expires?

On the back of the IPR, you will find the expiration date; It is important that you make the restitution before the expiration date is reached, as a preventive measure, since it is conceivable that the transfer takes more than thirty business days, according to RENAP.

What is known as Civil Registry?

It is an organization that works in coordination with the central registry of people and is accountable to all Guatemalans as the guarantees of birth, separation, death and marriage and demonstrations of recognizable proof of all the people in the public region and the different agreements that it grants. the law.

What is (RENAP)?

It is responsible for each of the common systems of Guatemalan residents as a single record of normal people, for example, current realities and acts identified with their marital status, common limit and recognizable proof of birth, death. Like the issuance of an individual DPI report.

What to do if I don’t have my IPR?

In case you never had DPI, you have to trust that RENAP will transmit the file. In the event that your IPR is lost or deteriorated, you must enter a new birth certificate and the administrative document that you deliver to RENAP.

In case one of the guardians is outside of Guatemala, what should I do with the identification?

Shall introduce a consular letter approving the issuance of the file.

What can I do if the DPI is damaged?

You must enter a new authentication of birth and confirmation of the IPR replacement measure.

What should I do if the IPR was stolen or lost?

You must document a complaint with the Public Service or the Common Public Police and file a duplicate of the objection when processing the reinstatement of the document.

What is the IPR?

By alluding to the DPI, he is affirming that Guatemalans have an authority file, individual, unadaptable and public. The Individual Identification Report, which by its abbreviation, we know as DPI; it replaces the previous neighborhood character file, a file that is collected and saved with sentimentality.

Since it registered the most significant occasions of the existence of Guatemalans. However, due to the innovation and how delicate and unreliable it was, they decided to deactivate it. We have at that point, that the Individual Recognizable Test Record or DPI, is composed of a polycarbonate card, with qualities like a Visa.

It has a security chip, where the personal and biometric data of its owner are entered, thus guaranteeing its character. In the printed structure, on the front and back, we discover the resident’s own information, without prejudice to the Extraordinary Distinguishable Evidence Code or CUI, a photo that recognizes the owner of the file and his signature, among other data.

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