How to know my Tigo Guatemala Number: Recharge, Payments and MORE

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Now it is easier and simpler How to know my Tigo Guatemala Number? You just have to follow the steps that we will indicate and you can immediately enjoy the service. Read on so you can sign up without delay! Do not wait more!

Today, being in communication with our loved ones is vital for many people. TIGO, is a company recognized worldwide because it offers different packages that are adapted to the client’s demands. And the most important thing is that it has become your perfect ally because it seeks to satisfy your needs.

How to know my Tigo Guatemala Number?

Tigo currently offers different services with which you can be in communication within or outside the Guatemalan nation. Next, we will indicate the steps so that you can easily know the number assigned to you.

Making a call

  1. Enter the calling application.
  2. On the numeric keypad, mark * 99 # and press the call button.
  3. In a few seconds, you will see on your screen a message with the cell phone number of your Tigo chip.


  1. Enter the Messaging application.
  2. Send an empty text message to the destination number 705.
  3. Finally, you will receive an SMS text message with your Tigo phone number.

From a Smart Device

If you are interested in placing the Tigo chip number in a Smartphone perform the following steps:

  1. Access the Settings of phone
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the option «About of the phone«.
  3. In this screen you must press the option «State«
  4. Now press the option «SIM status«
  5. Finally, this screen will show your Tigo cell phone number in the section My phone number.

Similarly, if you do not have an Android smartphone device, you can also see the your Tigo cell phone number on iPhone, making the following indications:

  1. Enter the official page and find the application «Settings«.
  2. Press the «Telephone«.
  3. You will see the number of your Tigo chip at the beginning of the list.

Keep in mind

To enjoy the telephone service on your cell phone or Tablet. You must have previously inserted your Tigo Guatemala chip in order to know the cell number with any of the 3 requirements mentioned.

How to know my Tigo Guatemala Number: Fixed Telephony

Many citizens in Guatemala have requested the Fixed Telephone Service. Among the benefits of acquiring this methodology, we have:

  • You will be informed how to activate or deactivate the services on the telephone line.
  • Calls on hold.
  • Secret code.
  • And finally, what are the consumptions made in the month.

Consumption plans of the Telephone Line

  • Check Tigo landline phone consumption from My Tigo | Home
  • National long distance and international calls Tigo | Home
  • Unlimited calls with Our Tigo Community | Home

Technical drawbacks

  • Change of technology of your Tigo telephony | general
  • Where to contact if the Tigo landline does not have a tone

Special Fixed Telephony Services

  • Set up special services on the phone line | General.
  • Fixed Telephony Options Tigo.
  • Tigo landline telephone answering machine | Home
  • Tigo landline service programmer | Home.
  • Transfer calls from Tigo landline service | Home.
  • Caller ID in your landline service Tigo | Home

How to know the last call received on Tigo landline?

Sometimes we are busy and it is not always possible to reach the phone in time when you receive a call. If it has happened to you and you are left wondering how to return the call, you can check the number from which they called you using the phone menu.

If the call was made from a landline, whose device does not have a display, you can use the callback feature to find out the number.

Step 1

You should proceed to Dial * 69 ″ on the phone. If you use a rotary phone, dial “1169.”

Step 2

Press “SEND”, “TALK” or FLASH “if you are using a cordless phone or cell phone.

Step 3

It is important that you listen to the message. The answering machine will indicate the number from where the last call was made, as long as this number is not private.

How to know my Tigo Guatemala Number: Recharge Balance

At present know the package that you acquire with You It is very important since you will know what day your rent is due, the minutes you have left as well as other limitations.

If you wonder What is the most efficient method to recharge Tigo’s balance? If you’re looking for a compelling strategy to get definitive data on your usage, right now continue reading this post to learn how you should go about it.

Keep in mind that to use the number for Tigo balance requests you can do it for free and at no cost. With these data, you can safely verify in Tigo what is the amount you must pay to recharge in advance or postpaid.

All telephone organizations give codes and extraordinary arrangements in order that customers can acquire data on the line from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Bolivia, Colombia and Paraguay.

For Tigo Guatemala, there are three strategies that we will show you in the attached lines, just adhere to the guidelines:

  1. Enter the call option
  2. Dial prepaid * 256 postpaid * 711
  3. Press the call key
  4. And the automatic operator will tell you how much balance you have.

Check balance in Tigo Guatemala by Text Messages as follows:

  1. Enter the Text Messages option
  2. Enter the sender number 256
  3. Send the message and you will receive your balance.

Finally, you can choose to visit the official Tigo page or from TigoShop.

If you don’t have a website on your device, you should use the short number strategy, as this way you will be able to get all the data from your device. Tigo’s balance verification is vital so that you can put together your schedule and calls at your convenience.

In the event that any of the above mentioned techniques are not helpful, you can download the application TigoShop from the stages of Android and iOS. This application will show you in detail everything you need to recharge.


To place a balance on their Prepaid Type number while abroad, the customer can recharge with their debit or credit card. To do this, you will need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to You Online.
  2. In the tab “I am you” Choose “Buy credit and packages
  3. Choose
  4. Enter the number what do you want recharge and amount or packet.
  5. Put the data of your card and perform the
  6. You can print your proof of payment and save it.

Bill Payment

To continue enjoying the service, it is vital to be up to date with payments. Then make it very easy! Check the debt you present, the payment deadline and what the consumption has been made in the month, all this you can do from Tigo online:

Please note that in order for the system to recognize your number You automatically, we suggest you turn off the Wifi and activate the Mobile data. Remember to browse all sites You it is FREE and does not consume your megabytes.

  1. Login to You Online
  2. In the tab “I am you” Choose “Go to my account
  3. Look for the section of “Billing
  4. In the section “Historical”, Choose the month you want to consult.

You have the option to view

  • Date billing, amount and state
  • You can also download it at PDF selecting the invoice of the month what did you consult

In the invoice you can view the following data:

  • Client code
  • Phone number
  • Payment amount
  • Due date
  • Among others

Finally, you will be able to verify for free the last 6 bills from your service.

What is Tigo and what services does it offer?

You is an ancillary organization to Millicom. The last was made in 1990 when the Finnish company Kinnevik and the American company Millicom Fused merged their holdings in the cell phone industry in twelve countries.

The Tigo brand was introduced to the world in 2004 and currently has more than 56 million customers in Africa and Latin America, distributed in fourteen business sectors, including Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia, Senegal, Tanzania, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Coast. Delicious.

The organization was brought into the world to provide its clients with the most amazing aspect of the computerized way of life through inventive entertainment, the web, and different administrations. In Guatemala, it offers a huge variety of answers for organizations, backed by leading fiber optic organization Focal American.

Today, Tigo is the organization under which the Tigo Star brands work, a unit focused on private administrations and Tigo Business, committed to the corporate area. Tigo Guatemala is a telecommunications company that offers the following services:

  • Premium digital tv packages
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Tigo OneTV
  • Satellite television (DTH)
  • Sports Type
  • Basic HD TV
  • Tigo Play
  • Residential Internet
  • Fixed Telephony.

Today, Tigo is the main organization in Guatemala in the broadcasting communications industry, with more than 8 million clients. The media communications market in this country is flexible in which the client becomes more demanding and demanding.

Likewise, customers are looking for quality in their satellite TV management, in the form of High Definition (HD) channels, as well as a broad advanced framework and transmission capabilities more remarkable than five megabytes. In addition, customers request to have premium channels, premieres and added values, such as streaming music.

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